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I thought Sunday morning was crazy, man, was I wrong! Amick ushered us to an area with a stage and with lots of people in front of it. She told us to sit in front so we did and when I turned to my left, I saw Scott five seats away from me and I waved at him and he waved back. Good thing Dean and Sam didn't see that, but Amick saw it.

There was a screen with a microphone attached to it. Amick and Danny went up.

"so welcome everyone!" Amick said. And everyone said hello

"ready to sing?!" Danny asked, he was now a little sober…I think

"we have a guest here today and we would like her to sing for us" Amick, Danny, Sam and Dean looked at me direction

'uh-oh' I thought. Everyone here seemed to know each other and it's pretty obvious that I'm a guest. 'shit!' I cursed myself. I've never really sang that much before only in the showers and in front my brothers and Dean would sometimes bust my chops while Sam never fails to compliment me. I turned to my brothers with an evil glare.

"what?" Dean asked with a smirk. Sam was laughing. I seriously wanted to slap them both.

"this! was you two chuckle heads' idea?!?!?" I said in a whisper but with anger

"you're a great singer"

"thanks for the compliment Sam but I don't do well with crowds remember?"

It was my 5th grade recital and I decided to sing. When I got to the stage, when I saw all the people staring at me, instead of singing, I threw up and ran out.

"oh yeah," he smiled. I fought the urge to slap him "but that was years ago, you're probably over it"

"come on Camille, you can handle supernatural creatures but you can't handle a group of people?" Dean said

"right now, I would rather take on a pack of werewolves than a group of people" I said

"Camille Winchester, please come up here" Amick called out. I shook my head no but Sam pushed me. Actually, more like dragged me to the stage. He grabbed my hand and led me to the stage. Dean was laughing hysterically on his seat. I vowed to get them back one way or another.

"okay, normally I would pick the songs for our talented singers to sing, but since this is her first time here, I'll let her choose" Danny said

"you're lucky you get to choose" Amick whispered

I skimmed through the variety of songs and saw "Stellar" by Incubus, my favorite band, but it seemed a bit too rockish for the specific group of people. I mean there were old, young and some teens but I was a bit scared that I might blow the ears out of the old people so I opted for a milder slow song. After a few more seconds of skimming I found "Hurt" by Christina Aguilera. It was either that or "Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO. Dean would get a kick if I chose that. As the song started I felt a lump on my throat. When I opened my mouth to sing, I was shocked to hear a voice come out…

While I was singing, I listened to the lyrics intently. It was as if I was talking to my dad. I could feel tears forming in my eyes but I blinked them away. When I finished the song, everyone applauded, it felt good and sad at the same time.

'Dad, I hope you liked that, I dedicate it to you' I thought

'I did honey, thank you. You have a great voice' he replied in my head, it was a bit scary

'thanks dad' I replied, but he didn't reply back. That was okay at least I got to talk to him for awhile

When the seniors went to bed, another version of the party began. There was more fun, energy, and excitement. The music changed from mild to dance and everyone was hoping. I saw Dean and Amick grinding, they were cute, Dean finally has someone, and I saw Sam sitting alone in the corner, I felt bad for him. He seemed to be thinking about something. I went and sat next to him.

"hey Sammy"

"hey Cammie"

"we really need to work out that situation" I laughed

"yeah" he laughed too

"what cha thinking?"

"nothing" he answered quickly. I glared at him "okay okay, just stop staring at me like that"

"spill" I said

"I'm just thinking about this girl" he paused "I met her at the bar back in New Jersey"

"oh, you like her?"

"well, yeah, I knew I just met her for a few seconds, but something about her is just very different, I feel like I could trust her" he sighed "I felt bad running out on her like that"

"did you get her name at least?"

"Erin" he had a smile on his face

"don't worry Sam, you never know you might see her again, we jump from place to place a lot, you might cross paths again"

Another dance song came on and I grabbed Sam so we could dance. After a few minutes of dancing a girl came and asked if she could cut I said yes but Sam wouldn't let me go. After a couple more songs, he yawned and headed for the house. He told me to stay and have fun. 'oh crap' I thought. When Sam left, the next song that was playing was "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain 'this is just great a slow song and I'm standing all alone, just great' I sighed. I glanced to my left and saw Dean and Amick. Dean had his hands on her waist and Amick had hers wrapped around Dean's neck, their foreheads touched and they stared into each others eyes. They swayed together as the music began. I never saw this side of Dean, Amick surely changed him, for the better of course. As I'm left standing alone as the pairs of people started swaying, I went to the direction of the house but someone grabbed me by my wrist.

"where do you think you're going?" said Scott. I turned around to be met by his glistening eyes and wide smile. I could feel my legs turn jello.

"umm, home?" I replied in a low voice

"what? I'm too icky to dance with?" his eyebrow raised


"what I mean is, would you like to dance?"

I looked to my left to see Dean and Amick still in their own little world. So what the heck?

"sure, just away from Dean's view" just to be on the safe side

"umm, okay" he was confused but never asked anyway.

He held my hand as we walked away from Dean. Then, he grabbed my waist, my heart beat became erratic, but I managed to calm it down a bit. I wrapped my hands around his neck and he blushed. We swayed to the song staring at each other, no words were spoken. It felt amazing.