Despite Kaiba's arguing, Odelia joins him in rescuing Mokuba for reasons only for her to know. Meanwhile, Yugi soon learns how the day has two sides when it comes to the human mind, and how sad it is to say goodbye to your childhood…


I still remember the world
From the eyes of a child
Slowly those feelings
Were clouded by what I know now

Where has my heart gone?
An uneven trade for the real world
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everything and knowing nothing at all

I still remember the sun
Always warm on my back
Somehow it seems colder now

Where has my heart gone?
Trapped in the eyes of a stranger
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everything

Iesu, Rex admirabilis
Et triumphator nobilis,
Dulcedo ineffabilis,
Totus desiderabilis.


"As the days pass by me…

As wars rage between…

I find myself…

These last days…

This parasite…

(It feels so…)

The darkness of the storm…

Is me…

Is me…"

Where has my heart gone?
An uneven trade for the real world
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everything

Where has my heart gone?
Trapped in the eyes of a stranger
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everything

I still remember…

Fields of Innocence by Evanescence


"Kaiba! LOOK OUT!"

There was the sound of the gunshot, and then the sound of a sword slicing through…


Eye-to-Eye: Fields of Innocence


The bullet hit Kaiba in his arm. He screamed out in pain and surprise as he grabbed his arm, hissing from the pain now searing through his whole arm and shoulder. He quickly regained his balance while turning around—wondering who would dare shoot him from behind like some coward.

Instead he saw a body fall, the head dismembered from the body as it rolled away from it while blood was spurting out of the headless body. Behind the corpse, brandishing a now bloodstained katana at hand was Odelia, the girl he seemed to keep on bumping into during the entire night.

"Daijoubu, Kaiba-san?" Odelia asked, actually sounding worried.

The CEO blinked a bit in surprise, surprised to see Odelia actually looking worried for him instead of giving him a grim, impassive stare—either that or a rather a very hateful glare that would pierce him to his very soul.

"Yes," Kaiba answered coldly, "What the hell are you doing here?"

She took off a cloth and wiped the blood off her sword while she began answering the question. Her voice became grim and serious as it always is.

"Well for two reasons only: one, I came here to save your ass before it got blown off like it almost did just a few seconds ago. Two, I need to kick Pegasus's ass because he didn't pay me my renting fee."

Kaiba raised his eyebrow. "Renting Fee?"

"When someone hires me to kill, they first have to pay me part of the payment to make the deal. Then in almost all of my cases, they pay me the rest of the payment once I'm done the assassination, finishing off our deal."

"Hm… how very sly and yet businesslike," Kaiba said with a smirk, "Maybe I should hire you as one of my employees?"

Odelia blushed a bit. Suddenly one of the trees behind her glowed black with energy and suddenly exploded, utterly freaking out the CEO Prince.

"But…" Kaiba retorted, clearing his senses of what he just saw just three seconds ago, "How can I even trust a rather… unstable… woman like you?"

She glared at him, her cheeks puffed a bit in indignity before she gave a comment of her own. "Oh yeah, and you're Mr. Perfect? I do recall that you once tried to kill a certain Yugi Mutou by using some fucked up excuse of a fun land that seems to think that killing is enjoyable, hai?"

"Good point," Kaiba muttered, turning away and walking on. "But you are an assassin. How will I know you won't double-cross me? How do I know this all isn't some plan you and Pegasus haven't brewed up in the first place: lose to me, try to win my trust, and then kill me on the spot while my guard is down?"

"I've seen Mokuba…"

Kaiba froze and turned right back at her, glaring at her icily.

"I'm listening. Why haven't you told me?"

"Because I didn't know until now—that the boy I was trying to cheer up back in the dungeons was your little otokun. I'm such a baka, that I didn't guess that you were Moku-kun's nisama until now. I….. I like that kid… He reminds me of… of—"

"Of your imoutochan?" Kaiba finished.

Odelia nodded.

