A silence so final echoes.
It resounds with Their final words,
Their voices ringing into oblivion:
Cries rising from the depths of Their heartless chests.
As Their kingdom fades from its nonexistence,
All proof but that in memories of those who Are, fades too.
Memories, naught but fragments of those who Weren't.

Nothingness: the essence of those who Aren't.
Eternal is the balance and the scales have begun to right themselves.

Space: defy the laws of existence and the barriers between worlds.
What world is Their home now?

Wind: howling fronts of power surging forth.
Calmed now and dissipated; energy spent.

Ice: the cold, unfeeling nature of those without hearts.
May They find rest in the embrace of Rime and Aufeis.

Earth: steady beneath those who walk upon it.
They were not a part of Nature's twisted plans.

Unknown: what can be more frightening that that which we do not know?
Their ultimate fate, as much as of those who Are…who can say what that is or was?

Moon: pale and looming companion to the night.
What better to light the Nothingness than the orb of borrowed light.

Fire: blaze of violence; destructiveness left uncontrolled.
Watch as Their plans burn away, the path irretraceable now.

Water: without it, no life could exist.
But what life can there be without a heart to guide Them?

Time: Watch the hands spin on and on toward the future.
But this progress of existence turned its back to Them.

Flora: beauty may be the fairest mask of power.
But despite thorns, They were as subjectable to wilting as those who Are and Were.

Lightning: Altering even the air around Them.
Yet Their brilliance lasted but a cruelly short chapter in the story of the worlds.

Light: shining brilliantly in the darkness.
Did They find it in the end?


Their memorial is lost to the Nothingness.

Spare a memory for those without hearts.
For those who Never Were.
For those who sought to become Whole.
For those who are Gone.