Rax rushes to Satura and found him lying in the ground with his own blood surrounding him.

Rax: Satura!

Rax picks Satura head up and put it in his hands.

Rax: Satura, are you ok!!!!?

Satura: (Cough) Rax?

Rax: Yes Satura, who done this to you?

Satura: Listen Rax you should save Ron save him before it's to late…

Rax: What about you?

Satura: Save Ron….Envy will kill him.

Rax: Envy?

Satura: Envy can transform into anyone save Ron hurry!

Rax: But Satura…

Satura: Don't worry about me after all I won't be alone my daughter is with me.

Rax: Satura?

Satura smiles then closes his eyes forever, Rax puts

Satura head down gentle in the grounds then stand up.

Rax: Yes sensei.

Meanwhile in the darkness two teenagers are standing staring at each other.

Ron: Kim is it really you?

Kim: How come you don't know the person you love?

Ron: I'm sorry Kim.

Kim: Give me your hand Ron.

Ron: Ok.

Kim took Ron's hand and holds it tight.

Kim: Your hands are cold.

Ron: Cause we are in a cold place.

Kim: Silly me.

Ron: Kim, I thought I wouldn't see you again.

Kim: It's alright now we are together again.

Ron: Yes.

Ron gets closer to Kim to give her a kiss when he suddenly Rax pulled him.


Rax: Are you going to kiss a boy?

Ron pushes Rax and drops him in the ground.

Ron: Shut up don't make fun of Kim you bastard.

Rax: Well then why don't you check for yourself aren't you in a spirit house?

Ron: Yea.

Rax: And you cant hold or touch or kiss a spirit right?

Ron: What do you mean?

Rax: I mean if Kim is a spirit how come you can touch her?

Ron thought for a moment then stares at Kim.

Ron: Kim?

Kim: Are you goanna believe him or me, didn't you come to take me with you?

Ron: Well Kim I'll believe him do you know why?

Kim: Why?

Ron: Because I know who is the real Kim you bastard.

Ron kicks Kim and drops her in the ground.

Kim: Ron please..

Ron: Don't play dumb!

Ron kicks Kim again and again until Kim raised a gun.

Kim: You fool.

Kim transformed into Envy.

Envy: Do you want to end up like Satura!?

Ron: What!?

Rax: He killed Satura, that bastard.

Ron: YOU SON OF A ….

Envy: Don't move or I'll shoot.

Ron: You killed Kim now you killed Satura, ILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!!!!!!

Ron rushes to Envy and holds the gun trying to take it away from envy while envy keeps shooting until Ron saw Rax fell in the ground Ron kicks Envy face and takes the gun and rushes to Rax.

Ron: RAX!

Rax: I'm…ok.


Envy: What are you going to do shoot me?

Ron: Yes.

Envy: WAIT….if you shoot me you'll never save Kim.

Ron: Are you joking?

Envy: Listen go to Kawakawa village there is a cave inside the cave there is someone who can save Kim.

Ron: You better be saying the truth.

Envy: Does that means you'll let me live.

Ron: No.

Ron shoots Envy several times in his body and in his head until he fell in the ground and died.

Rax: Nice shooting so what do we do?

Ron: We are going to Kawakawa village.

Next day people are gathered in the graveyard.

Ron: Goodbye Sensei I'll make you proud.

Rax: Now his with his daughter well we better get ready we got a really long journey to pass.

Ron: Yea.

In the train station Ron and Rax get on a train that will take them to Kawakawa village.

Rax: Ok everything is ready?

Ron: Everything is ready.

Rax: Ok, well are you sure we should go to Kawakawa village?

Ron: Yes Envy better be saying the truth.

Rax: Don't worry we will get Kim back.

Ron: Even if it took my whole life I will save Kim.

The train starts moving heading to Kawakawa village where a new adventure begins.

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