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Long ago there lived 2 sisters. The Sakura Sisters to be exact. Mikan and Ichigo Sakura. The princesses of the sun and moon, good and evil, darkness and light. They were separated at birth along with their powers. Mikan was given the light and Ichigo was given the dark. They never met or even knew what they were Mikan went about her life as a normal girl at Alice Academy with her nullification alice and Ichigo lived her normal life in Osaka not knowing that she too had a nullification alice. Well that is until Narumi sensei found out about it and went to fetch her. Little to everyone's knowledge there is a ancient book in the great alice library titled 'The Ultimate Good' a book explaining the history of the girls and how they are not just any alices they are they legendary protectors of the known world. Taiyou and Shichiyou, sun and moon guardian black and white angels with powers so great you'll have to wonder if your safe or not.

"Get off me you idiot," Natsume stated from his position on the ground with a bubbly 15 year old female sitting on his stomach. Mikan our beautiful heroine has blossomed into a gorgeous young lady triple star with waist length hair, luscious curves, soft lips and her same child like big amber orbs she was every guys dream girl including the black himself Natsume Hyuuuga.

Natsume Hyuuga gorgeous adored black cat who is secretly in love with Mikan same length hair same color eyes and well built body now is 6'5" .

"Gomen ne Natsume- kun," she said getting off the boy.

"Tch," was the only reply she got as he walked away then " Whatever...cherries,"

"NATSUME NO HENTAI!!!" She sc reamed

Yep 5 and a half years and it's become a habit some things never change.

Baka. Baka. Baka.

Maybe they just got more painful.

"Mikan-chan, daijoubu?" Yuu asked helping her off the ground where she landed.

Yuu Tobita16 tall well built still class prez and genius currently dating Nonoko

"Hai daijoubu Hotaru is just being a big meanie again." Mikan said pouting.

"We do this everyday it's not my fault you don't learn," Hotaru stated in her monotone not looking up from her book.

Hotaru Imai 15 shoulder length hair same mature face and piercing violet eyes.

"Alright class I have business to attend to so free-day. Adieu!" said Narumi poking his head in the class then blowing a kiss as he left.

"I think I'll go to the library today," Mikan stated.

"What for? You don't read." Hotaru said nonchalantly.

"Hotaru!!" Mikan cried.

"Don't worry Mikan I'll go with you," Yuu said.

"Arigatou Yuu!" Mikan said happily as they left the room.

At the library

Hmmm what to get? what to get? she thought as she walked observantly up and down the aisles.

Then she saw it 'The Ultimate Good' "Sounds like a real page turner" she said reading the cover that had the title and two symbols.

'Hey that kinda looks like my birth mark' she thought as she observed one of the signs. It looked like a skinny cloud, but it had another sign on top of it like some kind of weird word in a language she didn't know.

After checking out the book and saying good bye to Yuu mikan found a quiet spot by the sakura tree to read her new book. Some tragic tale about two sisters and their unbelievable powers and how one gives her life to save the planet and her sister. Mikan cried at the end of the book she cried for 15 minutes she didn't know why she cried the story just touched her heart somehow. After she fixed herself up and went for dinner it was already 6.(really big book like harry potter big)

Baka. Baka. Baka.

Greeted Mikan as she sat at the table with her dinner.

"Hotaru!! What was that for?" Mikan Wailed.

"That's for skipping lunch to read a book baka," Hotaru said taking in a spoonful of crabs.

That night in Mikan's dream

She was running. From what or To what? She didn't know she just kept runningin pure darkness. She tried to call for help but no sound came out. She tripped she felt herself falling and awaited the harsh ground but it never came she just kept on falling. They she heard it

Wake up Baka Wake up Baka.

She jumped up it was only a dream she sighed as she tried to shut off the alarm clock chicken.

After her morning rituals and routines Narumi sensei had an announcement to make.

"Minna-san I have an announcement to make we have a new student today. Please come in."

The new student walked in the whole class gasped and fell silent everyone's eyes wide with shock. In front of the class stood a girl with waist length ebony hair and dark blue almost midnight eyes she was in a school uniform.(pretty normal ne? jsut ait for it)

"Please tell everyone your name, alice and star rank." Narumi said as if nothing was wrong.

The girl gave him a small Hotaru like smile and turned to the class.

"Hi. I'm Ichigo Sakurasou my alice is nullification and star rank is triple." Ichigo stated everyone just fell into farther shock. There is nothing wrong with her only...

Mikan raised her hand "Narumi sensei...Ano.. that girl has...my face."

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