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Author's Notes: Well, this is the first of a series of oneshots I'm going to do about Negi and the Thousand Master's first meeting. Each of the oneshots will be different and some of them aren't really meant to be taken seriously. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this.


Quick and precise steps past fallen bodies of demons brought the Thousand Master closer to the center of it all. A wry smile appeared on his face as he surveyed the place. His son had done a good job in this battle. Only demon bodies littered the ground, indicating that his son's side had suffered no casualties in this epic battle.

Looks like you didn't need me at all, Negi, he thought with a proud smile as he caught sight of a large group of people to the north. Still though, it will be nice to see you for the first time after all these years.

He'd come here with the intention of helping his son. But it seemed he'd come too late. The party was already over. Damn, and here I was thinking I could earn some points by acting cool and saving them at the last moment.

As he drew nearer, he could hear the chatter going through the group. They were all rejoicing and celebrating the fact that they were alive and breathing while some were wondering when they would be able to go home. Strangely, though, they all sounded like girls. Eh? Has my son grown up to be a manly stud? A slightly perverted chuckle escaped his mouth at that thought. Growing up to be just like his old man.

"Chisame-san! Watch out!"


Nagi's blood ran cold at that horrified shout and he broke out into a sprint. Negi…what happened to Negi? His brain demanded to know.


The shout was echoed by the other girls in the clearing as they all compressed on one spot to the side.

"Konoka-san! Please help Negi-sensei!" someone shouted frantically.

If he had been concentrating hard enough on it, Nagi would have heard steel, bullets and fists tearing through demon armor but the sole thought that occupied his mind was of his son's well being.

"N-nothing's happening! He's not responding to my healing!" another girl sobbed out loud. "Negi-kun, get a hold of yourself!"

"Baka Negi! Get up. You're okay, right? So, get up! Stop worrying all of us like this!"



Sobs started to come from the girls and many of them seemed to just break down.

Nagi pushed his way through the people crowding around his son and he nearly froze at the sight of his son. Outwardly, he seemed to be alright, merely taking a nap on the lap of a pretty girl. But that was just outward appearances. He's not breathing!

"Thousand Master," a soft growl reached his ears.

Despite the current situation, Nagi couldn't help but be surprised at who he saw. "Eva?"

Tears streamed down the Dark Evangel's face as she, nonetheless, leveled him with the darkest look he had ever seen on her. "You…how dare you?! How dare you come so late!" Ice lances started to form above Eva as grief seemed to overtake her.

"Eva-san, that's enough," came a low voice from near his son's body. The girl who had spoken strode towards him, her face covered by the shadows cast by her hair.

Evangeline, though, was not ready to back down. "Kagurazaka, if he had just come earlier, Negi wouldn't have…!"

Asuna? Is this…Asuna?

"I know," replied the pigtailed girl in that same soft voice. Finally, she reached Nagi, her head still lowered.

The blow had been so unexpected that the Thousand Master hadn't even attempted to block or evade it. She punched me!

"You bastard! What gives you the right?" Asuna cried, still throwing punches at him. "Where were you each of the times Negi came so close to death because he was training himself so hard to measure up to you? Where were you when he was nearly turned into an ermine? Where were you when he cried himself to sleep because he felt responsible for bringing all of us into this? Where were you earlier when he was fighting tooth and nail to protect everyone? Where were you when that demon hit him?" By that time, she had stopped punching him and had collapsed on the ground, sobbing helplessly. Her next question was almost pathetically weak. "Where were you all his life?"

"Asuna…" Nagi said in awe as he pushed himself off the ground.

"Negi-sensei," the soft, haunted voice drifted through the group and diverted all attention to the orange-haired girl with glasses delicately cradling Negi's head on her lap. "I thought I told you no heroics."

"Chisame-san," whispered Asuna.

The girl Negi must have saved, Nagi concluded, starting to walk towards his son.

Chisame's eyes had the look of the haunted, as if she couldn't believe that this was really happening. Her hands were running through his hair and her tears were slowly dripping onto Negi's peaceful face.

