Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or any themes associated with The Santa Clause 3.

Story is set 19 years AFTER "The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause." Also, for the sake of my alternate universe, instead of having a baby boy, Carol and Scott have a baby girl named Angel. At this point in time, Jack Frost is warm and cheerful (due to the magical hug he received from Lucy) and is good friends with Angel.

(This story was dedicated to my friend Angel who I've since lost contact with. I will be keeping the character name simply because I do not wish to change very much about the plot. I'm simply editing the writing so that it is more grammatically accurate and so that the characters seem slightly more realistic.)

Note: thoughts are initalics

Side-Note: I will be referring to Mr. and Mrs. Claus by their original names: Carol and Scott. I find this to be an easier method to differentiate them from one another as "Mr." and "Mrs." are very similar identifiers.

Angel abruptly bolted up in bed, beads of sweat covering her forehead. She'd had this particular nightmare several times before but it never seemed to lose its sting. She took a few deep, calming breaths as she glanced around her room. It was just the same garish decorations she'd known as a baby – candy cane bedposts, gumdrop-shaped beanbag chairs, plastic reindeer bookends and lots of unnaturally cheerful décor. Frowning slightly, Angel slid out of bed and neatly folded over the sheets. She'd always hated how unavoidably bright and merry her life had been. Sure, she didn't find anything wrong with being happy every now and then, but it was as if the need to feel good was being forced down her throat. Ever since she found out that she was the daughter of the most famous holiday icon in the entire world, Angel had had a bitter taste in her mouth. She didn't want 'Santa's little Angel' to be her modifier for the rest of her life. She just wanted to be a normal child, just like anyone else.

Despite her own insecurities, Angel was a very attractive girl. Her shoulder-length hair was a striking auburn that contrasted beautifully with her bright green eyes. She was on the slightly curvier side due to her genetics, but she was far from fat. Her high brow bone gave her a bit of a striking look, although the softer features of her face were more than enough to convey her usually innocent nature. She'd been a bit of a rebel from time to time, but considering that she'd been a teenager, her parents hadn't punished her too severely. Now she was nineteen years old and nearing her twentieth birthday – a landmark in her life that she'd been anticipating for quite some time. It had been decided that once she turned twenty, Angel was free to leave home and pursue a career in the real world. For now, however, she was working part-time at the small North Pole bakery so that she'd be able to put herself through college in the States.

With an air of annoyance, Angel walked over to her closet and removed a ridiculously elf-like uniform covered in bells and little, ornate Christmas trees. She made quick work of slipping on the silly outfit, tights and all, and examined herself in the mirror. "Just another mundane day," she murmured bitterly, turning from the mirror and making her way down the stairs.

Angel made her way into the dining area where Scott, Carol and her best friend Jack were conversing quietly. Her spirits brightened slightly when she saw Jack – there was something about him that made her want to smile, whether it be because he was actually one of the kindest people she knew or perhaps it was because she thought he was incredibly cute. Either way, as she moved to sit down at the table, Jack pulled out a chair for her and allowed her to sit down. "Thanks, Jack," she replied, smile in place.

"Good morning, Angel," greeted Scott. "Morning, dad," Angel replied. "Morning, mom." Jack, who was smiling brightly, turned to her and chimed in, "how are you today?"

Shrugging her shoulders, Angel looked down at the plate in front of her. "I'm fine, I suppose," she replied, not really caring to go into detail of her nightmare. It always involved him and she was terrified that it might not be just a dream anymore. Shuddering involuntarily, Angel looked up and gave him the most reassuring smile she could muster. She didn't need to dwell on her dreams – that's all they were, after all: dreams. She pulled her plate even closer and began to nibble on her toast. Maybe if her mouth was full, they wouldn't try to play twenty questions with her.

Breakfast wasn't particularly eventful, although Jack was recounting a very interesting story from his last trip to the toy factory. Only listening halfheartedly, Angel was playing with her food when she suddenly jumped in her seat. "Oh, crap, I'm gonna be late for work!" she yelped, standing from the table and scrambling to find her purse.

"Would you like for me to take you on my snowmobile?" asked Jack as he began to stand up.

Grateful for the offer, Angel nodded. "Yes, thanks!" She finally grabbed her purse and, with Jack in tow, headed out the door.

Carol glanced over at the wall calendar before turning to Scott. "Doesn't she realize that she has Saturdays off?" Scott chuckled merrily and replied, "they'll find out soon enough."

Several minutes later, Jack and Angel arrived at the small shop only to see that it was closed. "Oh, right," Angel muttered, her cheeks turning a deep red. "It's Saturday, isn't it?" Smiling, Jack nodded. "Looks like we got a little ahead of ourselves, eh Angel?" Both reflecting on the rather silly mistake they'd made, they closed their eyes and laughed heartily. "Wow, I can't believe how dumb I am. Sorry I dragged you out here, Jack." Still grinning, Angel opened her arms as to offer him a hug. Chuckling, he leaned forward and squeezed her tightly. "It's alright, Angel. No harm done."

"Well then, since we're already out and about, would you like to go on a little trip?" Jack looked slightly concerned, although Angel couldn't quite discern why. She meant to ask, but thought better of it. Suddenly remembering what she was wearing, she looked down at her attire and rolled her eyes. "Hang out while wearing this nonsense? I think I'd rather try being a reindeer."

"Nonsense, Angel. You look fine." Jack seemed back to normal, but Angel still couldn't get over that almost dazed look that she'd seen in his eyes. It was almost as if he was hiding something from her – then again, she still didn't know why he was labeled as Jack Frost when absolutely nothing about him conveyed a sense of frostiness. True, he did live on the North Pole, but that still didn't explain why he was legendary figure for snow and ice – with his warm, rosy cheeks, bright smile and overall welcoming exterior she believed that perhaps it was a joke. She'd always wanted to ask him but feared that it would strain or even end their friendship and that was the last thing that she wanted.

Her desire to know more about Jack's past was so overwhelming that she couldn't possibly pass up this opportunity. Incredibly forced smile in place, Angel replied, "Sure, Jack. I'd love to talk." Without a moment's hesitation, Jack gingerly grasped Angel's hand and led her over to the snowmobile. Both of them seemed incredibly tense, but there was, without a doubt, a sense of true companionship between the pair – perhaps something more.

"Hang on tight!" The snowmobile roared to life as they rode off toward the toy factory and, ultimately, their fate.