Title: Shockwave
Rating: PG
Author: MacGateFan
Disclaimers: All Stargate Atlantis characters belong to the Sci-Fi Channel, MGM Studios, and others who aren't me.

John Sheppard expected a shockwave; he just didn't expect one so big. He held onto the controls, but it didn't help as the impact forced him to be slammed against the console. He gasped out in pain as his ribs protested.

"That definitely can't be good," he muttered. John began thinking of descending safely back to Atlantis, but the Jumper wasn't listening to that particular command. In fact, it was heading straight to the mainland.

Another shudder caused him to slam not only his chest, but also his head against the console. How he did that he wasn't sure. John just knew that he was fighting to stay conscious. The broken rib was not helping him to breath.

Okay, he had to find a place to land and hope the Jumper would listen to his commands. Besides, the Athosians were down there; they would be able to get a message to Atlantis if the communications system was out of commission.

His ribs protested at every breath as he attempted to pilot the disabled Jumper. He knew the landing wasn't going to be pleasant and it seemed as though his body was inclined to agree with him.

The last thing John thought of as he lost consciousness was how far he'd crashed from the Athosian settlement.

"John, this is Atlantis, please respond."

Grodin shook his head. "I'm afraid the Jumper never reappeared on our sensors, Dr. Weir."

Elizabeth stared at him. "What are you saying, Peter?"

"I'm sorry," he replied.

"Elizabeth, this is McKay, what's going on?"

She took a deep breath. "Rodney, we haven't picked the Jumper up on the sensors. We've been unable to contact him either."

Without waiting for a reply from the scientist, she told Grodin she was going to meet Carson in the infirmary. "Dr. Weir!" he exclaimed before she had a chance to move. "There's a transmission from the Athosians!"

"Put it through." At Grodin's nod, she spoke up. "This is Elizabeth Weir."

"Dr. Weir, it is Halling. Jinto saw a ship of the Ancestors falling from the sky not too far from here. We are going out to check on survivors, but I thought you would want to know about it."

Elizabeth smiled. "Thank you, Halling. Major Sheppard is in that ship. We were very worried about him when we lost contact. I'll be sending some of my people out to help."

"Then we will see you shortly."

John's protesting ribs snapped him back to reality. Looking around, he was surprised to see that the Jumper was relatively in one piece, albeit a mess. Communications, however, was a lost cause at the moment.

John decided to catalogue his injuries. Noting the pain in his head and dizziness, he diagnosed a minor concussion. He could tell at least one rib was broken (the fact that it was threatening to poke a hole in his lung proved that). There might even be a few bruised ribs as well.

John gingerly stood up and walked over to the first aid kit. He was figuring out how he was going to put the bandages on when a wave of dizziness attacked him and dropped him to his knees.

He moaned as the force jarred his ribs. Nausea crept over him and his eyelids began to droop. He could almost hear Carson telling him not to fall asleep. As John closed his eyes, he realized it was more than just a minor concussion.

When John woke up, pain was emanating from his chest and head. He carefully rolled onto his back, wondering why he was so uncomfortable. Upon opening his eyes, he remembered.

"Jumper One. Best damn ship in the Pegasus Galaxy. Although we should really think about carpeting the floors. Snap out of it, John! You need to focus! They are not going to find you if you don't get communications back up."

John never thought he'd ever miss Rodney McKay!

When he was finally standing, he noticed how hot it was. "Crap. Environmental controls must be screwed up too!" John muttered as he went to open the back hatch.

The wind blew wildly through the Jumper and he immediately felt himself shivering. Ignoring the cold, he sat down. "Okay, time to get this bird working again!"

However, all he wanted to do now was sleep. "Just for a few minutes…"

"Jinto, you must stay here."

He looked over at Teyla and the others before he responded, "Please, Father, let me come! John is my friend. When I was lost, he found me."

Halling smiled. "Very well, son. Is everyone ready?" At their nod, they headed out. "We believe the ship crashed near our hunting grounds."

"Did there seem to be any damage to it?" Ford asked.

Jinto shrugged. "I only saw smoke trailing from it."

"Oh, that definitely can't be good!"

"Don't be so pessimistic, Rodney," Carson said. "This is Major Sheppard we're talking about. You remember he survived that iratus bug."

"Dr. Beckett is right. If anyone can survive this, it is him," Teyla said with a smile.

Ford couldn't be certain, but he may have heard Rodney mutter, "Lucky bastard."

About fifteen minutes later, Rodney was about to make some comment about the distance when Jinto cried out, "Over here!"

"Stay there, son. Let Dr. Beckett do his work."

Carson nodded a thank you to Halling as he stepped in to the Jumper. He sidestepped the equipment that was all over the floor, noticing John's wild hair peeking from behind the pilot's seat.

"Major," he said, moving next to the man. Even in his current state, Carson could see the lines of pain on his face. He began his exam, checking to see if he would be able to move him.

"What a mess," Rodney muttered, taking it all in. "This is going to take some time to fix!"

"Dr. McKay, I believe Major Sheppard is more important than this ship."

"Teyla's right," Ford said with a nod. "So quit your bellyaching about having more work to do. Besides, you'll just delegate it to Dr. Zelenka."

Rodney shrugged. "True."

"How is he Dr. Beckett?" Teyla asked.

Carson looked up at her. "He's not breathing too well, probably due to a broken rib or two and he has one nasty bump on his forehead. I was just about to try and wake him because I want to make sure he doesn't have any back or neck injuries."

"Major Sheppard."

John heard Carson's voice, but he was confused. Usually when he was in the infirmary, besides pain, he would be able to feel the warmth of the bed. He decided the best way to find out was to open his eyes.

"Hey, Carson."

"Bloody hell, Major! Took you long enough to wake up, I was getting a wee bit concerned."

"Sorry," John laughed. He immediately regretted it. "Oh yeah, broken rib."

Carson called out for Rodney. "Is this going to be a quick fix do we need to call Jumper Two? The Major cannot walk in his current condition."

"Carson, are you mad? It's going to take time to even go over what Sheppard did to my Jumper and then I have to…"

"That would be a no, Carson," John replied. "And Rodney, shut up because my head hurts."

Rodney just glared at him as Carson contacted Atlantis.