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On a sunny day, a girl with pink hair and green eyes sat on bench near a Sakura tree. She wore a pink dress that had slits at the bottom on each side of her legs. Her name's Haruno Sakura and she is thirteen years old. She's a ninja with two teammates, Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke. Both Naruto and Sasuke are the strongest boys out of the entire nine rookie, even stronger then her. Her sensei, Hatake Kakashi was the strongest jounnin out of the entire senseis that taught the other teams. Kakashi, however, trained mostly Naruto and Sasuke and had little or no time to train her. So, today, her teammates are training without her, again.

As Sakura sat on the bench, she thought, 'Man, how weak am I when I couldn't even defeat Ino and I tied with her at the chunnin exams? I want to be stronger. Why can't my team even listen to me and train me to be stronger?'

"Maybe they don't want you to be stronger," answered Inner Sakura, "I mean, they don't really want you around them anymore, why don't you quit?"

'I can't just give up. You've even said it yourself.'

"Oh yeah. Anyways, why don't you ask that Lee kid to train you?"

'No. He wouldn't train me at all.'


Before Inner Sakura could say anymore, the Sakura blossoms flew around Sakura and she began to drift to sleep.


'Where am I,' thought Sakura.

"You've finally arrived," came a voice.

'Who are you?'

"You ARE in a dream and anyways, you are here."

"Ok," said Sakura, "Where am I?"

"You asked that like five times. Anyways, you've got two options. Follow the darkness and give in. Or, you could fight the darkness. Which one is your opinion? Choose one and I'll return."

"Wait, could you at least show me where I am?"

"Sure why not?"

"Thank you."

The voice then left leaving Sakura in a castle where there was a boy and a duck that came with a weird thing behind it with a shield. The boy had a key that was huge and was fighting off some black things and the duck held a staff with the thing next to the duck helping to fight off the black things. Sakura then thought, 'What is going on?'

"What have I told you about doing that stuff," said the voice, "You do know that you can talk out loud here right?"

"Oh yeah," said Sakura, "Anyways, do you know what's going on?"

"Tell me your answer and I'll tell you. Now, I must be off. Goodbye or is it welcome? Up to you to decided."

End of Dream:

Sakura then woke up and saw that Naruto was standing above her as she was getting up, Naruto asked, "Want to get ramen with me Sakura?"

"Sure," said Sakura as she stood up, "I would love that. I was wondering, what would you do if I left you?"

"Sakura, why would you leave?"

"Could you answer me please?"

"Alright, I would look for you around the whole world or hell, I would look around the universe for you. Sakura, you're my friend, why would I leave you behind?"

Sakura then looked at Naruto and said, "Yeah, you're right. You would look for me. Thank you Naruto. For being a great friend."

"No problem," said Naruto, "man, you missed Sasuke and me fight Kakashi-sensei and winning. It was great."

Naruto continued talking to talk to Sakura until they reached the ramen stand where Kakashi and Sasuke sat. Sakura looked at Sasuke and asked, "What would you do if I left?"

Sasuke looked at Sakura, seeing that she was there and said, "I would never look for you. You're annoying and with you gone, life could be a lot better."

"Sasuke how could you say that to Sakura," said Naruto angrily.

"Calm down Naruto," said Sakura, "Thank you for your answer Sasuke," she then turned to Kakashi and asked, "What would you do if I left and I would like the truth?"

Kakashi looked at Sakura and said, "Well, you are a comrade, so I would look for you. Besides, you're like a daughter to me or even a little sister. Why would I just leave you?"

"Thank you. I've made my decision."

"What are you talking about Sakura," asked Naruto.

"It's something that I need to do and I need to do this alone," said Sakura, "Besides, I think that after this experience, I'll find my place…"

Before Sakura finished, she saw that her teammates were staring at her weirdly. So, Sasuke then said, "I'm going home. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Alright then," said Sakura, "I'll see you guys tomorrow I guess."

When Sakura got home, she saw that her mother was out of the village again. So, she went to the kitchen to grab something to eat. She then thought, 'I wonder if that voice would come back.'

"I hope not," said Inner Sakura, "I really don't want to hear that voice again."

Sakura then began to pass out as she heard, "Well, I guess that I'll see you soon. Much earlier then I thought."

