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Kiss #26: A Kiss On the Job

'What. The. Fuck." Neji stared at his cousin, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

A gorgeous teen was carrying away dirty dishes from the table. Her silken hair glimmered in the sunlight, the purple-dusk hue was heavenly. Her lilac-pearl eyes dripped with innocence, but what attracted the most attention was below the neckline: her breast. Neji was afraid one of them was going to pop out of her top. Neji could bear with her legs showing, but them? He was going to kill any guys looking, which was every single guy there.

"Hinata! If your father saw you, he would have an aneurysm," said Neji sternly. He crossed his arms around his chest to restrain himself from strangling the men eye-ing her.

"... Neji, please leave. I'm not allowed to loiter on the job..." she said softly. She nervously glanced up at him, but quickly looked down. His glaring eyes burned, why wouldn't he just be happy she got a job? He glared even more, his stupid hormones wanted him to kiss her, possibly ravish her.

"What kind of job is this? Surely this isn't right."

"I'm just a waitress, I'm only allowed to talk to customers and co-workers so, Neji please, go."

"Fine. I would like a table, non-smoking." She hesitated, but she led him to an open table. She placed a menu for him then hurriedly left to rid the dirty dishes. Neji glanced around; there were only waitresses, dressed similar to Hinata as well.

"Hyuuga." Neji turned to find Sasuke Uchiha moving into the seat across from him. "I didn't know you came here. Neji Hyuuga: Mr. I-Have-Morals. Eating at a flashy restaurant, could the world be ending?" He smirked.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny, Sasuke. I'm just here to keep an eye on Hinata."

"Heh. I am too, she scorches the other girls easily."

Neji glared at Sasuke, "Stay away from my cousin."

Sasuke ran his fingers through his jet black hair. "What are you going to do about it?" His smirk grew.

That ticked Neji off. "You'll see, so back off."

"Right." Sasuke got up and left, the look in his eyes worried Neji.

Fuck... Goodbye summer.

--The Next Day--

"Hello, I'm Neji. I will be serving you today," said Neji "happily". Hinata walked into the restaurant, ready for her shift.

"Neji...? What are you doing here?"

"Working. What else?" Honestly, he was going to watch her like a hawk.

"Why? I'm 16, Neji. I don't need you looking over me all the time."

He lightly pushed her to the back room, and cornered her. "Yes I do, because you're mine." He pressed his lips against hers, Hinata remained silently breathless. "If you see Sasuke, tell me." And with that, Neji walked away. Hinata put her cold hands to her burning cheeks.

"I. Am. An. IDIOT." thought Neji. He tried to save face and let his hair cover his blush.

Hinata avoided Neji all day, they were both busy anyways. This went on for a few days until one day someone patted and squeezed Hinata's butt.

"You look amazing, Hi-"

"I told you to back off." Neji twisted the pervert's arm. It was Sasuke. Hinata hurried away from the scene, even if he did save her; she didn't want to face Neji.

Hinata found herself in the back room corner where the kiss happened. Hinata's lips and cheeks burned from the memory.

She gasped as two strong arms wrapped around her. "I'm sorry, Hinata..." She shivered as lips brushed her ear.

She turned and her face inched in towards his. She didn't know what was going on, she couldn't think. Her mind was blank, she moved but not to her own accord. Her arms wrapped around his body, she leaned in closer. His face came closer into view, she had initiated another kiss.

His hands brushed her collar bone as she held him tighter. His hands wandered down to her chest.

Hmm. Maybe this job isn't so bad.

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