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50 First Kisses by CrimsonSaku

First Kiss #1 : A Surprising Kiss

"Ano...Naruto-kun...wa-watashi..." said a shy girl. Her indigo hair covering her blushing face. She nervously twiddled her fingers. She was about to confess her love to Naruto. Naruto was her childhood crush. She fell in love with his blue eyes, his persistance, and most of all his determination. His blonde hair had a sheen from the sunlight.

"What is it Hinata?" he asked the girl.

Her nervousness intensified. The butterflies multiplied. Her heart beat faster. She needed to expel this feeling and fast.

"Ano...Daisuki! (I really like you!)" she said as quickly as possible. She stood there waiting for his reply. She saw the shock in his eyes.

"Uh...I'm flattered, but I like Sakura. Hinata, I'm really sorry. Are you gonna be okay?" he said concerned and awkwardly. She tried to hide her pain and surpress the tears.

I musn't cry. I'll only burden him. I must smile.

"Thank you Naruto-kun, but I'm fine." She put on a fake smile.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes...Don't worry, I'm fine."

Since he's so dense, he believed her and walked away. She turned and began to run home. The tears began streaming quickly. It was too blurry to look where she was running. Because of that she accidentally ran into somebody.

"G-Gomen ne sai," said she and the person in unison.

"Eh? Hinata-sama?"

She looked up to see her cousin, Neji. He looked worried since he probably saw the streaming tears.

"H-Hai. May I help you, Neji-nii-san?"

"Did Naruto reject you?"

She nodded her head. She wanted to disappear. She knew he would say I told you so. He would laugh at her pathetic tears.

"Aren't you goning to say I told you so?" she asked noticing that he didn't say anything.

He shook his head.

"Hinata-sama...If you want we can talk about."

She hesitated, but agreed. Talking always made her feel better. They walked to a nearby park. They sat on the swing set.

There was an awkward silence until Hinata decided to break it.

"Neji-nii-san...why is it that Naruto-kun rejected me?" She started to tear up again. "Is it because I am not as pretty? Or smart? Or have as much courage as Sakura-chan?" She was starting to stress and the uncontrollable hiccups began. Her tears began to soak her clothes.

"No of course not! You may think I am just saying this, but to me you're better than Sakura could ever be. Naruto is too dumb to notice that. If you confessed to me I would imediately accept!" Neji's eyes revealed he was in shock, he didn't mean to say the last part. His face turned bright red quickly and suddenly. He looked away from her.

Hinata was in more shock. They sat there in the silence...

"...Hinata-sama, please stop being sad because you're much cuter when you smile," he said smoothly despite his blushing demeanor. He used his hand to tilt her face up to his, so that they would be eye-level. He tried to fight his uncontrollable urge, but he failed.

He leaned in to kiss her...she didn't stop him. Their lips touched, both blushed redder than cherries. They stayed that way...enjoying their first kiss...

They pulled apart...waiting in silence.

"...Hinata-sama, we should go home..."

"H-Hai. And one more thing Neji-nii-san..."

"What is it?" he asked.

"Let's drop the honorifics..."

author note: I really like this idea. Each chappie will consist of a nejihina first kiss. For peoples waiting for me to fin. revenge...yeah I'm busy and lazy so I'll most likely update it during winter break. If you have an idea for a first kiss thingy PM me plz. REVIEWS WANTED.