Chapter 6

Raphael walked toward Dean, stiffening himself to make him look bigger and stronger than his opponent.

"You want to fight? Let's go."

Raphael swung a fist at Dean unexpectedly and made contact with his left temple. Dean fell back on Skye. She caught him and helped him up by his arm. Dean swung a punch back at Raphael and another right after. He dodged both and grabbed Dean in a headlock. Dean moved his foot over Raphael's and tripped the vampire, releasing his grip on the oldest Winchester.

Sam walked over to Skye who was kneeling on the ground. She watched the fight with tears in her eyes. Sam bent down next to her.

"Hey. What's wrong?"

She looked up at him.

"I don't know."

Dean kept on throwing punches, but Raphael dodged everyone. Every attack thrown at Dean was a direct hit. Dean was bleeding like hell and Raphael didn't have a scratch on him. The thing that nerved Dean was that he was an excellent fighter. How was he being beaten up so badly? Vampires naturally had super-human speed, but even though Dean knew it, he still fought back with as much strength and agility as he could.

Sam tried to break up the fight a few times, but Raphael kept throwing him away with invisible force. Skye still sat there weeping, not knowing what to do. Dean was getting tired, she could tell. His arms were getting weak, his skin becoming pale. One eye was shut completely from swelling. Raphael had now pinned Dean to the ground. He threw his punches so fast that Dean didn't have time to react. The pain was numbing him. He didn't know what was hitting him, or even that anything was hitting him. The only evidence he had of Raphael beating him was the smile on the vampire's face and the blood dripping from Dean's.

Skye couldn't take it anymore. She stood up and walked calmly over to Raphael. Her eyes turned a deep shade of orange that glowed wildly in the dark. The tears no longer trickled from her face. Instead, she wore an expression of anger. Her gloved hands wrapped around his collar. With incredible strength, she picked up the man and wiped him across the room. He fell into a stack of books and lied there limply.

She looked back at Dean as her eyes faded back to her brownish green hazel colour. Dean could barely move. He lied there peacefully as she bent down next to him and tugged off a glove. Placing it aside, she ran her healing hand across his bloody face. He shut both eyes from pain. He had gashes all over. She slowly guided her fingers across each cut, the light shinning as she did so. Skin carefully overlapped itself after Skye had touched it.

The swelling in his eye went down and the black-blue colour disappeared. Sam ran over to his brother. Dean came back to them, warmth in his cheeks again and light in his eyes once they opened. Skye bent down and gently kissed Dean on the lips. Her hands rested on the sides of his face. Pulling herself away, she put back on her leather gloves. Dean's head moved up, not wanting their lips to let go. Beads of blood still sat on the line of his hair.

"Feeling better", she asked.

Dean sat up tall.

"Never better."

They heard stirring from behind them. Raphael began to move. He stood up, knocking over more books as he did so. He walked over to them, readying for more.

"No, Raphael. That's enough."

Skye stood up. So did Dean. She grabbed Dean's hand and held on tight. Raphael smirked.

"Oh… what a tender moment. And what's this? Holding hands? Ha, ha, ha. You love him don't you? You love a human!"

"Shut up!"

Skye began to grow angry toward her old boyfriend.

"You are the farthest thing from human, yet you find them somehow attractive… or are you just using them to get what you want?"

"Shut up!"

"What do you see in him? What turns you on? What does he have that I don't… Oh yes, the ability to DIE!"


Skye dropped Dean's hand and moved toward Raphael. Her eyes flashed amber, only long enough for the vampire to notice. She walked slowly. Everyone was anxiously wondering what she would do to him. She pulled off her gloves and threw them to the floor. Her long leather coat was thrown off next, revealing her outfit; ripped, faded blue jeans, tall black boots, and a black top with sleeves that hung off her bare shoulders.

Her angry expression made it look like she wanted to beat him up, but instead, she did something completely unexpected. She pushed him up against the wall and surrounded him. Her arms wrapped around him as she pulled him close. They kissed passionately. Their lips never parted. They breathed heavily. He drug his hands slowly down her arms, forcing the sleeves down farther. She pushed his jacket off, but kept him pinned to the wall as they continued.

Jealousy burned in Dean as he watched Skye make out with a less-than-human thing. He began to walk forward, and then Sam put an arm out to stop him. Sam kept his eyes fixed on them. What was she playing at, he thought. Dean clenched his jaw and became tense.

