Full Metal Hunter

After defeating the Yakuza Rax and his friends jumped into a portal that leads them to the real Yakuza Boss.

Rax: Look out!

Rax fell at Ron that knocked him out.

Kim: Rax, Ron are you guys ok?

Rax: Never felt better.

Kim: Ron?

Rax: I guess his knocked out.

Kim: Well we can't just leave him carry him.

Rax: What, why me?

Kim: Your the one who knocked him out.

Rax: Oh man.

Kim: Look at that.

There was a long bridge under it was a 2 waterfalls are heading to each other and when they reach each other they both fall.

Rax: What the hell is that?

Kim: I don't know, but we need to pass the bridge.

They both walk toward the bridge but when they are in the center of the bridge the bridge starts shaking.

Rax: Run!

Kim ran and she passed the bridge.

Rax: Ron is still knocked out.

Kim: Throw him.

Rax hold Ron hand and threw him to Kim's side.

Kim: Now run!

Rax ran but the ropes had been shattered Rax fell.

Kim: Rax!

Then a hand made of stone hold him and put him in Kim's side and then it broke.

Kim: Are you okay?

Rax: Yea, what was that?

Old man: Hello strangers.

Kim: Hi.

Old man: I'm sorry about the bridge.

Rax: No problem, but what was that hand?

Old man: Oh that hand, I made it.

Rax: How?

Old man: Who's that sleeping?

Kim: Oh that's our friend his been knocked out.

The Old man walks toward Ron and claps his hand then put it in Ron chest and ice was made.

Ron: Cold!!!!!

Rax: How the hell did you do that?

Old man: I did the same when I wanted to rescue you.

Kim: Yes, but how?

Old man: Come inside and I'll explain.

Ron: What happened?

Rax: It's a long story.

They went inside, and drank some tea.

Rax: So this power is called Alchemist?

Old man: Yes.

Ron: Can I learn them?

Old man: It will take you months.

Rax: Excuse me, but did someone come here before us?

Old man: Yes.

Rax: Who was it?

Old man: I don't know, but his from this country.

Ron: What country is this?

Old man: This is Japan.

Kim: Japan!

Ron: Didn't we left Japan through the portal?

Rax: This must be the other side of Japan.

Old man: Well you can stay here for the night.

Rax: No thank you.

Old man: I insist.

Kim: Ok.

Rax: Well we better go check the city ok.