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As I watched my father, my hero, on the pyre, I fell on my knees and cried. My two older brothers kneeled down beside me. I cried as Sam held me in his arms. Dean was rubbing my shoulders as it was shaking uncontrollably. When the fire died down, all that was left of my father was his ashes. That's when I finally realized that he was gone, his spirit is in heaven now. John Winchester was gone.

After regaining my breathing, we all packed in Dean's Impala, before I stepped in, I turned to the pyre and looked up at the sky then whispered "Goodbye Dad, I love you"

"you ready Camille?" Sam asked


When I got into the car, Dean immediately hit the accelerator and we left. I looked out into the night sky and all I could think about was the day when I turned ten when my father told me about my past.

My real dad, died before I was born. He was John's best friend and partner in hunting. He died when an arrow poisoned with demon blood pieced his heart. John tried to do everything he can to save him but it was too late. Six months after my birth, my mom died saving me. Dad (John) tried everything he can to save her but he arrived too late and mom was already engulf in the fire. After that night, John adopted me and I became a member of the Winchester family.

After the trip to memory lane I soon fell asleep. When we arrived at the motel, I felt someone carry me. I opened my eyes a little to see that it was Sam. He laid me in bed and pulled the covers over me. Soon after he laid a blanket on the floor and took one of the other bed's pillow. He gave me a kiss in the forehead before he went to bed. My head was full of questions and I could go back to sleep. I heard the door knob clicked open and I immediately closed my eyes shut. I realized it was Dean. He went sat by the side of my bed and leaned to give me a kiss in the forehead. He then went to the other bed and fell asleep immediately.

The sun beam was shinning through the shades and into my face. I tried to get back to sleep but to no avail, instead I got out of bed. Sam and Dean were still fast asleep. I took a shower and changed. Then I went out to the food store next to the motel to get something to eat and coffee. I can never forget about Dean's coffee. He's the one that got me addicted to it. After buying some food and coffee I returned to our room and found Dean pacing.

"whats wrong?" I asked

"Camille Marie Winchester, where did you go?" his voice was raised

"I got hungry, so I bought food and of course coffee" I was setting the food and drinks on the table

"hungry? You could have left a note saying something!"

"I was just next door, it was only for a minute" I tried to keep my voice calm

"whats happening?" Sam asked groggily

"Camille went out without telling us" Dean said

"I was getting hungry! Gosh, Dean have a little trust in me"

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