Save Me

Save Me

Author: dress up romance xx

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Summary: NONMAGIC! After his parent's death, Harry is given over to his only remaining relatives. But his drug-addicted uncle sells him to a child sex-ring for drug money, leaving Harry alone in the world of prostitution, drugs, and abuse. After 19 years of being someone else's property, Harry escapes his dirty past. Can he hide from them for long? HPDM!!

Authors Note: So, I kind of have a really good idea for this chapter. We may get some DRACO and HARRY time! I'm not sure yet. I really don't want to rush their relationship, I already feel like it was rushed at the beginning. A lot is going to happen in this chapter though, so buckle up and ENJOY THE RIDE!!


I need a little time, to see what you're made of
I know whats on your mind
You're headin' straight for love
Let's not rush, you're moving way too fast
We can figure it out, we can make this last
We don't have to be so serious
You need to
S l o w d o w n
Aly & AJ


It was now a half hour past twelve and Lucius Malfoy was still awake. Draco cursed his father for pushing his departure back. The elder Malfoy was reading over something in his study, making notations in his little black book and clicking his tongue every so often. Just as Draco thought his father would never turn in, Lucius rose from his chair, turned out all the lights and made his way to the room he shared with his wife. Draco waited ten or so minutes, to make sure he heard his father's snoring before returning to his room. Blaise was asleep on his bed, trying to get as much rest prior to their escape so he wouldn't be a zombie the whole trip. Draco still couldn't believe he actually convinced Blaise to help him get another guy. He knew how much Blaise liked him and he was surprised Blaise hadn't damned the idea. But nonetheless, his childhood best friend stood by his side when it came to all his crazy ideas, so why not this one?

Draco chose to take this time to make sure they had all they were going to need. In his duffle bag, he had his phone, his father's keys to the family Lexus, two wallets full of money, a bottle of water, directions to and from the Weasley's home, a wig, three changes of clothes, a make-up kit, and a box full of fake piercings. Blaise's bag was pretty similar to his own, except he didn't have any make-up in his. They had pretty much everything they were going to need, so he decided it was the right time to wake his friend.

Blaise was a good looking bloke. His brunette hair was sexily tousled in front of his eyes, a little messed up now from his slumber. He had auburn eyes that could nearly make a man melt upon seeing them, especially when they were paired with that devious grin he almost always wore. From his tan skin to his perfectly chiseled jaw and high cheek bones, you could easily tell he was wealthier than most and loved to flaunt it. Draco had always been attracted him, wondering what it would be like to just kiss him, but he never did. Something he couldn't understand held him back from doing it up until now, now it was Harry who kept him from leaping into Blaise's open arms. Harry was just so damn cute and beat Blaise's sexy appeal without even trying. But still, he couldn't help but wonder if those lips were as soft as they looked. Snap out of it! Draco smacked his own cheek, blushing at the fact he was starring down at his own friend and getting turned on.

"Blaise!" Draco called out once, but the other teen didn't move at all. So he called out again. And again. Twice more he called out, but it was useless. So, he did the only thing he thought would work. Draco plopped down onto the bed beside Blaise and leant close to the others neck and began to place delicate kisses upon it. Blaise instantly stirred and he let out a soft moan before turning to meet Draco's lips. This wasn't what Draco intended upon doing, but something in him snapped. It felt so good to kiss someone; he hadn't in so long that he'd begun to feel like a leper. Blaise seemed to reciprocate the feelings of needing this kiss but Draco had to break it. What was he doing?! He wanted HARRY! Not Blaise! He'd devised this whole secret mission to get Harry and all of the sudden he was making out with Blaise on his bed. "We leave in five, get ready."

"We're still going," Blaise asked groggily. "But why?"

"What do you mean why? We spent all this time planning how everything would go down and all of the sudden; you think we're just not going? Blaise, be honest with yourself."

"I just thought…well, I mean we just…you know. I guess it didn't mean what I thought it did."

"Exactly. Now, come on. Stop wasting time, we've already done enough of that."

Blaise just obeyed the command; there was no point in arguing. He knew he wasn't going to win this one.