If I hadn't taken so long…the Thousand Master never finished the thought as his eyes landed on a horribly mutilated demon nearby. This demon…


The shinso turned away and sniffed, whether it was out of disdain or to hide her tears, Nagi didn't know. "I have nothing to say to you."

"This is important! Is this the demon that attacked Negi?"

Evangeline was so taken aback by the sudden and seemingly off-topic question that she forgot to give him the silent treatment. "I…yes."

"Who's Negi's partner?"


Everybody? Manly stud, indeed. Nagi pushed that thought away and started to address everybody in the group. "Negi's not dead. If you could just…"

The girls that had broken down raised their heads. "He's not?"

Chisame turned towards him, still wearing that haunted look.

"No. But he will be soon if we don't act. The demon that hit him took away all of his magic, something that could be fatal if it's done all at once. He's hanging on by a string right now. What Negi needs is a jumpstart to his magic."

"Couldn't you give him yours?" asked a girl sporting large, white wings.

"No. Like blood, the magic has to be a certain kind to be given. If I gave him my magic without checking if we're compatible, I might end up poisoning him," Nagi explained. "And the compatibility check will take too long."

"Get to point," said a Chinese girl with blonde hair bluntly. "How to revive Negi-bozou?"

Nagi took a deep breath, thanking whatever higher power that he hadn't been asleep the day this had been discussed at the Academy. "Take out your pactio cards and say 'Cancel Contract'. The magic that was used in the making of the cards, as well as any magic Negi lent you, should go back to him and give him the jumpstart he needs. But do it quick. If he dies before you do…" He trailed off, not willing to continue.

Asuna didn't waste a moment in taking out her card. "Cancel Contract," she recited, her eyes growing wide as the card dissolved and its small particles started to float towards Negi. The moment Negi's body absorbed the magic, it felt as if she'd become weaker but to her, it hardly mattered. The only thing that mattered to her at the moment was Negi.

Following Asuna's example, the other girls did likewise and before long, strings of magic were floating towards the fallen child teacher.

Once all the strings had been absorbed by the boy, Nagi let out a sigh. "All we can really do now is wait. It shouldn't take too long but it's probably better to move him somewhere safer. This place," he cast a look around at all the demon bodies, some of which he weren't even sure were dead yet. "Can't be safe for recovery."

The girl that was cradling Negi's head on her lap made no move to follow his suggestion.

There was an audible 'click' of a gun as a dark-skinned girl straightened, wiping some tears away. "If any of them decide to stand back up,"

A sword was unsheathed and the winged girl managed a smirk. "Then we'll have no choice but to wait till Negi-sensei wakes up,"

"And do what we do best de gozaru," spoke the tall girl dressed in ninja clothes serenely.

"Kicking butts aruyo!" exclaimed the Chinese girl, now certainly more cheerful.

"And taking names, too," added in Asuna with a grin.

Evangeline sighed dramatically, shrugging. "Well, if I must,"

"I do what Master does," intoned the girl that looked like a robot obediently, though it seemed to Nagi that even if Evangeline wasn't going to help, she would anyway.

"And we'll serve as back up," said a girl with long bangs in front of her eyes confidently.

All throughout the crowd, the others began to agree and throw in their two cents, seemingly revived from their depression just minutes ago.

Amazing how much they all care for Negi, thought an awed Nagi as he watched a couple of them pump their fists into the air energetically. He cast his eyes toward his son. You didn't need me at all, did you, Negi?

"That won't be necessary," a flat voice came from Chisame.

Immediately, everyone faltered and their gazes turned to the girl.

"What do you mean?" asked Asuna, taking a step forward to her classmate, concerned that something in the girl had finally snapped.

"Because sensei is…" Her shoulders hunched, shaking slightly and everyone feared the worst. "Sensei is…" She raised her head, tears glistening in her eyes. "Sensei is waking up."

At that moment, a few girls had to be physically checked to keep from hitting Chisame for scaring them like that.

