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As it turned out Hages was sleeping with the lady of the Coconut Grove house and he was indeed blackmailing her as he was all the other women he slept with. The women told them that Hages had placed a call to someone, became agitated and then left. A check on his luds confirmed that he had called Allison Winters and not the other way around as he had claimed.

"Huges we found your prints on a foyer table in the Winters home" explained Calleigh

"I told you I was sleeping with her"

"You also said you hadn't seen or been to her house in over a week. These prints were recent and I don't think their cleaning lady forgets to clean the tops of the tables" replied Eric

"We also have statements from several of the women you worked for stating that once you started an affair with them you blackmailed them. Told them if you paid them you wouldn't tell their husbands" added Calleigh

"Cute Mutt and Jeff routine" he muttered "Tell me" he said looking at Eric "you sleeping with her?"

Eric remained silent but he wanted nothing more than throttle the man.

"Take that as a yes" Stuger muttered

"Only Allison Winters didn't want to pay anymore so you decided to teach her a lesson" Calleigh continued ignoring Hages accusation

"I gave these women what wanted." He said looking right at Calleigh. "What they craved; what their husbands didn't give them. There is nothing hotter than sneaking around behind someone's back; makes the sex hot" Hages ranted "Wouldn't you agree?"

Calleigh continued to ignore him "We have a statement from one woman who said you threatened her with violence if she didn't pay you"

"It's all about lust and fulfilling each others need. Love is a crock. Hey man, tell me if I'm hitting any notes here" This time he turned to Eric and taunted him again.

"Mr. Hages" warned Calleigh. She was getting a little tired of his ranting.

"Bitch thought she was cute because she started banging Louis. As if I didn't know"

"So you tried to blackmail her on that too but she wouldn't go for it" replied Eric

"Yeah I heard Louis talking to her on the phone about how her husband would be out of town and he could go over. I called her and gave her one last chance to reconsider"

"You figured you could frame Louis and get rid of someone who didn't want to pay you"

"Yeah something like that" he replied nonchalantly

"You're a piece of work you know that?" spat Eric "Using women to make money. You're no better than a pimp"

"I just gave them what they wanted"

"And they owed you" finished Calleigh

"They didn't think twice about what they were doing until I mentioned their husbands"

"Well you'll have plenty of time to think about what you did; 25 yrs to be exact" said Calleigh who nodded to an officer to remove take Hages into custody.

"Guy thought he had all that answers to making a quick buck" Eric said as they watched Hages be lead away in cuffs

"He wasn't counting on Allison Winter putting her foot down" replied Calleigh

Later that night while they lay in bed Calleigh could tell something was bothering Eric. "You're bothered by what Hages said today aren't you?"

"He was right about us being together"

"But that is about it; unless you think this is all about lust and us acting like a couple of teenagers who feel like sneaking around?" she asked getting a little defensive

"What? No I don't think that"

"Look you know I am not good at letting people in and I trust you implicitly…"


"I don't think love is a crock"

Eric's heart swelled "Neither do I"

"But something he said upset you"

"I was him"


"I used to do the same thing; one night stands, I got what I wanted and then forgot about them. I just didn't take money"

"You're nothing like Hages" she replied propping herself up to look him in the eye

Eric looked deep into her eyes; the last person in the world who would lie to him was Calleigh and he could tell she was telling him the truth. Pushing a stray hair behind her ear he caressed her cheek. "This isn't just about lust"

"No it isn't" she replied before kissing him and letting him cover her with his body. "No" she thought "this was definitely more than just lust and to think it all started with an act of kindness"

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