Sakura sighed dreamedly"Sasuke is so dreamy."Hell yeah!He's HOT!Inner Sakura bellowed

"What's with girls and Sasuke,Why do you like that kind of guy who hates everything."Said Naruto in an annoyed tone

"Because I can,That's why!"said Sakura also in an annoyed tone

"What ever!"Naruto walked away very annoyed and jealous of Sasuke's popularity.

"Now where's Sasuke."Said Sakura. trying to find Sasuke,Sakura looked everywhere,But the Uchiha was nowhere to be seen,So she tried the training ground. It took awile to get there but Sakura made it. When she finnaly got there,Sasuke was there to.

"Oh!Sasuke!I want to ask you something!"Said Sakura rushing to the Uchiha.

Sasuke turned around to see his number one fangirl,Sakura Haruno"What."Sasuke snapped

"I wanted to know If you wanted to go and do something together."Sakura said blushing.

"No."Said Sasuke coldly.

"Oh..Ok some other time then."Replied Sakura sadly'CHAAAA!SAY YES TO ONE OF THOSE QUESTIONS AT LEAST!'Said a frustrated Inner Sakura

Sakura Sighed"When will you say yes to one of those questions?"Asked Sakura.

The Uchiha remained silent.

Breaking the Ice Kakashi appered in a storm of leaves

"HEY YOU'RE LATE!"Said Sakura and Naruto in unison

"Well a black cat crossed my path so I had to take the long way."Said Kakashi Eye smiling"Okay,today's going to be a little diffrent,We're going to train with Team Gai."Announced Kakashi

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!NOT BUSHY BROW!"yelled Naruto and,suprisingly,Sakura together

"YOSH!Sorry we're late."Exlaimed Gai and Lee."Sakura!My beautiful and Springful flower,I appoligize for keeping you waiting."Said Lee blushing and blew a kiss to Sakura,Unfotunatly for Lee,Sakura dodged the kisses.

Neji sighed"Lee,stop acting like an idiot."said Neji slapping the back of lee's head

"I agree with Neji."Said Tenten.

"Who the hell are you."said Sasuke pointing to Neji

"My name is Neji Hyuuga,and I presume you're Sasuke Uchiha."declared Neji

Sakura took a good look at neji and blushed'Gawd,He's cuter that Sasuke.'Inner Sakura had hearts in her eyes and was blushing up a storm.

"Hey,Are we gonna train or stand around and talk all day?"asked Tenten

"We're gonna train."Stated Naruto

"Well Gai,Let's leave these kids to train."Said Kakashi lazily.Gai nodded and they dissapered in a storm of leaves.

Tenten threw a kunia at Naruto and hit him dead in the sholder,while Sakura threw a Kunia at Neji,who easily evaded it.'He's good.'

"Hmph."Neji huffed and activated his Byakugan.