The four of them drove in silence on the way to the house. It was Christmas Eve and last minute shoppers and church goers flooded the roads. The boys sat in the back seat right next to each other, looking at all the holiday lights that whipped past their windows.

"Did you boys ever do anything for Christmas?" Melissa asked.

"No, but I tries to make it nice for Sammy." Dean whispered, looking down at his now sleeping brother.

Melissa and James smiled secretly at each other, the boys had no idea what they had planned.

As they entered the driveway, snow began to gently fall from the sky. Before entering the house, Melissa and James stopped the boys outside the front door.

"We have a surprise for you boys."

Both boys looked at them curiously.

"While you boys were in the hospital, Melissa and I made sure the house looked extra special this year, so before we go inside, we need you to close your eyes."

Suspiciously, both boys closed their eyes as they were led inside the house.

"Ok, on three…one…two…three!" Melissa and James yelled. Both boys opened their eyes and couldn't believe what they saw.

The house looked magnificent; a huge tree tucked into the corner, candles in the windows, the fireplace burning, and beautiful gold, green and red decorations. The boys stood wide eyed. They ran around the house like little boys, laughing and pushing each other as they stared at all the decorations.

James and Melissa beamed at the boys' reaction and their excitement. When they came back into the living room, they were beaming as well. Sam ran up to them and hugged them both, followed by Dean.

"Ok boys, it's late and we have a very special day planned tomorrow, so let's go to bed."

All four had difficulty sleeping, all anticipating the next day. And for the first night in many nights, Sam and Dean didn't dream.


Around nine the next morning, Melissa and James ran into the boy's room and roused them from their sleep.

"Merry Christmas boys!" They both yelled. Sam and Dean whipped the sleep from their eyes and Dean returned the greeting because Sam was still not talking.

"Ok, so here's the plan. In five minutes, we will call you and when everything's ready ok?" Melissa giggled. The boys looked like they had ants in their pants, almost hoping up and down in excitement.

Five minutes later, they called the boys and once again, they were shocked. Piles of Christmas presents scattered the floor. The dove towards them and after everything was sorted, they began to open their first Christmas presents in a very long time. The boys got clothes, cd's, video games, and Sam got his very own bike. The boy beamed at it, and it made Dean, Melissa and James smile as well.

"Ok there is one more present. Dean, you need to close your eyes ok?" Dean nodded excitedly. Dean closed his eyes and was led outside.

"Ok Dean, open your eyes." When Dean opened it, his heart nearly stopped. In the drive-way, was his dream car; a black Chevy Impala. Dean screamed and ran towards the car, jumping up and down.

"Oh baby! Look at you!" He screamed. "How did you know?" He squealed, running his hands over the car.

"Well, a little birdie once told me you might like this car." She smiled, her head resting on top of Sam's who was grinning broadly.

"You little jerk!" Dean teased tickling his brother.

After another half hour, they finally retreated into the house, everyone freezing. They dressed and enjoyed a huge Turkey dinner, and watched, "It's A Wonderful Life," on television. All four people were smushed on the couch, snuggling into each other. After the movie, all four continued to lay there and talk quietly, everyone except Sam. But suddenly, Sam turned and faced James and Melissa.

"Thank you." He whispered.

Melissa and James had tears in their eyes as they hugged Sam and Dean.

"Are you gonna keep us?" Sam whispered.

"Yea, baby, you're all ours!" Melissa laughed tickling him.

Sam's laughter filled the house, and it was contagious. Soon everyone was laughing. Dean and Sam had never felt this way before. They felt loved, and even through everything that happened, they knew they'd make it.


Seven Years Later

It was December 24th and Dean had returned home for Christmas. His mom and dad had always made sure Christmas was extra special, so he couldn't wait for the festivities to start. He graduated from Bucknell University and was currently working as an engineer with a six figure salary.

"Merry Christmas!" He yelled as he entered the house. Melissa and James came out from the kitchen and greeted their son.

"Hey baby!" Melissa exclaimed, pulling Dean into a big hug and James right after.

"Where's Cassi, Dean?" James asked, thinking his fiancé would be spending Christmas with them.

"She went to her mom's place. The way we figure it, we'll have plenty of Christmas' together when we get married." All three settled into the cozy living room and waited for the youngest of the family to arrive.

"Did you hear from Sam?" James asked Melissa and Dean.

"No, but he was supposed to have that interview at Stanford for his law school interview. The little shit hasn't told me yet." Dean laughed. He flicked on the television and saw It's A Wonderful Life was on, and he smiled. Both him and Sam overcame a lot in the past couple of years. With some intensive therapy, Sam and Dean were able to finally heal, start their lives, and actually have normal sexual experiences with those of the opposite sex. It took a lot of time but Cassie understood his hesitancy. Lloyd was sentenced to life in prison on murder and child molestation charges, and the boys could finally rest easy.

Suddenly the front door blew open and Sam came walking in with his beautiful girlfriend, Jessica

"Merry Christmas!" They both exclaimed happily. Hugs and greetings were shared and everyone resettled in the living room.

"So, how'd the interview go?" Dean asked, almost bursting at the seems. At Sam's crestfallen face, Melissa, James, and Dean all were ready to tell Stanford wasn't good enough for him.

"Well," he said sadly, "I got in," he said with the Sam sad tone. Melissa, James, and Dean were silent for a moment.

"You got in?" Dean whispered, and Sam nodded his head. "He got in!" Dean screamed and embraced his brother. Melissa, James, and Dean hugged Sam with all they had.

"I am so proud of you!" Melissa exclaimed

"Thanks mom." Sam said, with all the love in the world

The five of them settled down at the dining room table for the annual Christmas feast, and none could have been happier.

The End