Ok I got the idea for this fic from the season 1 finale of Without a Trace so if it seems familar that is why. Of course I changed some things around to make them fit Miami and CSI. Obviously it is E/C since that is all I write!!

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When she offered to help Calleigh didn't imagine her act of kindness would turn into something she would probably never forget. All she had to do was return a cell phone to one of Eric's witnesses at her job and head home. But as always things never work out the way you plan them; which was why instead of being at home taking a relaxing bath she's playing peace maker to a man with a very loaded gun.

The situation had started out normal enough; she walked into the half empty café, found the witness, Jenny Walters and struck up a casual conversation. She thanked the young woman for her help and retuned her cell phone. It was right about then, Calleigh remembered, that things turned south. Even off duty her senses were on alert. She felt, before she saw, the agitated man enter the café. She could hear the change in Jenny's breathing when she caught sight of the middle aged man and saw the look of fear in her eyes when she realized she knew him.

Calleigh turned to look at the man, who seemed just as nervous as Jenny, scan the room, obviously looking for someone. He didn't say anything to anyone he simply stood there with his hands in his jacket pockets which sent her into alert mode. Suddenly the door to the kitchen opened and a man, who couldn't have been more than twenty five, stepped out to her right. Upon seeing him, the middle aged man reacted pulling out a gun from one of his pockets

Instinctively reaching for her own gun which wasn't there, Calleigh could only watch as the older man aimed his weapon poised to fire. Doing the only thing she could given her lack of a weapon Calleigh yelled "Gun" and scrambled to protect the nearest person.

The shock of having someone react so fast to his movements the middle aged man fired widely into the wall above the twenty five year old who could do nothing hit the ground and cover his head. The few patrons who were present scattered for cover screaming in fear.

Things seemed to get eerily quiet. All Calleigh could hear, besides the beat of her own heart, were the whimpers coming from the waitress Jenny as she shuddered next to her. Casting a glance in the direction of the door, Calleigh was surprised to see the middle aged man still present. In her experience, most would be attackers would have fled after failing to complete their objective or they would have began demanding money from the people present; this man, however he did none of those. He simply stood as if weighing his options.

Looking at all the scared people Calleigh made a split second decision and slowly rose from her position on the floor.

"Stay down" the man nervously yelled at her

Keeping her hands up, Calleigh kneeled on the ground "just relax" she said

"Nobody moves" he replied waiving his gun around

"Ok no one is going anywhere" she replied nodding to those around her to do as they are told "what's your name?" she asked turning her attention back to him

"Shut up" he yelled glancing at her.

It was obvious to Calleigh he hadn't seen her badge, which was still clipped to the waistband of her pants and clearly visible. "Why don't you put the gun down?"

Annoyed that she wouldn't shut up the man quickly turned the gun on her "I told you to shut up" he said.

It was at this point, after making eye contact Calleigh realized how nervous the man was. He was sweating profusely and his hand was shaking; which was by no means a positive sign. She also noticed his change in demeanor when he looked at her which told her he had finally noticed her badge on her hip.

"You're a cop?" he whispered

"I am" she calmly replied

"Good you arrest that piece of garbage on the floor over there" he said pointing his gun at the young man lying on his stomach, who he'd taken a shot at earlier.

"Scott didn't do it Mr. Johnson" Jenny screamed from her spot behind Calleigh

"I don't want to hear it" the man, now identified as Mr. Johnson screamed

"Mr. Johnson" Calleigh started

"Sam, you call me Sam" he replied never taking his gun off Scott

"Ok Sam, tell me why I should arrest him?" Calleigh knew the best thing at this point was to keep him talking. The fact that he had told her his first name meant she already had his attention and on some level had made a connection.

"He murdered my daughter"

"I swear I didn't" Scott yelled from the floor

"Shut up you just shut up" Sam yelled angrily jabbing the gun several times in the young man's direction

"Sam, Sam look at me" Calleigh yelled trying to get his attention back on her

Sam seemed to listen and looked at her, lowering his gun in the process

"This is not the way to go about this"

"No one would listen" he replied casting a glance in Scott's direction

"I swear Mr. Johnson he had nothing to do with it" Jenny pleaded

"Ok Jenny right now I need you to be quiet" Calleigh said over her shoulder never breaking eye contact with Sam

"But he didn't" replied Jenny

"Jenny" Calleigh chided

"How can you protect him? You were supposed to Ashley's best friend" Sam replied moving closer to them

"Sam look at me" Calleigh started "I'm listening and I want to help you but I need you to give me the gun"

Looking at his gun and then back at Calleigh, Sam contemplated his actions as Calleigh held put her hand out for the gun. He seemed ready to hand it over when sirens from approaching police cars spooked him.

Hearing the sirens herself Calleigh broke eye contact with Sam and for the first time noticed a lone patron who'd moved from hiding spot coming towards them

Following her eye movement, Sam began to turn and Calleigh took the opportunity to lunge towards Sam and the gun.

As the police positioned themselves outside the café a lone gunshot rang out.

TBC….Evil I know!! Now don't go thinking that because this is based on the episode from Without a Trace you know what is going to happen next! Of course it may but then again it may not!! Review it please