Harry was up, once again, because sleep just could not find him. It was early, he didn't know how early, but the sun wasn't out yet. The sky was a pinkish color, so he could only assume he'd be able to get to watch the sun rise. In the time he'd spent at the Weasley home, he'd spent most of his mornings just like this one. Wandering the grounds, looking for somewhere to sit and think. He liked to reflect how the previous day went and what he wanted to come out of the new day. Like yesterday, now that was an experience.

First off, Ginny had been all over him the entire day. She had this huge crush on him and it was flattering, but he just couldn't bring himself to tell her that he wasn't really interested. It wasn't that she wasn't beautiful or that he wasn't sexually attracted to her, because he was, very much so. No, it was the fact that he couldn't get over himself and how she'd react to him when she saw what he really was. He knew, that in a matter of no time she'd see him for exactly what he was: sloppy-seconds. He didn't want to get attached to her and wind up being disappointed and heart broken when she left him. He wasn't readily going to set himself up for heartache; he'd had enough of it already in his short life.

Then, Hermione finally admitted to her pregnancy. She told them she was about three months along. Everyone was all over her, asking millions of questions about whether or not she knew the gender of the baby or if it was twins. She refused to give out any information; she told them it was going to be a surprise.

It was so exciting being involved in something as special as pregnancy, Harry felt lucky to be with them all. But, lately his mood had dropped. While he saw how happy the Weasley's were, he realized how fucked up his life actually was. This little running away idea had been great at first, but it was becoming quite obvious that he couldn't run for long. Marcus would find and kill him, sooner or later. He already had a strange feeling that Marcus had found Tom and his girlfriend. But that didn't really concern Harry, seeing as they'd been lying to him all along.

One thing that seriously ate away at him was Draco. Every damn day he thought about that stupid, self centered blonde and each day he found another reason to hate him. But his heart wouldn't agree with his brain. He'd fallen for Draco the second he met him and there was no reversing that. No matter how bad Draco had hurt him, he'd still love the stupid git. It was just another defect about him. He was as stubborn as they came. It was a miracle he lived up until, literally. Harry was counting the days until he was killed for some reason or other. Whether it be his fucked up mind got to him or Marcus had him burned from his head to his toes, Harry didn't expect his life to be much longer. It wasn't the most positive outlook on life for a 19 year old boy, but it was the only truthful thing left in his life.

Pain consumed her entire being. As hard as she tried to kick, scream and thrash away this searing pain, she could not. Melissa was consumed by all of it. Opening her eyes, she was blinded by a white light. It took moments for her eyes to adjust to its brightness, but when they finally did she shut them tight again after seeing where she was. She was tied to a chair, in an abandoned warehouse. In front of here was a long conveyer belt, with two bright white lights behind it, everything else was blacked out. At one end of the belt was a man standing next to a lever, on the belt laid another man, and at the end of the belt was a huge blade. Oh my god, she started mentally panicking. The man lying on the belt was Tom, she just knew it.

"Good morning sleepyhead," a somber voice sounded through the room. "So nice of you to join us. We've been waiting up for you."

"What are you doing? Is this Marcus?" She was already crying. They were going to kill Tom, right in front of her.

"Well, aren't you just a smart cookie Melissa. Daniel, please make sure she keeps her eyes open. We wouldn't want her missing the show we've prepared for her."

"Of course Marcus," the man at the end of the belt turned around and walked into the darkness. A moment later he returned with a staple gun and made his way over to Melissa. He smirked at her before saying, "you may feel a slight pinch."

He grabbed her head tight in his hands and pulled her left eyelid open. He took the staple gun to her eyelid and stapled it to her eyebrow. Never in her life had she ever screamed so loud out of agony. She couldn't even feel anything else but her eyelid, it hurt so badly. Tears and blood poured down her face while he took her right eyelid and stapled it to her eyebrow. She went to turn her head away but it was held in place. They were forcing her to watch.

"Let her calm down a little bit before starting, okay Daniel?" And he did as he was told. Melissa tried to keep screaming, she tried to keep fighting her restraints, but she didn't have it in her. When she started to calm down, Daniel came back at her with a huge needle and stuck her right in the arm. "This will keep you calm Melissa, it's a musle relaxant. You'll feel a little woozy, but you'll be able to watch the show without your rude disruptions."

"You're fucking sick," was all she could muster to say to him, but he it meant nothing to Marcus. He only laughed it off while he waited for the real fun to begin.

"May the show begin!"

