Title: Does One Kiss Change Everything

Author: Scribe

Rating: G - PG

Disclaimer: I'm just playing in WB's Sandbox.

Summary: SPOILER ALERT - A short story based on the upcoming Season Six Episode 'Hydro'. After kissing Lois while impersonating the Green Arrow, Clark Kent finds himself at a crossroads with his relationship with the intrepid Miss Lane.

Okay this was bad.

Bad, Kent? Bad…this is your definition of bad?

"Clark," Lois looked at him, growing impatient by the silence. "Did you hear what I said?"

Lois Lane. He had kissed Lois Lane. He had kissed Lois Lane, Ollie's girl, Ollie who was his friend. He had kissed her to help Ollie convince the intrepid reporter that Green Arrow and Oliver Queen were not the same and all he could think about now, was how he could get to do it again. He was going to hell. The special hell reserved for morons who couldn't tell their girlfriends the truth about themselves and took to kissing other guy's girlfriends whilst wearing a mask.


Clark blinked and looked at Lois as she stared at him in his loft hideaway in the Barn. "Uh…sorry Lois," he focused on her again, still trying to shake off the disorientation he felt from earlier this evening.

It had been a simple enough request. Just wear Ollie's Green Arrow costume while he was with Lois and that would throw off any suspicions she had that the millionaire CEO of Queen industries wasn't a vigilante Robin Hood, simple right? Wrong. How could he have known that Lois was going to plant one on him and worst yet; that it would be good?

Good Kent? Come on, it was more than good, it was amazing. Talk about the kiss that could knock your socks off, this sure as hell qualified.

If it wasn't for the fact that he was dressed up like the Green Arrow, that revealing himself would have meant a hell of a lot of explaining and was just plain suicide, Clark would have made one kiss become two and possibly an entire make out session. God knows it had been long enough since he had that kind of release since Lana's emasculating act of moving in with Lex Luthor.

"Jesus Christ on a crutch!" Lois stormed over and whacked him on the shoulder. "Are you even listening to me?"

Clark realized he had drifted off again. "Ow…WHAT?"

Lois expression fell with sarcasm, "I come here and tell you that I just had the most incredible kiss with the Green Arrow Bandit and all you can do is stare at me like you're from outer space?"

Clark choked on his spit and stared. "Wh..what?"

Lois threw her hands up in the air. "I can't talk to you," she snorted. "I'm only here because Chloe is out with Jimmy at Make Out Point with her cell off. Following up on that park ranger story my ass…"

Clark watched her rant and rave. God she was so much work. Loud, aggressive, half the time he didn't know if he want to strangle her or drop kick her to the other side of the planet. Being around Lois was like taking a ride in a barrel down Niagara Falls. Since their meeting she had driven him crazy. No woman got under her skin as much as she did and often so easily. It was like she knew where every button to push was in him. She was obnoxious, rude, stubborn, determined, fearless and ….incredible.

Clark blinked again, realizing where his train of thought had taken it and he shook his head to dispel the notion. You are so not going there Kent…really. She's Ollie's girl and she's Lois. Remember? Lois, uses all the hot water, calls the dog Clarkie, Lane?

"Alright, alright I'm sorry," Clark spoke up just to keep her quiet. "I just had things on my mind…" he said folding his arms and looking at her from his usual perch near the window of the barn. "So you kissed this Green Arrow guy and it was okay."

"Okay?" Lois rolled her eyes. "You didn't hear a thing I said did you? Honestly Smallville. I didn't say it was okay. I said it was AMAZING. I mean talk about right cross to the jaw, my toes are still tingling! How am I gonna kiss Ollie without wanting that action again?"

"Really?" Clark started to grin, his ego taking a well deserve boost after his luck with women of late. "That good, huh" He was smirking like a teenager.

"Don't be juvenile," she glowered "I'm in trouble here."

"What trouble?" Clark retorted. "You're still going out with Ollie, you still like Ollie right? Is one kiss going to change everything?"

Lois met his eyes at that moment and for a moment her expression was unfathomable. "No," she pretended to laugh but it seemed half hearted somehow. "Of course not. I mean I'm not one of those girls that put everything into that first kiss? I'm just saying that…I don't know what I'm saying. Look Clark if you can't make any sense, I'm not talking to you."

His head was starting to hurt.

"I don't know what you want me to say Lois?" Clark retorted but he was grinning on the inside because right now, she did look like one of those girls that put everything into that first kiss. "Go trolling the streets to find him so you can get a repeater?"

"Don't be a jerk Clark," she made a face at him.

"I'm not being a jerk," he defended himself though somewhat half-heartedly. He was giving her a hard time and he knew it. How often did he get the upper hand with Lois? "I'm just saying that if you clearly aren't one of those girls affected by the first kiss and you still care about Ollie, then what's the problem? So he's not as good a kisser as the Green Arrow."

"Green Arrow Bandit." She pointed out.

"Give it up Lois, its Green Arrow." He retorted and continued. "So he's not as good a kisser, does it make any difference? I mean come on; does one kiss change everything you feel about Ollie?"

Lois frowned and looked at him through dark lashes. "No," she pouted like a little girl, not entirely convinced. "Not much…it's just that…"

"What?" He was a bastard. He shouldn't be listening to this. Worse yet, he shouldn't be trying to pump her for more information. Clark winced. Kent, I don't believe you just went there. "I mean what is it?" He asked clearing his throat.

"It just felt…" Lois struggled to say it, not just to Clark but because saying it would make it more real somehow and harder to let go. "It just felt so right."

Clark fell silent.

Oh hell, Clark Kent thought with an inward sigh of defeat, this was how it was going to be wasn't it, from now on?

Lois Lane just found a whole new way to drive him crazy.

And the worst part was, Clark knew he was just going to let her.