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"Honey?" I called as I opened the front door to our apartment.

"In here," Mark called back, his voice coming from small living room. I faintly heard the sound of some sports game on the T.V. in the background. I took my key out of the door and walked down the short hallway to the kitchen, dropped my bag on the table, and then went out the other kitchen door and into the living room, where I gave Mark a kiss on the top of his head.

"How was school for you today?" I asked as I went around the edge of the couch to sit next to him.

"It was okay," he answered with a shrug, not bothering to take his eyes off the football game. "How was it for you?"

"It was just like usual," I answered glumly. He finally tore his gaze away from the T.V. set and gave me a sympathetic look.

"Did you see another Edward look-alike again?" he asked sympathetically.

"I have one in my composition class," I complained. "He sits in the front, right in front of the professor, so I can't help but see him," I complained.

"It'll get better," Mark promised, and gave me a quick kiss. "It's getting better for me all the time." He gave me a hopeful smile and then turned his attention back to the game. I stood up and went to go start supper.

As I cooked, I found myself thinking about Mark and I again. We were married, yes, but we didn't get married out of love for each other. It was more of a, "Get-my-parents-off-my-back" type arrangement. We had both loved someone else, and both of our hearts were broken. We understood each other, we understood the pain that we both felt at losing our loves, our futures, and we could connect with each other well. We were both very much alike, in more ways that one.

Mark is quiet and shy, and doesn't connect well with others. He prefers reading a book to talking to anyone, so I suppose you could call him a nerd. He's very studious and gets some of the best grades in our classes. He isn't very popular, as you may imagine, and that was what killed him.

Mark had loved a girl named Alisiya. She was perfect for him, or so he claimed. She was wonderful and funny and smart and beautiful, and any other perfect adjective you could think of. They were going to get married… and then she found someone who was more popular than Mark. Mark was too quiet, too shy, for her popular views. She left him, and broke his heart almost as much as Edward had broken mine.

I, of course, loved Edward. After the Italy incident, he promised that he would never leave me. He told me that he loved me. But he lied, again. He left because he was afraid that he would hurt me, or that once Carlisle changed me that I wouldn't stay with him, or any other stupid reason that he could come up with. He didn't really explain it to me. I don't think he even explained it to his family. I think he really left because we found out there was no way to go around the treaty. They couldn't bite me without starting a war, and he didn't want that to happen, so he left. I would have gone after him, still would have asked Carlisle to change me, if it weren't for the fact that it would start a war. I didn't want to do that to the Cullens, so I just told Carlisle to forget about it.

All Alice could tell me about Edward was that he wasn't going to come back. At least this time he didn't take his family with him. Alice was the only reason why I didn't go jump off a cliff… a real one with no water at the bottom. I had no will to live, but Alice kept me going. She and Esme were there the entire time for me. Carlisle kept reminding me to do things like eat and drink so that he wouldn't have to hospitalize me, Emmett would try to cheer me up, Jasper would try to help cheer me up using his power, and Rosalie even tried to help. She and Alice would take me on shopping trips, shopping trips which I didn't want to go on, but still did without complaint because I had no will to fight. But Alice and Esme were the most help. Alice and Jasper attended Peninsula Community College with me, and I would go over to their house to do homework. They explained that Edward went to some good college in the Midwest, so that anyone who asked didn't think that he'd left me again. Charlie even bought that story, though he was a bit suspicious when I returned to my zombie state for a week or two. I just explained that I missed Edward, and he softened up a little.

"Touchdown!!!!" The announcer on T.V. shouted, startling me out of my thoughts. I glanced in to the living room for a moment before looking at the potatoes I was cutting. I decided that they were small enough and threw them in the pot with the broth, meat, and other vegetables. I moved the pot over to the stove and turned the burner on high.

While I stirred I fell back into my thoughts. I had met Mark in my Art Appreciation class at Peninsula Community College. We had an assignment to go to a museum with a partner that the teacher picked. Mark was my partner, of course. We failed that assignment. We were too busy talking to look at the art. We figured out that we had a lot in common, and I actually enjoyed spending time with him. The class ended, along with the school year, and I didn't see him again until school started again.

He looked me up and came to my house. Charlie was suspicious, naturally, and when I didn't tell Mark to go away, that's when Charlie finally realized that Edward wasn't coming back. He called Renee, she and Phil came to visit, and they yelled at me for lying to them. They told me to move on with my life, to find someone else. "I told you so," got repeated a lot in reference to Edward leaving, I cried a lot, my parents ganged up on me, and they both insisted that if I didn't move on that they would make me go see a shrink. So I moved on. At least, I made them believe I did. Mark's parents were trying to tell him that he needed to move on too, so we agreed to get married to appease our parents. We smiled for the photos, acted happy on our wedding day, had an okay honeymoon to Europe (his parents helped pay) and then we returned to college in time for the second semester to start.

I've been married to Mark for almost two years. We're now at Washington State University. We don't love each other, not like we should. Our honeymoon was more of a sightseeing vacation than a honeymoon should be, and our intimate relationship is practically nonexistent. We kiss, we sleep in the same bed, I'm now Mrs. Isabella Marie Kingery, and that's about it. Everyone thinks we're happy, everyone except the Cullens, because they know me better than that

The Cullens don't know where I am. We figured this was for the best, since the Volturi would be looking for me at one point or another. If Edward was correct, they won't be able to find me while I'm on my own. If I'm not with the Cullens, and the Cullens really don't know where I am, then the Volturi won't have any idea where to look. Alice gave me a cell phone, that they were paying for, of course, and made me promise to call at least once a week, or whenever I needed help. I accepted it, but only because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. She understands the need for me to stay away and the need for my location to remain a secret, but that doesn't mean it made it any easier on her. I know she misses me, just as much as I miss her. And I miss her like I've never missed anyone before-except Edward. But it didn't kill me to leave her. It was close, but I survived.

The timer beeped for the soup, and I stirred it a little longer before turning off the burner and moving the pot over. I took out two bowls and filled them, added a spoon to each, and carried them into the living room. I gave one to Mark and kept the other for myself. I watched the rest of the football game with Mark and ate my soup before going to work on my homework. Mark did the same. It was our routine, and we were okay with it. This life was better than being alone, we both agreed, and so this was how we lived.

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