Ahem. Written in about six minutes, so probably not all that good.


No one should be this powerful.

No mortal being should ever be allowed to become so powerful that they think they have the right to govern the lives of others.

But they think they can.

They believe themselves superior to everyone and everything.

Superiority is one of man's greatest downfalls.

The Atlanteans are no different.

They have lived in this galaxy with nothing to hinder their development the way other species have and it has made them arrogant.

It's time to change that.

I've seen what this much power can do a species.

They need to be knocked down a few pegs before their self importance becomes what will destroy them.

The way it destroyed my people.

They're looking for the path to ascension now so it will only be a matter of time before they're on my plane of existence.

We ascended long before these even came to Pegasus.

We were allowed to develop unfettered, just as these do.

Now I am the last...the others are gone. Death is not the right term to use in this instance, but they are as close to death as those like us can get.

I fear the same for the Atlanteans. They have no enemy to become united against. While they have the best of intentions now, once they gain the power associated with ascension, it will go to their heads.

Like it did for us.

Things will deteriorate between them, regardless of their high minded morals. Power corrupts even the most humble of men.

I consider myself corrupted. My intentions may be good, but even now, as I look for a race that can rise against the Atlanteans, I know that I shouldn't interfere.

But I have to.

I can't allow what happened to us to happen to them. I've been watching them for too long not to care what happens to them.

They need to unite.

The only way they will is if they have an enemy.

A powerful enemy.

While I realize on some level it's wrong, I can't sit idly by and do nothing.

I've found a creature that has the potential to become a race that could match the Atlanteans in strength.

If developed properly, that is.

To accelerate the insects' evolution will take much of what little power I have left. I may be left like Arialla, unable to descend, left in a limbo between this world and the other until I can gather enough power to regenerate...

I have to risk it.

The evolution will be my gift to the Atlanteans. They will be humbled and they will unite. Then perhaps, when they finally reach this plane, they will be wiser than we were and learn to keep the corruption from running rampant inside them.

Many will die. I know that. I am creating an enemy that can stand against them-possibly destroy them- but the damage, while heavy, will serve to strengthen them as a people.

I only hope it's enough.


A/N: There are lots of theories about where the Wraith came from. Most of them involve the Ancients accidentally causing the evolution of the Iratus bug.

I like my explanation better. I'd like to think of this character as being that black cloud that caused havoc on Atlantis.

But that's just me.