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Oh, and the song/poem lyrics are by . . . ME!

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Dance With Me

She smiles as her small body sways easily in response to the beautiful music flowing from the radio. Her violet eyes drift closed as she lets the music flow straight through her. It's so beautiful; peaceful. She knows that he is watching, but she doesn't stop. She doesn't care, because when she's like this, she feels free. He always watches. From a distance, she can feel him. And she knows that the music calms him, too, or else he wouldn't sit there and watch her every night.

But he does.

And he smiles.

Whether it is from the music of the slow, beautiful sway of her body, she doesn't know. But it makes him smile, and anything that can make him smile after a long, hard day, it's worth it.

She never tells him that she knows he watches her. But she wants to change that. She wants him to dance with her . . . tonight.

Tonight, I want to feel free,
As I sway, I know you're watching.
But tonight, for just one time,
Won't you please . . . dance with me?

She stops dancing and turns the music low. Then, she walks toward him. He is sitting on a park bench, his head in his hands, as he listens to the music flowing gently through the September air. She smiles as she reaches out and takes his hand in hers. He looks up in surprise, and she whispers quietly,

"Dance with me."

"Rukia . . ."

She smiles again and tugs gently on his hand. She can see the uncertainty in his eyes and hear it in his voice. And she wants to make him feel free, too.

"Please, just tonight, dance with me."

Finally, he lets a ghost of a smile filter across his face as he stands to his feet and grips her small hand tightly in his.

"I'm not sure how to, but I'll try, OK?"

And she just nods and leads him over to the music in the middle of the beautiful park. Colorful leaves are splashed across all the trees, and the gentle wind that flows through them makes it seem like a sea of colors.

And it's a beautiful night as she shows him how to hold her and wraps her own arms around his neck.

Just tonight, for just one time,
Smile pretty as we dance along.
I'll show you, I'll guide you gently,
Just hold me tight and never let go.

He's a little clumsy at first and steps on her feet several times, but she shows him how to move and how to just let the music take control and guide him. As they dance, his grip around her waist tightens, and she lays her head on his chest.

And they both want it to last forever.

But it can't. They can't. Nothing can. Everything comes to an end . . .

But he will do whatever he can possibly do to make her feel like she can dance forever, and maybe, just maybe, he can be there with her.

"Thanks," she whispers quietly as the music begins to slow. He nods and they continue dancing, never moving out of step. Each move they make they make together, and he finally closes his eyes and lets it flow through him.

And he feels free, too.

Don't go, don't leave me all alone.
Don't stop holding me tight.
I'll try for you, I'll try forever,
I'll try and follow your footsteps tonight.

"Dance with me."

He smiles as he remembers her soft, kind words. And he smiles as he kisses her hair softly and says,

"I'll dance with you forever."

In case you couldn't tell, the two characters were Ichigo and Rukia.

NOTE: This is a ONE-SHOT collection, and as such, I will be updating once a week or more. :D

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