When Sakura fell asleep, her dream was:

'Where am I,' thought Sakura as she looked at the blackness. She then heard the voice say, "Look at what is to come."

She then saw Naruto and Sasuke fighting each other and a black hole sucked Sasuke and Naruto in. Sakura then saw Kakashi run after the two boys and he fell in as well. The scenery then changed back to the boy, duck, and thing fighting off the black creatures. In it she saw Sasuke wearing all black and fighting the boy as well. She then looked around and said, "Where are my friends?"

"Friends," said the voice, "Why would they be your friends…"

"Don't give in Sakura," said the boy, "That is what they want you to do. Fight the darkness and accept your destiny your friends are in trouble. It's up to you only to save them. Now come, into the chamber and help us fight the evil."

"I don't know what to do," said Sakura.

"Don't be scared, I'll help you out Sakura. You are our only hope. Well, besides me. Anyways, your friend, Sasuke, he fell to the darkness and you will fall to if you don't decide soon. Quick, make your decision."

"I don't know…"

End of dream:

Sakura woke up to find that it was the next morning and she thought, 'Oh man, I forgot to eat dinner. Why did I forget again?'

"Because of that stupid voice," said Inner Sakura.

'Oh yeah, I forgot. I need to make a decision though.'

"Do it later. Besides, weren't you supposed to meet your team two hours ago?"

'I forgot!'

Sakura then ran out of the house and to the bridge grabbing a piece of toast and eating it on the way to find, when she got to the bridge, that her team wasn't there. She then thought, 'They ditched me. Today was supposed to be an A ranked mission and they just ditched!'

"Yeah," said Inner Sakura, "They forgot about us."

'I knew it though. They'll never except me.'

"That's not true. They do. Kind of. Well, Naruto does anyways."


Sakura was broken out of thoughts when Ino ran up to Sakura and said, "I can't believe it!"

"What," asked Sakura.

"I heard that Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi got caught in a vertex from what of the ANBU team that went to find them saw."

'It's true,' thought Sakura.

"Oh man," said Inner Sakura, "That boy was right."

"Sakura," said Ino breaking Sakura out of her thoughts, "What's wrong? You know something don't you?"

"Yes Ino," said Sakura, "I do know something. It's not that important to you though. It's my destiny. I accept my destiny to fight the darkness and to save my friends from the darkness."

Behind Sakura, a vortex, the same on that described to Sakura appeared. Ino then looked at Sakura and said, "Forehead, you don't plan to go into that do you?"

Sakura turned to Ino and said, "yes I do plan to go into that. Ino, I need to save my family, my team."

"Well, I'm going to."

"Ino, you can't go…"

"I would like to go to," said Hinata who was standing behind Ino.

"Yeah," said Tenten, who stood next to Hinata, "I'll go to. Well, technically, all of us would go. Hell, even our sensei's want to go as well."

"I can't let you guys go," cried Sakura, "I just can't. But knowing you guys, you'll come with me anyways. I just don't want you guys to get caught in the darkness either. I'm sorry, but I must leave."

Sakura then ran into the portal followed by Ino, Tenten, and Hinata, along with the rest of the boys except for the sensei's who stood behind waving goodbye to the kids. As Sakura ran, she turned behind to see the others follow her. She then said, "Well, I guess that I can't leave you guys behind can I now?"

"No way," said Ino, "and besides, I don't want you to get all the fun and attention now would I?"

"I guess not."

When the group got out of the portal, a bunch of black things began to attack them. Sakura grabbed out her weapons and the others got ready for battle, when one thing said, "Where's the keyblade woman?"

"I don't have one," said Sakura.

"What's a Keyblade," asked Ino.

"I really don't know."

However, before the black thing jumped Sakura, in her hands was a long key that came out that had pink sparkles around them. The key was long and the handle was shaped as a heart. She then said, "Oh. I think that this is a what-cha-call-it."

Then, more black things appeared and began to focus all of their attacks on Sakura. Tenten and the others began to help fight off the dark things, but Hinata was captured by a thing in a cloak and Neji followed the cloak guy while Tenten and Lee followed behind Neji. Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji saw the black things come at them as well. Shino and Kiba also followed Neji's group as well. Sakura saw the group split up and sighed saying, "This is why I asked them to not follow me."

