I'm not even sure if this really counts as a fan fic or not... "It half does" would be the best way to explain it.

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom belongs to Nickelodeon. However, I created this fic and it is mine, and so is the poem at the end.

My Limits

By Netbug009

There's a cloudless sky that watches over your world. At least, that's how it was.

You were the beginning of my main hobby. It was a time of wonder as a new kid, trying to find a place. I found the power to do so much there. Your world fell into my lap, and it's amazing to explore.

But these are my limits. I am only an explorer. As your world falls apart, I can only watch. I plea for things to change, but they don't listen. There's no power to the fans in your holder's eyes. We are mere children, who don't deserve that power. By the time another world began to fall apart, I had already used up all my tears for you, and the rest of life. After all, you're not the only one here with their world fading fast.

Those are my limits. I stand on the other end of the fourth wall and can only watch as minuets pass. Minutes turn to days, and to months, soon leading to February when it all stops dead. I touch the wall and it does its job. I want to crumble it. I want to crumble it and save you; we all do.

My limits allow me to stop time, but only in your world, and only for those who watch me do it. Here, the clock chimes in the second month. Ding. Ding. Ding.

You turn to dust.

We fall to our knees. We loved you, after all. Yours was the first world some of us traveled in, including me. Losing a world like that can tear you apart. That's the limits of human emotion; beautiful, yet torturing.

...But wait.

That's when we remember our weapons.

So we wipe the tears and stand, remembering that even though we didn't create your domain, we have been given great power over it. A fan sends her pen flying across her notebook, and a swipe of color appears against the wall.

We see that world again. Slowly, movement becomes noticeable. So we all fallow our fellow fan's example and begin to fight the darkness that consumes your end of the wall.

That's within our limits.

We shall keep the story moving

Even when it goes off air

We are powerful as artists

Danny lives because we care.