He sudden appeared in front of the redhead, their face only centimeters apart. With a small, interested smirk, he added, "I'm listening intently."

"Look, I said to him that his nisama would actually save him. It almost didn't happen, so I'm gonna make sure it does happen. I—I want to save Moku-kun with y—you." And with that said, she looked away from Kaiba's icy blue eyes and blushed.


Kaiba smirked a bit and said teasingly, "Shy?"

"N—No, it's just your eyes…"

Kaiba raised his eyebrow and pressed more and more on the issue, "What about them?"

"I—I should r—really get that bullet o—out of you're a—a—arm."

Kaiba sighed and lifted his arm to her, deciding he'll harass her on the subject later. He had to rescue Mokuba, for the hundredth time—and not to mention he wished not to worry Mokuba any further with the sight of a heavily bleeding arm.

Odelia sighed and slipped her fingers into the wound and maneuvered them until they could grab the bullet. Then she slowly pulled it out, so that the bullet wouldn't slip. Finally she pulled the bullet out of his arm and threw it aside. Kaiba was grunting, groaning, and trying hard not to scream out in pain during the whole process.

'Fuck, if it hurt this much getting the damn bullet out… I would have kept the damn thing inside!' Kaiba thought to himself.

"Daijoubu," She whispered in a soothing, gentle voice, "Asawreth Metrion Zinthos." And suddenly, a soft, blue light was emitted from her hands and transferred onto the wound. The wound was slowly sanitized then closed up. During the process, Seto was moaning in pleasure… for the sensation of warmth and silkiness spread throughout his nervous system. Finally the feeling gradually disappeared as the wound was completely sealed up, much to his disappointment.

"There," Odelia finished sternly. She then started walking forward, just barely turning around to look at Kaiba. "Now let's go already."

Kaiba nodded and followed her closely.


Yugi blinked a few times in confusion as he looked about his new surroundings. He was suddenly all alone in some sort of hospital. Some of the patients, all Japanese, were looking at him weirdly while others were being carried off or limped away to wherever they were going.

"Where am I…?" He muttered, "Is this another one of Odelia's memories? Then why can everyone see me? What's going on? And where are my friends?"

He continued walking about, hearing mutters about his weird hair or the mistaking of his height as that of a child's, until he came across the giggles of some hyper active child. He followed the giggles until he came to a red-headed girl happily jumping and skipping around a couple.

One was a male, the same male Yugi had seen before, Keiji. He was pushing a woman in a wheelchair, Midnight, while she was looking tired and weary and holding a bundle of cloth in her arms.

Yugi presumed the little red head was indeed Odelia. Although what surprised him was the fact she was bouncing off the walls in joy. But then again, little kids enjoy doing such things.

The girl suddenly stopped to look strait at Yugi and suddenly ran strait towards him.

"Hey, chibi bouya! Come celebrate with me! I'm an oneechan! I'm an oneechan!" She exclaimed in glee, grabbing Yugi's hands and dragging him back towards the couple.

"Chibi bouya?" Yugi grumbled while sweat dropping.


Keiji chuckled in delight as he watched the miniature Odelia drag back Yugi towards them.

"He ha! It appears that our Odelia-chan has brought back a new friend to celebrate the newest member of our family."

Yugi blinked in confusion.

"Who—what do you mean newest member…..? You mean… that… you had a baby?" Yugi asked to Midnight in confusion.

Midnight smiled and made a small nod. "Why yes, Yugi-kun, I have. Would you like to see her?"

Yugi was about to ask how the beautiful mother had known his name without introduction, but the kind look on her face stopped him—as if it was the answer. Her smile was sweet and small on her pale pink lips and her eyelids were gently closed, so her face was angelic as it was peaceful. Yet, there was something strange about her… like she had the power to see deep into his heart and soul. She seemed like some sort of oracle, with wisdom far beyond her years—as well as powers beyond that of human understanding and gaining.

She pulled away the towel to reveal the newborn's face. It was a girl with violet hair and blue/violet eyes.