Behind Sakura, a guy with blonde hair who wore all black with a sword came up behind her and said, "You've got that right."

She turned around and said, "Who are you?"

The guy behind Sakura just stood there with his sword ready to fight off the Heartless that began to run towards Sakura. She then saw the brunette help fight the Heartless while he was trying to protect Ino and her team. The blonde began to slash away at the Heartless protecting Sakura and she saw what he was doing. So, stood next to the guy with her new pink Keyblade in her hand. The brunette then took Ino and he shoved her to where the blonde was and Shikamaru and Chouji followed Ino going towards the blonde. Sakura then turned back to fighting off the Heartless when she heard a voice yell, "Why did more of you guys have to come?"

Sakura then saw that a girl with a big ninja star came out and began to help face the Heartless. The girl then turned to Sakura and she said, "Hey! I'm Yuffie and I'm ready to kick some booty!"

Sakura turned to Yuffie and said, "Hey. So, um. Why are you here again?"

"Oh. This silver haired guy just ran out the door and I just couldn't leave him alone. Man, are you a ninja because I'm a ninja?"

Sakura then sweatdropped and she said, "Yeah. I am. Why?"

"Sweet! Oi, Leon, Cloud, we've got ANOTHER ninja on us. Isn't that cool?"

The two guys turned to Yuffie and they went back to fighting because they didn't care about what was going on except for their fighting. Yuffie then said loudly, "Man. You two suck big time. All you do is sit there and think that you're all so cool, but I know that you're NOT cool."

Yuffie then turned to Sakura and said, "Ready to help me fight off some Heartless and kick their asses?"

"Um," said Sakura, "Sure."

So, Sakura and Yuffie continued to battle until the heartless disappeared. Cloud then turned to Sakura and said, "You need to place that thing back, or give it to me and leave. They ARE after this."

Sakura saw that Cloud was pointing to the big key that was in her hand and she sweat dropped thinking that the key could leave. So, the key vanished with pink sparkles and Sakura almost fell to the ground Cloud caught her. Yuffie saw that Sakura fell to the ground and she then asked, "Want Cloud or Leon to carry you back to the Inn?"

As Yuffie asked that, Leon and Cloud glared at Yuffie and Cloud let go of Sakura as she fell back to the ground.

Yuffie then saw that Sakura was on the ground again and she said, "Here, I'll help you stand up. Man, those two are such a drag. All they do is just sit there and just stare. It just gets on my nerves."

Yuffie then placed her hand out so that Sakura could grab it and she said, "Thanks Yuffie."

"No problem," said Yuffie, "Besides, it's not like those two to help out anyways. Too quiet. Argh! It gets on my nerves you know. The three of them including Aeris who is JUST LIKE those two. They like never talk at all."

Half an hour later, of Yuffie still is talking to Sakura, Leon, Cloud, Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji followed behind in silence. Of course, Leon and Cloud where silent while Yuffie asked, "Hey, I forgot to ask what your name was. So, what is it?"

"I'm Haruno Sakura."

"Sakura huh?"


"OH MY GOD! I just love that name. So, I want to know, what's your favorite food? Anything?"
"Yuffie," said Leon, "We're finally at the Inn."
Yuffie then turned to Sakura and whispered, "They are such party kill joys. I mean, once something interesting gets started, they just ruin it with their silence. I swear. How you can stand it? I really can't. I mean, I love just starting up conversations because they are so cool and you're so cool. By the way. I forgot that we were looking for the silver haired guy. Whoopsie. I forgot. Oh, well."

"Wait," asked Sakura, "Kakashi-sensei is missing again?"

As Yuffie and Sakura walked in, Cloud and Leon heard what Sakura asked and they glared at Yuffie because she forgot the person that ran missing. Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji just walked in and they stood listening to what was going on. When they finally got inside, a girl in pink walked out and Yuffie said, "Oh hi Aeris. So, did you find anything exciting?"

Aeris turned to Yuffie and she shook her head no. Behind her was another girl in all black and Yuffie saw her. She said, "Oh hey Tifa. Did you find that cool silver haired dude because I really want to…"

"No," said Tifa, "I didn't find him. I had to look all around the Inn."

