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The first thing he noticed when he woke up was that his head hurt like it had been tossed in front of a bullet train then run over…twice. His body wasn't in pain but it didn't seem like moving either. Reaching into the dark that was his mind, he tried to recall how he had gotten like this. He'd been going around Harajuku in disguise, trying to decide if he had the right to disrupt his son's life just by showing up once again.

He'd gone into a magic shop that had caught his interests and one of the attendants had offered him a delicious looking meat bun. The next thing he knew…he was here, blindfolded, being carried around on a stretcher and unable to move, not to mention, the migraine from hell.

"Hey, is it really alright to keep him like this?"

"If we did any less, he'll be sure to escape de gozaru."

"I see. Anyway, are we sure that this is the right guy, Hakase?"

"Yeah. My invention confirms 100 percent match. There's no doubt that this is the Thousand Master."

If he wasn't completely awake before, that jolted him straight to alert consciousness. They knew who he was! But how? His disguise had been perfect, he'd made sure of that!

"Eh? This machine's really great then!"

"Un. There's nothing science cannot do."

Fucking science.

He paused in his cursing science when he realized that the voices did not seem to belong to the big, burly men or evil, psychotic women he'd gotten used to as his enemies. Rather, they seemed to belong to…teenage girls?

"He's awake de gozaru,"

"Eh? But that pill we gave him should have knocked him unconscious until we got back to the place!"

"He is the Thousand Master, after all, Makie-san. He's bound to surpass our expectations,"

"It doesn't really matter, Baka Pink. We're already here, de gozaru,"

Nagi could hear bolts being undone and a steel door opening. They were going down, he wagered. Underground was where all these types took him when they were lucky enough to catch him. Which was why he was surprised when he could feel them going up. Then again, these types weren't usually teenage girls.

He sweatdropped as much as a man in his position could when he heard the cheesy elevator music. What kind of lunatics had he run into? Finally, there was a ding and they got off.

"Ahh? So you finally caught him! Where?"

"Believe it or not, Kotaro-kun, we found him just around here."

"Really? Musn't be smart then. To hang around where people can easily find him."

"I'll have you know I can whip your ass with my eyes closed and one hand behind my back while feverish, boy," Nagi spoke in a raspy voice that sounded like it hadn't had any use in years, making him wonder just what had been in that meat bun.

There was a scoff from the boy. "You talk big for someone who's completely bound and at our mercy," remarked the one they had called Kotaro. "C'mon, let's take him inside. They're just about to finish up with a big-time drug dealer Kazumi-neechan caught."

Nagi could feel himself being lead into a room and it was there that his blindfold was taken off. His first guess had been right. He was dealing with a bunch of kids, all female except for Kotaro and who he guessed was the drug dealer, a bound man, cowering and kneeling in front of an empty chair.

His eyes roamed around the room and they widened when they landed on a girl leaning against a pillar and glaring at the dealer with one eye while the other kept closed.

Is that…Asuna?

About to call out to her, he cut himself off when he saw two girls approaching her. A girl with long brown was clinging onto the other girl, who had her black hair in a ponytail to the right and the first girl seemed to be relating something to Asuna that involved waving one arm wildly around. The other girl looked liked she was fighting a laugh at her companion's antics.

"Boy," Nagi called out to Kotaro who he now realized had something akin to dog-ears on his head.

"What is it, ojisan?"

"Those two girls over there…with Asuna…"

"Ah? You mean Konoka-neechan and Setsuna-neechan? Yeah, they're involved with each other. Nobody here really minds though," said Kotaro casually, taking a position next to the Thousand Master.

Nagi fought to suppress a blush at the dog boy's words. "That's now what I was going to ask!" he protested with a frantic shake of his head, seeing as his limbs were still immobile.

"Then what were you going to ask?"

"Those two, are they close friends with Asuna?"

If even Asuna grew up with such good friends and having a normal life…then everything will have been worthwhile.