"… Miya…" He whispered beneath his breath.

The baby squirmed a bit until she was facing him.


His eyes widened and suddenly the whole family began moving away from him, even though their feet were not moving. And suddenly he felt a suddenly force push him forward, the whole hospital passing him by in a blur of darkness.


Kaiba and Odelia continued their travel to Pegasus' castle. Their eyes continuous scanned left and right, expecting any of Pegasus' security to ambush them in the darkness of the upcoming dawn. The redhead sighed just a little bit at the sight of the sky slowing lighting up, and the warmth of the Earth returning to the land just as slowly.

"So you're an early bird, I presume?" Kaiba mused.

Odelia blushed a bit but smiled, "Un. Mornings are the only times when my ashikase lightens up just a little."

"Ashikase?" Kaiba questioned.

She didn't look at him… just the sky. The CEO sighed with aggravation. "…Never mind."

"No… it's just that… I have a futankan that likes to bother me… maybe the weight of my sins. At night, they become so painful and so hard and heavy to carry… I sometimes get scared that they might crush me," Odelia explain, in a strangely soft and thoughtful voice, "You know some of the terrible things I've done, hai?"

Kaiba nodded, watching the sun slowly raise as well, "Mm-hm. You're an assassin; you've killed a lot of people. It doesn't surprise me that they come back to haunt you every once in awhile."

But Odelia shook her head, "No... it's not that. It was all just business and soothing my bloodlust when it came to killing all those corrupt, corporate mother fuckers. They don't really haunt me… not really."

Kaiba raised his eyebrow and looked pretty confused. She didn't regret killing them… but then again, he wouldn't either. Some of the CEO's she killed were also some that he met—and they weren't too pleasant to be around. Some, he recalled, gave him some control over the Mafia—which helped him get his hands on all three Blue Eyes White Dragons.

But he now regretted those old ties… now severed completely. But if killing them was not her regrets—then what is the weight that she carries?

"What do you feel sorry for then…?" Kaiba asked.

"For being an abomination…" Odelia muttered, "You see, my…. Grandfather… had forced my grandmother into a forbidden relationship—a physical bonding of a demon and a human. My mom may have been a taboo, but she was too beautiful—too pure—that no one could bring her down. She was too heavenly to be in any human or demonic standards. But for me…. I'm lower than even a worm. I only bring… chaos and dismay when I go to and from places…"

"Now that…" Kaiba stated, "…Is the most weird, gloomiest, and overall fucked-up piece of bullshit I ever heard in my entire life! Even Yugi's 'heart-in-the-cards' speeches sound more believable then this! Who in God's name told this piece of crap?!"

But Odelia looked up to the sky, filled with remorse. "But it is true… And… well… he told me that."

Kaiba looked at her with wide eyes, "Your grandfather?"

But Odelia looked away and let out a large hiss—as if the word was like salt on an open wound or acid poured on nice, raw skin.


He looked up at the sky thoughtfully as well.

"You know… I'm not exactly a saint myself, y'know? I've commited quite a few, fucked-up sins that I'm not exactly proud of now that I'm older. In fact, I've just realized that most of the crazy shit I was doing was wrong…"

The CEO's eyes turned cold and dark as he glared at the sky, yet there was a hint of self hatred and spite within this glare.

"And now… I realized the greatest, fucked-up mistake I have ever made in my entire life…"

"Nanjasorya?" The redhead assassin asked with curiosity.

Kaiba looked down and shut his eyes in shame. "Leaving my brother alone and unprotected…"

The memory burned him, even now…


"Seto! You've gotta leave now if you're gonna make it to the boat to Duelist Kingdom!" Mokuba exclaimed as he ran within the tall building… ironically labeled KC or "Kaiba Corp."

The young, black haired by finally reached the door and was ready to pound on it.

"Seto! Open the door—Huh?!" But suddenly realized the door was unlocked as it swung open freely, revealing the familiar figure of the young, teenage CEO of Kaiba Corp., Seto Kaiba. "Seto?"