"Oh. I tried and hey, I couldn't find him either. Besides, at least I got some of the fun things down. It was so sweet."

"Sure," said Tifa, "Anyways, someone needs to tell Sakura about the reason on why she's here and I don't trust Yuffie because I just don't. So, who wants to say this?"

So then Aeris said, "Why don't you guys sit down?"

Sakura, Ino, and Chouji nodded and they sat down on the couch. Shikamaru just sat himself down without the gesture to sit down. So, Tifa asked Sakura, "Did you have any dreams?"

Sakura looked at Tifa and she said, "Well, if you must know, I've been having these weird dreams where I see black things attack a boy with a Keyblade and he had two friends by his side fighting them off. I mean, one was a duck and the other looked a weird type of dog and yeah. That's it. Why?"

"I thought so," said Tifa.

"What is it?"

"Oh. It's nothing that you need to know yet. Not right now. We might as well tell you guys the story about the first Keyblade wielder and how we met him and then we'll tell you what I think that your dreams actually meant. Well, so, the boy in your dream is actually Sora. You see, Sora is one Keyblade wielder and there were two others, the king and Riku. Both of them were very stronger. However, Sora is the most powerful Keyblade wielder in this world. Anyways, the story is that there is this organization called Organization XIII. There was also Maleficent who helped released the Heartless. Anyways, they sent out Heartless, or those without hearts out to try to destroy each of the universes that existed. They also wanted to get the princesses hearts so that they could open up the true Kingdom Hearts. So, anyways, they began to go after Sora because he was a Keyblade wielder and he went on a journey to find his friends and try to get them back home so that they could have a normal life. Well, of course, it took time, but Sora managed to actually be able to reunite with his two friends again. However, now the Heartless are on the run again and now Sora returned to fight off the Heartless with Riku and the King. They're traveling separately, meaning Sora is with Donald and Goofy, and Riku is with the King. However, right now, they're fighting off the Heartless to save all the worlds that will be destroyed soon. From some of the letters that I get, I heard that there's a new member with the Organization. We don't know who he is or anything. However, I found out some rather interesting news. Our friend here, Sakura, is the new Keyblade Master."

"What," yelled Ino and Chouji, "She is?"

"I'm not kidding. She is."

Sakura turned to Cloud and asked, "Why me?"

Yuffie put a finger on her chin and tapped it saying, "Well, I've got really no idea, but I guess we can kind of guess. There have to be some reasons, but for now. We don't really need to worry about it. Anyways, what we need to do right now is try to get the other kids back together and destroy the Heartless. Sakura, are you with us?"

"I'll go," said Sakura, "It's my duty and my destiny. I normally don't believe in this type of stuff, but I feel that I just need to do this. My heart for some reason is telling me. So, I'll go then."

The room fell to complete silence when Ino got up and said, "Alright, I'll go with Sakura and…"

"No," said Tifa interrupting Ino, "You cannot go. You need to stay here."

"Well," said Chouji, "I'll go."

"No. You can't go. You must stay here. Listen, you don't know about the war and we do. We need all the people here in Traverse Town as we can get. To help out those whose worlds were destroyed. I'll need help with protecting the Town. Aeris here, can explain to you guys about the battle in greater detail while Sakura's running out of time."

"Alright," said Shikamaru, "We'll stay. It's really to troublesome to actually go out there and actually be running out on the battlefield and besides, you won't be able to actually sneak on board a ship to actually help fight with Sakura. Also the reason is that it's much better to actually go in a small group instead of a big one because that way if something did happen then Sakura won't feel the regret of losing something and plus there ARE going to be more people that she'll have to look for because the rest of them went after Hinata. So, just stay here and not be annoying about this. This is something that Sakura needs to do and you can't tell her what to do and what she can't. Besides, this is her way of proving herself for her team and to herself."

"I guess then," said Ino, "We'll stay."

"Good," said Yuffie, "Alright Sakura, it's time to visit Cid to get our Gummi ship to travel with. So, let's go."

Sakura stood up from the couch and turned to Shikamaru and said, "Thank you Shikamaru," she looked at Ino and Chouji and said, "I'll miss you guys. Alrighty then. Let's go."

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