Daniel ripped the lever down and slowly, everything started to move. The belt was reeling Tom back towards the swing blade just as Tom seemed to be waking up. He was naked, tied down at his wrists and ankles. When he saw what was coming, he began to scream and flail but his efforts were as fruitless as Melissa's had been.

"Stop it please," Melissa cried out. But no one listened. The blade came crashing down on Tom's ankles, blood spurting everywhere as he shrieked in horror. Again and again the blade came down on him; his tears and his movements became wilder and wilder. The laughter of Marcus and Daniel filled the air. All of the sounds devoured Melissa and she became lost to it. Her brain turned off as soon as she saw Tom's neck, sliced by the blade. Everything went black again.


They'd been driving in silence for hours now. Draco was focusing on his driving while Blaise intently studied his fingers. The kiss was a mistake; Draco knew this but Blaise wasn't letting that thought into his mind. If it was a mistake, then why did Draco seem to want it as bad as he did? Maybe it was all in his head, maybe Draco was just shocked at first and that's why he didn't stop. None of it made much sense, but that was the thing about Draco. He was such an enigma, just when you were convinced you had him all figured out, he swerved right and did something crazy and different.

"Did you bring any smokes?" Blaise's head snapped up when he realized the question was directed at him. Obviously, you're the only other person in the car.

"Uh, I don't think so. Can I turn on the radio?" Draco only nodded. So, Blaise fiddled with the dial for a while before picking a station with some American band playing. The tune was a catchy one that made him start humming and bouncing about in his seat, totally killing the previous mood. Song after song, Blaise entertained himself by singing and dancing in the passenger seat. It was a fun thing but in the middle of one song, Draco turned the radio off and looked at him.

"We're here."

It wasn't the house in the pictures, or a house at all, but a small hotel. It actually didn't even look open, but that didn't stop Draco from pulling into the dimly lit parking lot and parking by a dumpster. He turned the car off and hoped out, opening the trunk and to pull out their bags. Blaise was still sitting in the car, very skeptical about the place they were at. It was still pretty dark out, probably around 5 in the AM. They hadn't left Draco's until 1 and had to stop numerous times so Blaise could pee and get food.

"Get out of the car," Draco was banging at the window now. Blaise didn't feel like arguing about Draco's crazy idea, so he just got out and followed Draco to the back door of the building. It was locked, just as he expected it to be. Seems like Draco knew that too, because he pulled out a crow bar and slammed it down on the lock and the door swung open.

"Why does this not feel right?"

"Because it isn't."

"So why are we doing it? Why aren't we staying at a nice, comfy hotel like Malfoy Manor? This place is visibly run down. Meaning, we shouldn't be in here!"

"We can't stay in an actual hotel. I have my dad's card, so he'd be able to trail me if we stay at a regular hotel. I had my spy scout this place out, he said it's decent. It has only been out of business for a year or so."

"You have a spy? Since when?"

"That's besides the point Blaise, just follow me."

Draco led the way, knowing Blaise would follow. They walked up the cramped servant stairs of the hotel. The stripped wallpaper was curling off the walls. Besides that, the place didn't look rundown. Actually, Blaise had seen motels that looked worse than this and were open. Draco was making his way through a hall on the third floor, Blaise directly behind him, when he came to a stop in front of a giant door. Blaise walked right into him, earning himself an evil glare from Draco. "This is our room."

With that said, Draco pushed the door open to reveal a room with teal wallpaper and three windows. Two windows were placed on opposite sides of the large mahogany bed with white drapes around it. Underneath each window was an old fashioned white furnace, neither of them seemed to be on. Over in the far left corner, was the remaining window that fell beside a marble fireplace. At the foot of the bed was an oak chest with two white blankets folded neatly over it. Pictures of the countryside were hung up on the walls in order of oldest to newest. All in all, the room looked as if it was taken care of every single day.

"Are we sleeping here, or just getting ready?"

"Getting ready, there's no time to sleep. We're already off schedule. Do you know what you're supposed to look like?"

"Like an American guy who claims to be a full-blooded Italian, I think the name was Gui-toe?" Blaise said proudly. Draco only laughed at his friend before he proceeded to get ready. Draco threw his duffle bag onto the bed so he could take his clothes off.

