Riku used to like eating pomegranates. He would split the large round rustic red fruit down the middle and break the two halves into large chunks of tiny globule, being held together only by the peel of skin they were attached to.

He would then proceed to grab one hunk of the little red beads, and tear off the thin layer of almost clear, slightly nonexistent white film that coated the ruby pebbles. After that all that separated the scarlet gems from his mouth was air and space.

Space that he would quickly close. He'd bite off mouthfuls of tiny ruby-red seeds, expertly avoiding the bitter white inside-skin. Then he'd greedily suck up any juice that might have burst out of its round little container. The result was a weird slurping noise that made Kairi giggle and Sora blush and squirm.

And whenever any juice escaped his leech-like sucking and dribbled down his fingers he'd put the portion of fruit down and lick his sticky fingers clean.

Back when Riku still thought he was straight, Kairi would tease him and say, "Riku. You eat pomegranates like a total gay!" Riku would then respond with a playful punch.

After Riku had confided in his two best friends his switch in sexuality Kairi had stopped using that to nag him. Riku guessed it was because she'd believed he would take it too personally now that they knew he was actually gay. He often wanted to tell Kairi that it was okay if she teased him about it. Because after all, teasing him about being gay was like teasing Sora about being "vertically challenged".

But he still enjoyed eating pomegranates.

Yes, there had been a time when Riku had definetly enjoyed eating pomegranates.

These days however he did it out of habit. These days it was out of jealousy and hatred.

Eating pomegranates was his way of escaping his harsh reality.


Now whenever he needily eats the tiny sparkling rubies, he imagines that the tiny red packets of juice are really each tiny mini-versions of the red-headed pyro. And then the biting, and chewing, and sucking and licking only increase and become more desperate.

Because he knows he'll never have the real thing. Because he knows the real thing is crazy about that stupid blonde Roxas.

And so, he eats pomegranates… And eats and eats and eats…

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