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Pairings: Dick/Donna; Batman/Wonder Woman

Chapter Title: Forever In My Life

"I never imagined that love would rain on me/And make me wanna settle down/Baby it's true, I think I do/And I just wanna tell U that I wanna with U (baby, if U do 2)/And baby if U do 2/Forever, forever, baby I want U forever/I wanna keep U 4 the rest of my life (U can make right)/All that is wrong in my world (U are my saviour)/U can make right (U are my light)/U are my saviour, U are my light (Forever I want U in my life)/Forever I want U in my life" - Prince

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The Next Day, Christmas, Wayne Manor

Diana woke to the feeling of her husband's arms wrapped around her and rejoiced when she realized that the twins had actually managed to sleep through the night. Blissfully content, she snuggled deeper into his arms, glad that he had given Gotham only a few hours of his time last night, preferring to return to the confines of Wayne Manor and enjoy Christmas Eve with his family.

They had finally convinced the Grayson family to stay overnight in the Manor, hoping to have a family Christmas that included Bruce's adopted son and Diana's sister and all the children together. Bruce simply adored Dana and Diana had known all along that he wouldn't ask Dick and Donna to spend the night, hoping they'd simply make the decision themselves. She'd taken that choice out of his hands, asking her sister and Dick if they wanted to spend the night at the Manor and have a family Christmas, all together in one place, watching the kids unwrap gifts and most likely enjoying Dana's antics all the while. She was at that age where presents were actually more than just the excitement of ribbons and bows and all of them, including Alfred and Bruce, had enjoyed buying Dana a multitude of gifts.

She was certainly going to be spoiled, Diana mused, and wondered if Callia and Nicholas would receive the same treatment next Christmas, when they were a little older and could possibly appreciate their gifts. She knew that she would enjoy next year, waking up once again in her husband's arms and watching the kids wrap their pudgy fingers around the brightly colored bows and boxes, their faces wreathed in smiles.

She'd never celebrated Christmas at home on Themyscira, but she had adopted the tradition as part of her new home, enjoying the celebrations of friendship and family. The party yesterday had been about exactly those things. It had been nice to see the original seven members of the Justice League together again, now with spouses and significant others, even children all around and a few on the way.

She pictured Clark, his hand gently rubbing Lois' belly, a goofy smile on his face as he pictured next Christmas with their child. Knowing Clark, she mused, their apartment would be filled to the brim with Christmas presents. Or perhaps they'd be in Kansas, surrounded by Kara and the Kents enjoying the presence of their first grandchild; baking, caroling, and handing out homemade gifts or something of the sort. She'd met Clark's parents at her wedding to Bruce and had been charmed by the simplicity of the couple – that innate goodness that they'd radiated and obviously passed onto their son. He was a good man and Diana was happy that he and Lois had finally found the happiness they'd been seeking for so long.

Especially since she understood that sentiment, she mulled, having spent years trying to get Bruce to see the vision that she had of the two of them, of the happiness that she'd known would be theirs if only he'd accept it. He was a stubborn one, she thought, smiling softly and turning slightly to look into his sleep lined face. Even in repose, it was a handsome face, full of character and beauty, especially since she knew what intelligence and courageousness lurked behind the superficial features.

It hadn't been the face that she'd fallen in love with, but the man behind the mask, all the things that made him who he was, both as Batman and as Bruce Wayne.

And it amused her sometimes that the entire world thought that Wonder Woman was in love with a now former playboy billionaire. She understood his reasons for keeping his identity a secret, particularly as they had started a family, one that Bruce inherently felt the need to protect.

She thought about the night that they had decided to take their relationship public, even if the world hadn't known that they'd already been involved. Dick and Donna had been trying to concoct a story for their meeting as well, and finally, they'd stumbled onto the perfect scenario: a charity ball.

