"Hi, welcome to Knight's Inn, what can I do for you guys?" The young woman behind the desk asked cheerfully.

"One room, please," Dean replied quietly, his tone sullen. Before she could ask, Dean slid an American Express card across the counter.

The clerk accepted the card and after a couple minutes of working on her computer, she looked up, "Alright, Mr. Porter, you're in room 174, down that hall to the left," she pointed, then continued talking, "If you could just sign here," she pushed the receipt and a pen towards Dean, indicating where she wanted him to sign.

Dean signed without saying a word, his mouth pressed into a thin line, a grim expression on his face. Once he was done, he pushed the receipt back, "Thanks," he muttered, grabbing his duffel from the floor.

"Have a nice night," she offered.

"Thanks, you too," Sam forced a smile before rushing off after Dean. Sam finally caught up as Dean was unlocking the door. "Come on, talk to me," Sam pleaded.

"Not now, Sammy," Dean warned. Once the door was unlocked, Dean swung it open and marched inside, dropping his bag on the bed closest to the door.

Sam sighed and resignedly dropped his bag on the empty bed.

Dean noisily rummaged through his bag, "Damn it," he muttered.

"What?" Sam asked curiously.

"Left my knife in the car, I'll be back," Dean strode over to the door and opened it swiftly. "Lock the door behind me," he reminded.

Sam nodded, following Dean to the door. He turned the deadbolt, and then sank back onto his bed, lost in thought. He had to come up with a plan, because if he didn't, he knew he was going to lose Dean too, and he wasn't going to let that happen. Sam was still lying on the bed, staring aimlessly at the ceiling when Dean returned.

"Sam, it's me...let me in," Dean called from the hallway.

Sam hurried to the door and peered through the hole, making sure it was Dean, then opened the door. He stepped aside so Dean could enter the room, and then shut the door, turning the deadbolt and putting the chain in place for the night. "Find it?" Sam asked, trying to make conversation.

Dean held it up so Sam could see before tossing it on the bed, "I'm going to take a shower...don't let anyone in," Dean warned.

Sam nodded, "I know," he assured.

Dean nodded, grabbed a gun from his bag, and then headed into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

Sam shook his head, grabbed the remote and sat down on the edge of his bed. He passed the next 15 minutes channel surfing, not really paying attention to what was on the TV. He'd try to get Dean to talk to him after he was done showering, maybe the shower would help relax Dean's nerves a little, help him loosen up. Sam turned the TV up, trying to block out his thoughts; however, as he was flipping he heard muffled sobs coming from the bathroom. Sam quickly muted the TV, listening intently. Yes, he was sure of it, they were quiet, but someone was definitely crying.

Sam stood and tentatively walked over the closed door, "Dean?" he called worriedly.

The sobs stopped.

"Are you okay?" Sam pressed, his head resting against the smooth wood of the door.

A short pause, then Dean's strained voice seeped through the cracks, "Yeah, I'm fine. Nothing's wrong," Dean managed before clearing his throat.

"You sure?" Sam pressed, "Because someone was cry-" he began to explain, but Dean quickly cut him off.

"I'm positive, Sam. Would you leave me alone? I'm trying to shower and it's a little hard with you yapping through the door constantly!" Dean retorted, a hint of annoyance slipping into his tone.

Sam sighed, "Fine," he surrendered, "I'll talk to you later," he added, making sure to let Dean know he wasn't finished.

"Thank you," Dean replied, aggravated.

Sam stayed pressed against the door for another moment thinking, then slowly began the short walk back to his bed with one thought echoing in his brain, Dean, the one guy who never lost it and who he'd only seen cry at their Dad's funeral, had not only been crying, but sobbing.

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