They prepared in silence. After thirty minutes or so, the sun had risen and they were ready to leave. Draco gelled his regular locks down to his head and bobby pinned any fly-aways down as well. He wore a black wig with long curls. The hair of the wig fell to the area just above his butt. He already looked a little like a woman, with his pale features and high cheek bones. So all he had to really do was do his make up and wear girl's clothing. He wanted to look so much like a woman that men would hit on him, to completely throw off the idea he was a guy. He'd taken some of his mother's clothes in order to pull off this scam. He had on a bra of hers, stuffed it, and put a tight red half shirt over the bra. To accentuate his long, thin legs he wore a pair of black Jimmy Choo's and a mini skirt to match the heels. He looked in the room's only mirror and smiled. If he wasn't gay, he'd so fuck himself.

Blaise on the other hand, had an easy task. All he had to do was throw on white tank top, black baggy pants, gel his hair up, and throw a head band on. But he wanted to add a little something to his character, so he also wore wristbands and put a fake earring in. He nailed his part as well. "So, what's the plan?"

"We're going to pull up to the house and crash into a tree. I'll say you were teaching me to drive and I hit the gas instead of breaks. Easy as cake."

"Whatever you say."

Draco picked up the pocketbook he'd taken from his mother's collection and snatched his father's keys. Before walking back out into the slightly chilly weather, he wrapped one of his mother's many white silk dress coats around himself. Lucius would kill him once he found out what Draco was about to do. But that didn't faze Draco. Instead, he pulled Blaise along and out of the room. They exited the building, as unnoticed as they came. Throwing on a pair of Chanel sunglasses, Draco hopped into the driver's seat and waited while Blaise loaded the trunk. As soon as his 'boyfriend' sat down, Draco pulled out and sped off.

It was only a few minutes before they pulled in front of the Weasley house. Draco stopped the car for a moment, mustering all the balls he had before slamming on the gas and directing the car into the nearest tree. The sound of the car crashing exploded in the early morning air. It only took fifty seconds for everyone in the Weasley house to come piling out to see what had happened. Draco felt weak, not from an injury but from being so afraid. He saw his life flash before his eyes in that moment and he swore he was going to die. "Fucking shit, you okay Blaise?"

"Yeah," his friend breathed out. They were both fine, just scared out of their fucking minds. "Next time you ask me to help you with something, remind me to say no way in fucking hell."

"Okay," Draco looked behind the car, the whole Weasley herd was approaching. "Ready to face them?"

"As ready as I'll ever be…"

"Good, put your sunglasses on."

Before Blaise could retort, Draco swung his door open and fell out the side and onto the ground. The whole Weasley family had an immediate reaction to this and sprinted forward. The eldest female, Molly Weasley was on her knees holding Draco's cheeks in her hands. "Are you okay deary?"

Draco coughed and looked up, past her, and sported him. Harry was standing back, away from the whole crowd. He had his arms crossed and was shivering. He was looking down at Draco, almost as if he recognized him, but their eye connection was broken when a very flustered looking Hermione knelt down in front of him. "What happened?"

Blaise made his appearance at this moment, opening his door and falling out as well. Ginny jumped at the opportunity to help and went to him. She cradled his head in her lap for a minute, asking him all sorts of random questions. Everyone was screaming commands to each other at this point, when the oldest male put his hands in the air and yelled. "HOLD ON!"

Everyone froze. He dropped his arms, "Why don't we bring them into the house and ask them what happened?"

"Of course, come along deary," Molly said while standing. Draco took this time to look towards Blaise to see how he was holding up. Blaise seemed to enjoy the attention Ginny was giving him as they walked to the house. Figures, Draco thought nastily.

It took a little bit for every to settle down around the table, but eventually all the focus came back to Draco and Blaise. They looked to one another, nodding in silent agreement that Draco would talk and Blaise would nod his head and put in the occasional 'yeah.'

Draco cleared his throat and prepared himself for the best performance of his life. Not even trying to, he threw on a heavy Italian accent and girlified his voice. "You see, Emilio and I were driving to my father's country house, it's only a few miles from your house, so I asked if I could drive. I've never driven before, so he said sure. He's been promising to teach me for months now. We got out of the car and switched places a mile back and I started to drive. I was doing well at first. But I guess I'm just a terrible learner, because as we were passing your lovely home, there was a cat in the street and he told me to stop, but I hit the gas by accident and had to swerve to avoid the cat and well… I wound up hitting your tree."

