Dean and Sam Winchester were your average, Middle America boys, with a very big secret. Their mother was murdered by a demon and their father vowed revenge on the being that stole the love of his life away from him. But the more time that passed by, the more John Winchester found himself drowning at the bottom of every Jack bottle. He dragged his boys across America in search for the demon, but he always found nothing.

Frustrated and depressed, John Winchester pulled into Sal's Motor Lodge and booked a room for them. Six year old Dean and a three year old Sam were passed out in the back seat, exhausted from the day's long travel.

"Wake up!" John growled, instantly waking the oldest.

"Get your brother into bed, I'll be back later." Dean nodded, still having the sleeping toddler leaning against his shoulder. John Winchester stormed away, trying to find the nearest bar.

Dean picked up his sleeping brother and carried him inside to one of the beds. He slipped off his brothers sneakers that he had grown out of a month ago but Dean wasn't sure how to tell his Dad. His Dad wasn't the same man he used to be, but he didn't blame him. Look what happened… Shaking his head of any thoughts of his mom, Dean walked back out to the car, grabbed all the bags and gear and returned to the room. He locked up, put a salt ring around their bed, and was finally able to climb in bed.

After three hours of sleep, he awoke to Sammy crying.

"Hey, Sammy, what's wrong?" Dean asked sympathetically.

"I h-h-had an accident." He whimpered. Dean sighed, Sam was potty trained and had been, but the long drives had weakened his small bladder and when he was asleep, sometimes he couldn't control himself.

"Hey, hey buddy, its fine. I'll take car of it. Come on lets get you changed ok?"

Sam smiled and nodded, trusting fully what Dean had said. Dean rinsed Sam off in the tub, and changed him into his pajamas. He threw the wet clothes into the dirty laundry bag and stripped the bed of the wet sheets. Luckily there was a spare set in the closet. He quickly made the bed and threw the wet sheets in the dumpster outside their room. When he was done, he saw Sammy resting against the wall, half asleep.

"Com on Sam, we can sleep now." Sam smiled and ran over to his brother, wrapped his arms around his shoulders, and was carried off to bed. The two boys rolled around and tickled each other but the abruptly stopped when the door of the hotel flew open. Both boys instantly quieted and ducked their heads down.

John staggered in, and noticed the boys were awake.

"What-t-t in the fucgk are you two shits-s-s doing up-p so late?" He staggered towards them. Sam grabbed onto Dean's shirt, terrified.

But John stopped. "What-t-ts that sm-m-ell? Did you pis-s-s yours-s-self again?" John bellowed. Sam shrank back in fear, loose tears running down his face.

"I-I-I sawry Daddy." He whispered. John roared in anger, picking up a chair and throwing it across the room. Both boys flinched, huddled together, terrified. They had seen their Dad mad, but never like this.

John walked towards them, and Dean stood in front of his brother. John easily pushed the boy aside and grabbed Sammy.

"What have I-I-I told you?" He screamed, shaking the small boy fiercely. Sam stared at his father in horror, his small mind not able to comprehend what was happening. Dean stood, nursing his hip, but his brother was even worse off. "God I hate you, your-r-r worthless…" John screamed at Sam, still shaking him

"Dad, stop, you'll hurt him." Dean pulled on his Dad's arm. John dropped Sam on the floor, turned and back handed Dean. Dean fell to the floor, blood leaking from his mouth. John went to Dean and kicked the small boy in the stomach and punched him again.

Sam was screaming and crying in the corner; John ran to him and slapped the small boy across the face. Sam hiccupped and tried to stop his sobbing, which appeared to be furthering his Dad's fiery. The small boy burst his cheek, gulping and swallowing, waiting for his father to retreat, and finally he did. John Winchester staggered to his bed and collapsed.

Sam, waiting for the monster to be asleep, crawled to his brother. "Dean, Dean," Sammy whispered quietly, shaking his brother awake. Dean came around and saw the slap mark on Sammy's face.

"Oh Sammy, I'm sorry." Dean whispered, pulling himself up. He watched Sam's bottom lip quiver and watched as his face crumbled and tears streamed down the small boys face.

Despite his own discomfort, he cradled his little brother back to bed. Sam hiccupped and sobbed as Dean comforted him.

"I promise Sammy, I will always be here. And one day, we'll escape. I promise."

The next morning, both small boys had bruises on their faces and they didn't get an apology from their Dad. And so began their hell.