She asked to be brought home so Clark did just that.

Lois Lane opened her eyes some time later and found herself in Clark's room again. She smiled when she realized that this was exactly what she asked for; home. In the two years that she had become a regular fixture on the Kent Farm, Lois had come to see this as home. As much as she loved this place, she had loved Jonathan and Martha Kent. They were everything she wanted when she was growing up, everything that had denied her and she had felt singularly privileged to be allowed into their home. Knowing them had enriched her life in ways she could not even begin to express, perhaps she never would.

Until now however, she had thought it was mere luck that brought her into the sphere of such extraordinary people but after today, Lois understood better than she ever dreamed. It wasn't just luck. It was fate.

Resting on the pillow she thought about Clark, thought about what she had seen him do. Why wasn't it a surprise for her to see all the things he could do? She had seen him tear into bare concrete like it was paper and on the way home, he had carried her in his arms and sped through the streets so fast that Lois thought she was sitting on the nose of 747. She had lapsed into consciousness with the wind against her face like she was flying. So why didn't it surprise her?

Because this was Smallville .

And with all the people she had seen, since coming to this seemingly normal Kansas town, that displayed powers they used to hurt, main and murder, why wasn't it so impossible to believe that there would be one who didn't? Who instead of hurting others, used his abilities to help, time and time again. Nature had a way of balancing things out and Lois had come to understand that this was Clark's place in the world.

To help.

She blinked her tears away when she realized how beautifully simple that place was and how much more she loved him because of it.

He stood outside the door to his bedroom and was terrified to enter it.

When Pete had found out about Clark, the secret had driven him to leave Smallville. In contrast, Chloe had become an even better friend because now he had to hide nothing from her. As he stood outside the door, summing up the courage to face Lois, Clark wondered which way she would fall. He had to believe that his heart wasn't wrong about Lois that she cared about him as much as he cared for her. Martha asked him once if the reason he didn't tell Lana the truth was because he did not really believe she was the one.

Did he feel that strongly about Lois?

He supposed that there was really only one way to find out as he knocked lightly on the door and waited.

"Come in."

Swallowing thickly, he entered the room and saw that Lois was sitting up, her expression looking unfathomable and for a moment, his nerve almost failed him. He was certain that he loved her but he had wanted them to be together as a couple for a bit before he sprung this on her. Pete had freaked out and left, his inner voice told him. Yeah but Chloe hasn't, the response came back just as quickly. Staring at her, waiting for her to speak, Clark didn't realize he was holding his breath and then supposed where he was concerned, it would matter that much anyway.

Clark was afraid. The guy who could rip through cement was afraid, of her. The enormity of what he had revealed to her began to sink into Lois at that moment, as she realized just how difficult it must have been for him to always be forced to hide the truth from those he cared about. Was this why he had gone wrong with Lana, because they never faced each other as Clark was facing her now?

Forget Lana, Lois told herself and broke the awkward silence between them.

"So Smallville," Lois said exhaling deeply as she spoke. "That's the big secret? Really Clark, I kind of thought it would be bigger than that, you know like you were Republican or maybe a secret Brittany Spears fan. I mean as secrets go, you gotta admit this one is kind of lame isn't it?" She concluded that blather with her trademark flippancy and accompanying smirk.

It was something they were both used to.

"Well there's a bit more to it than that," he said quietly, encouraged by that smile. "Lois, I want to tell you everything but its…"

"It's not your powers I fell for Smallville," Lois cut him off and continue speaking. She had to get it out while it was in a form that didn't sound like prattle. What she felt would never be conveyed as plainly or as sincerely as she felt now. "This being able to bend steel and move like lightning, which I might add means you never get to be late for our dates EVER," she smiled, "is an interesting wrinkle but not the end of the world. As flaws go, I can think of a hundred things worse that you could be and are not."

Walking over to the edge of the bed, he sat down, wanting so much to believe her. "Are you sure Lois? I mean there's other stuff, big stuff about me."

Earlier this day, Clark had told her that he wouldn't let her screw this relationship up and the certainty in his eyes had told her that this could work. Now he needed to hear the same thing from her and Lois was rather surprised that it wasn't all that hard to say. Lois had decided she loved him when she thought she was going to die in that concrete hell. Now she had a chance to prove it and like everything else she attempted, she would do it fearlessly with eyes wide open.

"Nothing is ever that black and white Smallville," Lois said softly, reaching for his hand. "Do I know if I can handle this? I'm not sure is the most honest answer I can give you but I'm willing to try. Right now, I'm more interested in us than I am in your powers. Let's see where this goes first before we think too far ahead."

Clark smiled, squeezing her hand back because those were terms he could live with. If he had a choice, he wouldn't have told her straight away either. Clark had wanted to explore their relationship, to see if this thing between them felt as right as he knew it to be. Lois' response brought to mind all those times when he had put such questions to her, indirectly, particularly when she was dating Ollie. Each time she had lobbed back an almost perfect answer that told him on every level, she was very different from Lana.

"I don't want to screw this up," he said meeting her eyes.

"Hey," she smiled. "Whose says I'm going to let you?"

"You seem pretty sure of yourself," Clark said leaning forward, wanting very badly to kiss her. To kiss her like he had when she first turned his world complete on its head.

"Smallville," she moved to meet his lips. "It's me ," as if that explained everything.

With that Clark Kent kissed Lois Lane again and as her lips parted for him, inviting him to take from her whatever he wished, Clark knew he hadn't been wrong. This would work not because Lois was different from Lana.

It would work because it was always supposed to.