Everyone looked to one another at the table, no one knowing what to say. So Molly spoke. "Oh, that's quite interesting. Actually…it's a little bit funny."

"I guess you're right," Draco shrugged, laughing a little.

"You two are alright, of course?" Hermione half-asked, half-stated. Draco simply nodded at this. "Well, that's what really matters."

"Poor car," Fred said with a chuckle. "It may never recover."

"It was only a summer car, anyway," Blaise shrugged. His accent wasn't as developed as Draco's but it was moderately convincing. "I guess we'll need a tow, won't we?"

"I better call your father," Draco announced. "May I use your phone Mrs…?"

"Mrs. Weasley, but you can call me Molly," She said with a hearty grin.

"Well then, may I use your phone for a moment?"

"Of course sweet heart, follow me."

"Actually, Emilio," Draco directed the conversation at Blaise, "why don't you make the calls? You know more about the damage than I do."

"Of course, darling." Blaise scooted his chair back and then proceeded in following Molly out of the room.

During this, everyone rested their gaze on Draco. Hermione rested her elbows on the table as she starred at him. "So, we know your boyfriends name, what's your name?"

"Oh," Draco almost forgot the name she'd picked, "I'm Alessandra Brunela, lot's of people call me Ally though."

"Nice to meet you Ally," Hermione seemed to be the welcoming commity, "I'm Hermione, this is my husband Ron, that's his sister Ginny, his twin brothers Fred and George—

"George and Fred," Fred corrected her while pointing to his twin then himself.

"George and Fred, sorry," Hermione corrected herself, "That's their father Arthur and last but not least, our new friend Harry."

"It's a pleasure to meet you all."

"So, you're in England for what reason? You two are obviously Italian," Ginny pointed out.

"Emilio's father owns a ranch only a few miles away, we were visiting him. We would have flown, like usual, but I really was tired of the airlines and all the waiting, so we chose to take a nice scenic route though the country."

"Have you lived in Italy your whole life? You speak English very well." Fred asked.

"I lived in England when I was 15 until I was 17, then I moved back to my parent's home in Sicily until I was 21. Now Emilio and I live together in Italy. I still visit England very often, seeing as Emilio's father lives here. Thank you; I pride myself on being able to speak English, French, and Italian."

"How lovely," Ginny said.

"Tesoro1" Blaise called from the doorway.

"Sì orso2?" Draco spun around in his chair to face Blaise, he was frowning at Draco. "Che cosa è errato3?"

"Colloquio venuto a me in riservato4," Blaise motioned towards a different room.

"Naturalmente5," Draco then turned back to the group who was now looking at them in confusion. "I'll be right back."

Draco hurried into the other room, to find Blaise starring at his cell phone. "We're on the news," his voice was very soft. "Your father reported us to the police as missing, along with the car. He didn't think we took it, he thinks we've been kidnapped…"

"My father is pretty thick then," Draco laughed.

"It's not funny! My mother keeps calling my cell every other second, what do I do? Answer the phone and end this thing—

"NO!" Draco screamed.

"Everything okay in there," Molly called.

"We're fine," Draco said while poking his head into the dining room. "Emilio just told I'm never allowed to drive again."

"That may be a safe thing," George announced. Everyone at the table laughed, forcing Draco to smile.

"Of course, excuse me," Draco then went back to the situation at hand with Blaise. "I haven't even talked to him yet! He's just sitting there, looking all broken and sad. I need at least a minute alone with him. "Well hurry, or else my mother will have a heart attack over this. Plus, I'm sure your father is going to kill you over this."

"Yea, I can kiss getting off of this punishment goodbye. I'm going to be working at the hotel for the rest of my life," Draco sighed. "But Harry's worth it."

"I sure hope so, but if this doesn't work out between you two Draco, I'll kill you."

"I doubt that, you love me too much." Draco and Blaise both shared a laugh. "I almost forgot you knew Italian."

"We took it together in school Draco."

"Oh yea. Well, I better get back to them. Don't blow our cover!"

"I'll try."