Skye put her leg up by Raphael's side and guided his hand down it. He held her leg still. She then put a hand down her boot and pulled out a pocketknife. At this point Sam saw what she was doing. Dean kept his focus on her, completely in shock. How could she do this to him?

Skye pulled the knife up near her ear. By this time Raphael was too distracted by her neck to notice the blade. Both Winchesters assumed that she was going to stab him, but then she stuck it into her own skin and sliced it down her arm. Red liquid poured out. The sweet smell of human blood made the blood -thirsty beast look up from his business. He gave her a wide -eyed stare as she plunged it through his chest.

"Dead man's blood, bitch!"

Skye stepped back, letting him drop to the ground, gasping for air. Sam and Dean gave a sigh of relief. Skye went into her coat and pulled out a machete. The long blade reflected her devilish look as she thought of what she wanted to do with Raphael. She turned to him, holding the blade up high.

"Any last words?"

He looked up at her, clearly powerless after being poisoned by her blood.


He was shaking and his pupils were so big that you couldn't see the icy blue iris. Skye bent down to his level and whispered in his ear,

"For someone who knows so much about me, you don't have a clue. I knew dead man's blood would stun you and because of my healing…"

She paused.

"… I am the living-dead."

She stood up and repeated,

"Any last words?"

Her eyes flashed a deathly shade of orange. He gulped back tears and said in the softest and most sympathetic way that he could,

"I love you."

Skye hesitated as she thought over her feelings toward him. Anger and rage returned to her. Lifting the machete again, she brought down the heavy ax-like knife on his shoulders leaving him headless.

His head, with the same blank expression on it, rolled past her feet and stopped by the corner of the room. His face looked at him as if she had stolen more from him that his heart and his life. She took a deep breath and looked up at Dean who now stood next to her.

"What have I done?"

Her voice was calm, but her eyes showed sadness. Anger was still in her, but a small feeling of regret filled her. She put her arms around Dean and laid her head on his chest. Dean put one arm lazily around her as if he no longer cared for her, but he did.

"What's wrong?"

She moved away slightly to ask him. Dean stared into space.

"How could you do that to me? I thought… I thought you… liked me."

Skye moved away completely.

"I do. If there was anyone I'd give my heart to, Dean, it's you."

"Then why haven't you?"

Dean threw his arms up in the air to make him look macho.

"I have!"

"Oh yeah? It doesn't look like it! I just saw you tonguing some other guy, no, not even a guy, a vampire! You won't even let me near you! How am I supposed to be close to you if you keep this up?"

"Raphael was a boyfriend a long time ago and I gave myself to him foolishly. This time I was just trying to get close enough to him to stab him and weaken him. I seem to recall you not minding my interfering when I was able to save your ass! Why is this any different?"

"Because it is!"

"No it's not! How is it anyway?"

"It just is!"

"That's not an answer!"

"Says who?"

"Says me!"


Sam stood between them, holding his arms out to stop them from having another scream fest.

"Can we sort this out peacefully, or are you two going to get at each other's throats for the littlest thing?"

Dean fixed his jacket collar and walked to the door, giving Skye an angry look.

"I'll be in the car."

He headed out the door and slammed it shut behind him. Sam turned to Skye. She looked back at him attentively.

"Listen… I know what you are and I don't want you near my brother. Now, I don't know what your game is, but we don't want anything else to happen to our family. We've suffered enough."

"Sam… what are you talking about?"

"You know what I mean. How many people have you killed before this, huh? How many are you planning to kill? What does the demon want you to do with us? What has he set you up for?"

"Okay", Skye snapped.

"Okay, I'll tell you everything, but you have to understand… I am not evil."

Sam looked intently at Skye as she told the story. Time passed and Dean grew impatient. He honked the horn of the Chevy Impala. Sam and Skye looked at the window then back at each other.

"So… are we cool?"

Sam nodded.

"I guess."

He was about to open the door when Skye grabbed him by the arm and said,

"Sam… don't tell Dean… please."

Sam nodded again.


They opened the door and walked over to Dean who was waiting in the car.

"What took you so long", Dean questioned in an angry tone.

Sam got into the front seat as Skye sat herself in the back.


Dean dismissed Sam's response and started the car. They drove off into the night in complete silence.

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