I've been reading HP fanfiction for the better part of four or five years now, and decided that I should write some of my own.

Due to the time frame conflictions in the HP canon because of the long delay between GoF and OotP, for this story, Harry's birthday will be July 31, 1990, not 1980.

Current pairings: HP/HG; SB/OC; OC/?; RL/?

Rated "T" for language and action violence.



It was nighttime around Godric's Hollow. The moon shone brightly and the stars sparkled like diamonds in the dark sky. Owls hooted in the distance, the leaves rustling in the gentle autumn breeze.

But all was not peaceful within Godric's Hollow. Not when the memories of the deaths of two innocent people echoed within its walls.

A giant of a man stooped low to walk through the front door of Godric's Hollow, carrying a sleeping baby with a lightning-bolt-shaped scar over his right eye.

The giant was startled by a loud crack, much like a whip. He turned around, being careful not to jostle the baby too much.

"Who's 'ere?" the giant said. Even though he whispered, his voice echoed in the night.

"Don't worry, Hagrid, it's just me," a man said, walking out of the shadows. While dwarfed by the giant named Hagrid, he stood at a towering six feet. He wore dark pants, a white shirt, and a black leather jacket. His dark shoulder-length hair was tied back into a ponytail. Upon seeing him, Hagrid visibly relaxed.

"Ohh…You shouldn' scare people li' dat, Sirius. A'most gave me a heart attack, you did."

"I heard about what happened, and got here as soon as I could," the man named Sirius black said. Then he saw the bundle in Hagrid's arms. "Hagrid, give him to me," he said, extending his arms.

"I can'. Harry's gotta go ter the Dursleys', Dumbledore's orders," Hagrid said.

"I'm his godfather, Hagrid. And you know what will happen if he goes to the Dursleys'. They hate anything to do with magic; they'll destroy him!" Sirius was on the verge of tears now. Hagrid just shook his head.

"I'm sorry, Sirius. Orders are orders." Knowing that he couldn't win this battle, Sirius simply lowered his arms and shook his head in defeat. He pulled out his wand and waved it. A second later, a large silver motorcycle popped into existence.

"Take my bike, then. It's faster." Nodding, Hagrid mounted the motorcycle, which magically expanded to hold its enormous passenger.

"It's fo' the best, Sirius. Say hi ter Lizzie fo' me." With that, he kicked the vehicle to life, and roared away into the distance. For what seemed like hours, Sirius could only think about the words that Hagrid had said. It's for the best…It's for the best…. But was it?

After burying two of his best friends and vowing to avenge their deaths at whatever cost, Sirius apparated home.

The house known as 12 Grimmauld Place was once a place of darkness. But once Sirius had replaced the barmy old house elf that used to live there with someone more reliable, it became a much friendlier household that normal people could actually live in.

Sirius apparated into the living room of Grimmauld Place to find his house elf Whizzy waiting patiently for him. How does he do that? Sirius wondered to himself.

"Would Master Black like something?" Whizzy asked in a squeaky voice.

"Could you tell me where Lizzie is?" Sirius asked.

"She is currently tucking young Master Black into his crib. Would you like me to summon her?"

"No, thank you, Whizzy." The normally cheerful elf frowned at the stony expression on Sirius's face, as well as the trails of tears on his cheeks.

"Is something upsetting you, Master Black?" Sirius squeezed his eyes shut as fresh tears fell, then whispered, "James and Lily are dead." Whizzy gasped loudly at the news. "I sorry, Master! I did not know!"

"That's okay," Sirius said. Sniffling, he continued, "Whizzy, I am relieving you of your duties for the rest of tonight and tomorrow. Give yourself time to mourn for two good people." Whizzy nodded gravely.

"Whizzy understands, Master Black. I will return to my quarters now." Sirius nodded, and the elf popped away.

Sirius slowly climbed his way to the master bedroom and pushed the door open. Lying in the bed reading a book laid his wife Elizabeth. She had dark brown hair that fell to her shoulders, and light green eyes. She looked up and smiled when she saw her husband.

"Hey," she said as she climbed out of bed to wrap her arms around his neck and give him a sweet kiss on the lips.

"Hey," he replied, although without nearly as much enthusiasm. She frowned.

"Sirius, what's wrong?" Sirius sniffled, and then let out a strangled sob.

"They're dead, Lizzie. James and Lily, they're dead." Lizzie gasped, and then pulled Sirius closer as he sobbed into her shoulder.

"Where's Harry, baby? Is he in his room?" Sirius shook his head.

"Dumbledore…Dumbledore sent him to the Durleys." Lizzie looked like someone has just slapped her.

"He did what?!" she exclaimed. She and Lily had talked about the Dursleys during their many lunchtime conversations, and Lizzie knew that they would rather Harry be in an orphanage than be put with the Dursleys. "How could he put him with those…those…things?!" Sirius shrugged.

"Hagrid picked him up. I told him to give Harry to me, but he said that Dumbledore specifically ordered him to take Harry to the Dursleys." Lizzie sighed.

"What are you going to do?"

"Tomorrow, I'm going to do some business in Gringotts. Then, I'm going to take Harry back. Then, I'm gonna make Peter pay for betraying them," he said, cracking his knuckles threateningly at the last statement.

"Honey, promise me you won't do anything rash," Lizzie pleaded. "You won't do either Harry or Michael any good being in prison." Sirius took a deep breath and sighed, his temper simmering down at the thought of his son.

"Alright," he finally said. "I'll try not to kill him; I won't make any guarantees, though." Lizzie nodded in acknowledgment.

"Come to bed, sweetheart. You need to rest." Lizzie climbed under the covers as Sirius stripped off his clothes and followed suit.

"I love you," Lizzie sighed as she wrapped an arm over her husband's chest. Pulling her closer to him, Sirius planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

"I love you too, babe." He closed his eyes and tried to sleep, but neither of them could, the deaths of two of their closest friends and betrayal of another weighing heavily on their minds.


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