The family eventually settled down after an hour or so. The Weasley's decided to part ways, leaving only Molly with the two new strangers in the kitchen. Harry disappeared up the stairs, and from the angle Draco was sitting at he could see Harry walk into the first room on the left. This was his perfect chance to talk to Harry alone! Everyone else had gone completely opposite ways; the closest person to him was Arthur, who'd gone up two flights of stairs. Aside from him, everyone else had scattered on the first floor. If Draco didn't seize this chance right now, he'd be a total idiot. As fast as he could, he jumped from his seat at the dining room table and grabbed the little white purse he had brought with him.

"Excuse me, but where is your bathroom," he asked politely. Blaise starred at him for a moment, but Draco nodded his head in the direction Harry had left while he mouthed the boy's name.

"Up the stairs, it's the second door on the right. Be careful with the door, it tends to get a little stuck," Molly said, never turning around, while she tended to a dish.

Blaise gave Draco the thumbs up. The natural blonde took in a deep breathe before entering a situation that could make or break his relationship with Harry. The walk to Harry's room seemed to never end. It may have been because he was walking slower than ever before or the fact time seemed to stand still whenever things dealt with Harry. Either way, Draco's heart didn't stop its hasty beating. When his hand landed on the cool metal of the door knob, Draco imagined all the possible outcomes of this and not many of them looked good. He pictured Harry going postal and throwing things at him as he screamed for all the Weasley's to come and protect him. Or maybe Harry would cry and tell him he was the biggest fucking arse he'd ever met and he never wanted to see him again. Maybe Harry wouldn't talk at all; maybe he'd just kill Draco as soon as he showed himself. Though, there was that small, sliver of a chance Harry would forgive Draco. It was a stretch to believe that maybe Harry would accept his apology and actually be happy that he'd come all this way to get him. But this was something Draco never would find out until he opened the door and faced what was bound to come.

He slipped into the room fast, locking the door behind him. Harry was hovering over something in the corner of the room. Draco had to crane his neck in order to see Harry was doing something to his arm. When Draco took in another one of those deep breaths, Harry turned around shocked and dropped something to the floor. What happened next went by so fast, Draco didn't even realize it. Harry's arms were covered in blood and when he saw Draco, he freaked and tried to jump out the window, so Draco had to run and pull him back and onto the bed. Harry began to thrash and scream and cry all at once and the blonde didn't know what to do to stop him, so he kissed him. After a minute, Harry ended his violent movement and went still. Draco let go of him and looked down to see Harry's face completely blank. Draco removed the wig he'd been wearing and Harry just starred at him in dismay.

"What have you done," Draco asked, his voice full of fear, while he starred down at Harry's bloodied arms. It seemed that they were self-inflicted wombs. He counted five deep lacerations in total.

"I knew it was you…I just felt it," Harry sobbed. "The second you looked up at me after you fell out of the car.

Draco had never dealt with anyone else's tears before. Sure, Pansy had whined and bitched at him plenty of times, but it was over nothing. Right now, he was clueless as to what would have caused Harry to go fanatical like this. He tried to kill himself! It couldn't have been because of Draco, could it? If so, Draco never would be able to live with himself knowing that Harry felt that deeply over his presence.

"You wouldn't get it Draco," Harry seemed to be gathering what little dignity and sanity he had left, "your life is perfect. You have everything you could ask for, but you feel like you have to pretend and lie to people who actually trusted you. Did you know that you were the first person, in my life that I actually believed to be genuine? I have such shitty judgment."

"I never meant for this happen Harry!"

"Yea, I get that. I was never supposed to find out that you were Draco bloody Malfoy! Too bad I would have eventually figured it out, I'm not fully retarded you know!"

"I wanted to tell you. I was going to tell you!"

"It's a little too late now, isn't it?" Harry was moving farther and father away from him now. "How did you find me? I thought I really was getting away by coming here, but you found me. This means there is only a matter of time before he finds me."

"Who," Draco questioned, confused by Harry's crazed state of mind.

"Marcus Hopkins."

"Who the fuck is Marcus Hopkins."

Harry sighed, starring Draco directly in his stormy grey eyes, "My pimp…the man I've been running from."


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1 - Means darling in Italian; gotten from WordLingo.

2 – Means yes bear in Italian; same as above.

3 – Means what's wrong in Italian: same.

4 – Means come talk to me in private in Italian: same same!

5 – Means of course in Italian; same same same!!