Diana and Donna had attended the Wayne Foundation charity ball together, graciously greeting the crowds while all the while sharing secret smiles and furtive glances. It was well-known that these two women of Themyscira were proponents of charity work, often having espoused the virtues of charity and of helping others. They'd entered the ball knowing that each of them looked amazing, having taken considerable time with their outfits in order to help along their mission of the evening.

And when Mr. Wayne and his adopted son, Mr. Grayson, had taken center stage in order to talk about that evening's charity, there in the audience, looking amazing and captivating the two men, were the Wonder sisters otherwise known as Diana and Donna.

Bruce's jaw had fallen open and he'd done a great job of displaying his open interest in the Amazon Princess while Dick had immediately straightened his tie while eyeing Donna. Cutting his prepared speech short, Bruce had walked into the audience and immediately solicited Diana for a dance, stating quietly (but just loud enough for the gossipmongers to hear) that he'd been waiting for a second chance ever since their dance in Kasnia that ill-fated eve.

Dick had followed hot on his father's heels, doing his best to charm Donna off her feet. From all accounts of that evening, he had succeeded admirably. It was said that from that evening on, the Wayne men were smitten, utterly head over heels for the Amazon sisters.

It wasn't far from the truth. They'd already been smitten, it was simply a matter of bringing it all out into the open for people to talk about and recognize. And from that day on, no one had looked askance at the relationship between these two couples, having seen the instant attraction and connection that had flared when their eyes had met across a crowded ballroom, that first blaze of lust that had faded into a steady flame of a true relationship.

Bruce's smile that night was one of Diana's favorite memories to curl up with and enjoy. To see a real, true smile on the face of Bruce Wayne out in public was a rarity and the fact that she, that their relationship, had initiated it, was something that still caused her insides to heat with passion and happiness.

Their first Christmas with everyone under one roof was simply icing on her cake. Yesterday had gone amazingly well – she'd enjoyed the sharing of the group and wondered if perhaps next year, they should invite the entire League or simply keep it a little more intimate, a little more private. Whatever they decided, it would somehow come together, just as this one had.

But for now, she was ready to greet the morning. Tilting her head, she began to nibble her husband's jaw line, taking pleasure in the slight graze of the stubble against her chin and lips. When his eyelids finally fluttered and his dark gaze landed on her, she smiled softly and murmured, "Merry Christmas, Bruce."

"Mmmm," he said, pulling her closer and wrapping his arms around her a little tighter. With a slight yawn, he looked down into his wife's radiant face, bathed in the golden light that streamed in from the windows.

"Twins?" he questioned and she understood his unspoken question.

"Slept through the night," she murmured. Feeling a series of soft kisses being laid on her neck as a hand swept away her hair, she shivered, savoring the sensations streaking down her spine; especially when the kisses were followed by Bruce's words of, "Perhaps I should wish you a Merry Christmas before we're interrupted."

At Diana's quiet assent, he began to love his wife throughout the early morning hours of Christmas.

Later, hair mussed and robes hastily tossed on, they made their way down to the nursery to see Alfred carefully watching Nicholas as he played with one of his toys on the floor of the room while Callia lay in the butler's arms, enjoying a bottle. The two made their way quietly into the room, not wanting to disturb the peaceful atmosphere. Diana walked over to Alfred and laid a hand on the older man's shoulder, watching her tiny daughter as she had her breakfast. Callia sat quietly, staring up into Alfred's face and Diana knew that her daughter could give Alfred no better present than her undivided attention for Christmas.

He had been ecstatic when they had announced the impending birth and had been the first to hold either twin after their births once the proud parents had finally relinquished them. The proud joy on Alfred's face was something that was imprinted in Diana's mind, particularly since she had witnessed that same joy of becoming a grandparent from Bruce when Dana had been born. It was an amazing experience, she assumed, when you realized that your child had a child of their own, that the torch had been passed onto the next generation.

Today, nothing, she knew, would please Alfred more than having three small children and all the rest of them gathered under the roof. Hearing footsteps padding down the hall, she smiled when she saw Tim walk into the room, hair spiky from his pillow and still looking like he was half-asleep, his typical expression early in the mornings.

