Christmas Calendar

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First day.

Hello! Well, this is my christmas calendar. Yes, it's the same themes as Shiruji-chan's and Clarobell's, but I assure you, all of us have written different fics. Ok? So make sure to read them all to get the full view! So, yeah, I'm like, nine days late but, I only get oppurtunities to update on weekends, so yeah. But I shall venture to write seven drabbles a week! Yep!

These may or may not contain ZoLu or SanNam or both. Or none at all. So, at the beginning of each story, I will tell you. Ok?

This is a seperate drabble from the rest, and should be treated as such. I got a spark of inspiration after I wrote this one, so, yeah.

Light ZoLu

So, happy reading!


Zoro sighed and slumped back on the deck, leaning backwards to get a look at the gigantic bit of tinsel he had just wrapped around the mast.

"Glad that's over." he muttered before yawning and closing his eyes, ready for a nap. He was kind of glad Luffy was off the ship, other wise the boy would have gotten in the way, tried to steal Sanji's cooking, and annoyed the hell out of Zoro about what to do when he was under mistletoe. Zoro was sick of explaining. As it stood though, Luffy was off with Nami and Robin, getting presents for everyone.

"I. SMELL. FOOD!" a voice cried from the distance. Zoro groaned inwardly.

"Shouldn't have even thought it." he muttered before Luffy rocketed himself onto the ship and landed right on top of him.

"Get the hell off me!" Zoro yelled, his head throbbing from when he had hit it on the railing as Luffy came down. Luffy grinned at him.

"Sorry Zoro! Must have missed my target." and with that, he jumped off his friend and ran for the kitchen. Zoro growled under his breath about little rubber bastards who have bottomless pits for stomachs before rolling over and trying to sleep.

But, alas for the poor swordsman, his mind was now awake… well, that really shouldn't have bothered him, for Zoro could sleep any time, anyplace he wanted. It was something else he supposed. Standing, and brushing off his shirt, Zoro glared at the kitchen door.

"Damn captain…" he muttered. Next thing he knew, Luffy had burst back out of the kitchen, three reels of tinsel wrapped around his hands and legs. Sanji stood steaming in the door, a strand of tinsel tied around his neck loosely like a bizarre tie. Luffy had obviously been messing around like a fool again.

"Keep… him… away." Sanji growled before slamming the door. Zoro blinked before smirking and looking down at Luffy.

"Whatever you did to piss off magic eyebrow… I approve." he commented, before kneeling down and inspecting the knots around Luffy's legs and wrists.

"Na, what did I do?" Luffy asked miserably as Zoro tugged at the tinsel. Zoro shrugged.

"Beats me. First day of December… and you pissed him off already. Well done." and his lips twisted when he found he couldn't simply undo the knot. Pulling out a sword, Zoro gently began cutting at the tinsel.

"Sorry…" Luffy murmured. Zoro shook his head and grinned widely.

"I don't care. Sanji's a bastard. He deserves whatever he gets." Zoro replied. Luffy grinned.

"Ha! Zoro's so cool." and he turned back to the tinsel. Zoro blinked for a minute before finally freeing Luffy's hands and then easily freeing the boy's legs.

"There. Now quit causing trouble, or I'll tie you back up myself."

"Thanks Zoro!" and Luffy hugged his swordsman quickly before running off to ask Nami if she had any baubles he could put on the doors. Zoro sighed. Christmas this year… was certainly going to be interesting.


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