Kotaro shrugged. "I guess. You could even say they're her best friends. Well, aside from that violent Ayaka-neechan, of course," he said.

No sooner had he said that last comment when an apple collided with his head. "I heard that, you monkey," growled a pretty blonde as she emerged from a set of doors to the side. "It's not nice to talk about your elders behind their backs."

"Geez, neechan, you know I didn't mean it," grumbled Kotaro, rubbing his cheek. "Anyway, look who Kaede-neechan found in Harajuku." He gestured towards Nagi.

"We'd never have found him if Satsuki-dono hadn't been working part time in the magic shop at the time, de gozaru," said the tall girl who was dressed in what looked to be ninja clothes. "She was the one who subdued him by giving him one of the special meat buns she and Hakase-dono worked on last week. All we really did was the confirmation and the transportation, de gozaru."

Ayaka's eyes were twinkling as she looked at Nagi, causing him a bit of discomfort. "So this is sensei's…" Not finishing her statement, she turned to a dark-skinned girl carrying a pair of handguns. "Tatsumiya-san, please finish up with that lowlife."

"Iincho? But sensei's not here yet."

The blonde stepped aside to reveal Nagi. "I'm sure sensei will be more interested in him, Tatsumiya-san,"

Tatsumiya's eyes widened for a fraction of a second before a small smile appeared on her face. "I understand, Iincho," she murmured before shooting the drug dealer twice in the chest.

A shocked Nagi turned to his captors as the man's body was taken through a door by the girl who had shot him, horrified that they were doing such a thing at such a young age.

"Please don't misunderstand, de gozaru. Tatsumiya-dono's bullets are not meant for killing," said Kaede with an apologetic gesture, seeing the Thousand Master's horrified expression.

"The scumbag's going to wake up tomorrow and decide that he needs to change his life," Kotaro added. "He could also decide that he doesn't want to be anywhere near this area anymore and hightail it out of here but that's just a random side effect of the bullets. I'll tell you now that we're not the bad people here, ojisan."

A pink-haired girl nodded. "We're the ones who keep the bad guys out of Mahora and the nearby areas, Nagi-san."

Nagi frowned at this. "We're on the same side then!" he exclaimed, now trying to break from his bonds.

"We already know that, Nagi-san."

"Then why have you tied me up? Release me!"

Ayaka shook her head slowly. "I'm afraid we can't do that yet. If we do, how sure are we that you won't decide to run away and disappear like you did so long ago?"

What did they mean? He hadn't met any of these people before in his entire life! Well, maybe except for Asuna. Then again, Asuna probably didn't remember him anymore.

"Are you sure you're alright, sensei? Evangeline-san's training looked even harder than usual," a voice reached his ears from one of the numerous side doors.

"Don't worry about it, Nodoka-san. I've lived through worse. Besides, Master is only making sure that I live through whatever situation we get ourselves into next. "

This must be their boss, then, concluded Nagi, trying to catch a glimpse of this sensei, who didn't sound like he was past his teenage years. Sensei must be some kind of codename or something. Lucky bastard, to be the boss of so many pretty girls. His eyes landed on Kotaro. And one guy too.

One of the side doors opened and two people came into the room. From this angle, all Nagi was able to see was a girl with long, dark bangs and her companion's clothes. The girl seemed to have a permanent blush on her cheeks as she and 'sensei' walked over to the chair that the dealer had been cowering before. As 'sensei' finally appeared in his line of vision, Nagi's jaw dropped open and his eyes widened comically.

He's their boss?

"Huh? I thought Asakura-san caught a drug dealer?"

"We decided you had more pressing matters to attend to, Negi-sensei," spoke Tatsumiya, nodding in the Thousand Master's direction.


"Negi, I know that what I say isn't much but…damn, boy, I'm proud of you!"


Author's Notes: Has it become obvious that I'm going to stop at their first words to each other? Heh, thought so. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this part. I'm still gonna go and think up of more situations.