He immediately joined his father on the carpet with Nicholas, watching the baby's pudgy fingers play with his toy, gurgling sounds echoing from Nicholas's throat. Diana hadn't been sure how Tim would take to having two babies in the house, but to her happy surprise, he had been pleased not only by their relationship, but by having the twins around. Part of her was certain it was because the babies deflected Bruce's attention, but she also thought that a part of it could be loneliness as well. She watched Tim laugh at the baby's antics and smiled at the sound.

Within moments, another set of heads popped their way into the nursery, towing along a frantically excited Dana, eager to open her presents, her eyes wide with enthusiasm and anticipation. She immediately rushed into the room and jumped onto her Grandpa Bruce's lap, giggling and chattering away in a language that no one could quite understand, finally getting to her feet and trying, stubbornly, to drag Bruce toward the door so they could go downstairs.

Following their daughter, Dick turned to Donna and whispered in an aside, "You'd swear she was more his than ours."

Donna just gave her husband a laughing glance in return and took his hand, leading him to the stairs, her eyes glowing with the same excitement that had been in her daughter's. Diana left Callia in Alfred's capable arms, knowing that they would be down shortly and turned her attention to Nicholas, scooping him up into her arms and laughing when he immediately began to pull at her hair, the long ebony locks down and free.

Descending the stairs with Tim at her side, she could see the glow from the tree in the living room downstairs and wished she could have seen Dana's face when she had seen all the gifts that had been gathered underneath the tree. Beside her, Tim was trying to look grown up and serious, but failing miserably under the Christmas spirit was that getting positively infectious throughout the house, especially when Dana's giggles erupted through the room, followed by a loud shaking sound that could only mean she was taking the presents for a test drive before opening them.

Entering the room, she saw Dick and Donna perched on one of the sofas, their eyes eating up the sight of their daughter's happiness. Making her way towards them, she motioned for Tim to join her on a couch opposite her sister and her husband. Bruce was sitting on a leather recliner, watching his granddaughter eye up all the presents, wondering how many of the pretty boxes and bows belonged to her. Tim surreptitiously cast his eye over the presents, trying not to let anyone notice that he too was making a survey of the presents under the tree, noting how many times he saw his name appear on a name tag.

Looking at the happy family gathered around her, Diana smiled, one arm filled with Nicholas and with the other, she placed her hand on Tim's shoulder, enjoying the quietly excited look on his face. Meanwhile, Dana was pointing stubbornly at one of the larger boxes, her little face getting red with exertion from bouncing around and gesturing at her father to let her open it. Patiently, he pulled her into his lap and said, "We have to wait for Great-Grandpa Alfred and Callia, honey." Eyeing her indignant expression and then his adopted father, he added, "Wonder who she gets her stubborn nature from."

Bruce simply smiled.

Hearing footsteps, they all looked over to see Alfred, Callia in his arms, enter the room and take a seat in another leather recliner. Dana immediately pushed out of her father's arms and jumped to the floor, rushing over to the present she had been trying to open before and throwing her arms around it. "Me?" she asked and, laughing, Donna said, "Yes, sweetie, it's for you," and watched as her daughter immediately, without any hesitation, began tearing the wrapping paper from the present, filling the air with scraps of ribbon and paper in her haste to open the gift. They all laughed and then Bruce reached down and handed Tim a present, knowing that there was just enough kid in him to want to copy Dana's actions and tear into the gifts.

With a sigh, Diana looked around at her family. Looking down at Nicholas for a second and smiling, she leaned over towards the tree, handing her sister a gift, her eyes lighting up as she watched the way that Donna unconsciously rubbed her belly, at the protective and loving arm that Dick had around his wife. The happiness in the room was practically palpable and she couldn't help but marvel at how far they had come, at all they'd each overcome in order to be here, at Christmas, with each other.

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