And so he is, Nagi thought with a relieved sigh as he watched Negi stirring. About time, too. These girls seem to really need you, Negi. It makes me shudder to think what might have happened if you'd really died.

"Chisame-san?" came Negi's groggy voice as one eye opened, then two. "Chisame-san, are you…" he coughed as he tried to sit up but was pushed back down by the person he'd been using as a pillow. "Is everyone okay?"

"Geez, you really are a baka teacher. It'll be a miracle if any of us get into high school with you doing the teaching," muttered Chisame as she frantically tried to wipe away her tears. "You nearly died, baka, and you're asking me if we're okay?" Muttering more under her breath, she hit Negi lightly on the head.

"The answer to your question is easy, Negi-sensei," spoke the girl with long bangs.

"We're perfectly fine now that you're alright," continued the girl next to her who had long, dark blue hair.

Evangeline sniffed, crossing her arms across her chest. "You should have seen them, crying like babies," she said as she turned away.

"But wasn't Master also 'crying like a baby'?" asked the robot. For a moment, Nagi could have sworn he'd seen a mischievous smile on her face but perhaps he had been mistaken.

"Be quiet, Chachamaru!" hissed Eva, a blush rising to her face.

Negi, who Chisame had finally allowed to sit up, watched the ongoings with a curious look before his face broke out into a grin. "I'm glad everyone's alright,"

The girls seemed to take that as a sign since right after they heard it, they began to mob him, hugging him, asking if he was alright, if this or that hurt or if they could be partners with him again.

At that last question, Negi blinked. "Eh? But we're already partners!"

"Everyone cancelled their contracts with you so that you could get some of your magic back," Nagi spoke up for the first time since his son had been revived. "If you want your partners back, you'll have to form the contract again."

Immediately, this caused a sensation among the girls since some of they wanted to 'practice' forming the contract and the others were trying to be the voices of reason, telling their friends that Negi was too weak for that right then and that, maybe (cue evil gleam) he'd had time for them later. Negi's wide eyes stayed on his father, though.


"Yo, Negi," Nagi gave him a peace sign and a grin. "Sorry I'm a little late."

Not too far away from the Thousand Master, Asuna scoffed, even as she tried to stop a pinkhaired girl from molesting Negi right then and there.

"Father, how is it that—?" A gesture from the older man stopped Negi.

"We'll take about that later," said Nagi with a wave. "Right now, just celebrate and enjoy yourself. I promise I'll be here."

The child teacher smiled at that before he turned, welcoming the hugs and pats on the heads he received from his students and friends.

Nagi's eye turned towards one of the few girls who stayed away, eyeing her warily. "So, Eva, you're still not mad about that curse, are you?" he asked the girl. While she looked more mellowed out now than she did nearly two decades back, it paid off to be cautious sometimes.

The Dark Evangel stared at him for a few moments before she let out a "Pfft!" and turned to join the others as one of the voices of reason.

"My Master would like you to know she has nothing to say to you right now," said the girl Eva had called Chachamaru with a polite bow. "She would also like you to know that you'd better be glad she doesn't 'spill your guts right here and now', I believe were her exact words. She'll tolerate you only because you helped Negi-sensei out." With another polite bow, Chachamaru walked off to join the others.

Nagi grinned to himself as he watched his son being coddled by quite a number of girls, not the least of which included a shinso, a ninja, a mercenary, a bird-tribe member, a Net Idol and well, Asuna.

You grew up just fine by yourself, Negi.


Author's Notes: I hope you enjoyed that. Chisame was supposed to be the main girl here but it was really hard (and kinda cruel) to just shift the other girls off to the side. Even if it didn't really turn out the way I intended, I still enjoyed writing it and hopefully, you enjoyed reading it.

Feel free to drop me a line if you want a certain girl or situation to show up in the next few chapters. Just so you know, if I happen to accept a request, it won't show up until probably the fourth oneshot since I've already done two more for this series. Also, I'm not particularly keen on doing a NegiNodoka or NegiYue. It's not like I object to those pairings, I just find things harder to do if I'm not interested in it. Any other pairing is free for the taking/requesting though.

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