Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight.

I haven't even read the whole book yet, so I'm using few ecerpts.

Italics: thought or emphasis

Bold: dream or flashback


Prologue: Hungers, Not Thirsts

My human impulses pounded more than ever as she bounded down the stairs in that inviting skirt and the blue top I found so irresistable. My breathing unsteadied for just a brief moment before she bounded right into me.

Right at the right spot.

I could feel myself rising and shifted uncomfortably. I held her, laughing so as to keep her suspicions at bay. I tried to act normal, trying not to give away a secret that would surely embarass me more than any of the others. I wondered if I would flush myself.

My secret... One I'd kept from my love so far. One I couldn't hold much longer.

I hungered for her. I longed for her. I needed her by my side in my bed, when I did all but sleep. I needed her warm, warm touch against my skin. I needed that scent beside me. I needed her eyes on me.

Oh, her eyes... Those longing, intuitive, loving eyes... Oh, did I need that...

I took a breath at the thought. I smiled at her as she looked up at me, that embarassment flushing on her cheeks. I couldn't resist. I had to lean down to her lips, longing for her smell, her taste. Just once, even... Just once, I wanted the taste of her mouth...

I realized with a disguised shock that I wanted the taste of her warm, wet mouth more than I wanted the taste of her blood.

I caught her in my arms, suddenly and gratefully distracted by my alarm at her fall. I laughed at her silliness inside, but I really was worried.


Later that night, I collapsed on my bed gratefully. Slowly, running the day's events through my mind, I let myself rise to an erection.

I wanted more than her blood...

I wanted to be inside her. I wanted to see the full-blown pleasure in her face. I wanted to see the flush in her cheeks. I wanted to take that virginity over and over until I came powerfully within her, and watch as she orgasmed, feel her tighten as she did.

I didn't notice my hand had slid down to my hard cock and was now caressing it longingly. I took a breath and had my way with myself in resignation. I was surprised I needed more once I was done. I knew what would satisfy me, and I wasn't about to admit it.

This was no longer a thirst. It was a hunger.