The young man shuffled his card, watching each card slip gracefully from the deck into his hands, then return to the deck in a silk-like motion and sound. But his eyes were not filled with pleasure like they would be; the usual enjoyment of such a sweet sound and his awe in seeing his powerful monsters before his eyes. His eyes were filled with uncertainty, anxiousness, and self doubt—emotions that no one would think would be shown in the eyes of Seto Kaiba. "I'm not going, Mokuba," He stated, bluntly.

But the news left the boy more confused then he was just before when he saw his older brother's uncertain eyes. "Not going? But why not?"

Kaiba stopped jumbling his cards and just looked at them acidly, his glare filled with self-revulsion. He threw them on his desk, as if merely looking at the trading cards brought ache to him.

"There's no point!"

Mokuba tread in the office, still more confused as ever. "What do you mean 'No point'?" He said naïvely—his youth and innocence still fooling him now. But Kaiba closed his eyes, his body trembling with fear, "Kid, I'm in no condition to duel anyone."

"What are you talking about?!" the boy was obviously following his older brother's way, childishly believing in his brother's god-like dueling, "You always say 'Cards are power' and you've got all the strongest cards!"

The Kaiba looked at himself with malevolence, his teeth clenched as his body still shuddering. "Since I lost my duel with Yugi, I just dunno what I think anymore. Everything's different—it feels as if I lost a piece of myself that day!" He growled, trying to keep himself calm while he was talking to his naïve, little brother and not yell at him—despite the feeling of turmoil and panic boiling deep inside of him, ready to bust out.

But Mokuba kept going on, filled with hope and idolization for his big brother—and desperation to keep his brother from breaking down, "But Seto… You're the best! You're the champ!" Seto only stood up and put his hand into his jacket, gloom washed over his face. Mokuba's encouragement did not reach his heart. "Not since the day I was defeated by Yugi…"

He threw a card into Mokuba's hands… and a special, Blue Eyes White Dragon-shaped key, much to Mokuba's confusion.

"Here Mokuba. I'm going away for awhile, I dunno how long I'll be gone… keep this card and the key, they open up a safe to the crucial data of Kaiba Corporation."

Mokuba looked away from the precious keys to see his brother's face, filled with confusion. "Why? Why are you leaving?"

He watched as his elder brother stepped away from his desk, briefcase at hand. His face and his eyes clearly cleared showed emotions Mokuba had never seen before: self-pity, doubt, remorse, confusion, and sorrow.

"...Because I don't know who I am anymore…"

The small Mokuba watched in dismay as his brother had left, closing the door behind him. "Take care kid."

But Mokuba reached out his hand, wanting so badly to stop his brother. Mokuba cried out with plead, "Seto don't go!" But it was too late.

Seto Kaiba was gone.


Kaiba opened his eyes, emptily and sadly.

"Now I really don't know who I am anymore…"

"Sokka? You left to go on some journey of self discovery only to come back when you found out that Mokuba was gone?"

He nodded.

"Wow. The defeat must have really taken its toll on you then, that it did."

Kaiba looked up, his eyes still empty. "I dunno what that little shrimp did to me, but now I feel weird. I feel like… I'm yearning, longing for something missing in my life… but I dunno what it is."

"Jack of trades and master of none?" Odelia questioned.

Kaiba nodded and spoke gently, "I guess you could say that."

"Well, I think it's time you find repent that sin of yours. You can make it up when we rescue Mokuba." Odelia walked on ahead, "Seku! Or else the guards will find us!"

Kaiba watched her walk on without him, his mind racing on something.

'I wonder… is she helping me… just to make up for her own sins…?'

He ran after her and they walked on together towards Pegasus's castle.

'How strange… we were just enemies just a while ago… and now we're confessing our faults with each other...'

"This better not end up in some crazy, angst-filled excuse for some teenage romance," He muttered to himself.


The streets were cold and damp with the pounding rain. Puddles upon puddles of disgusting black and dirty waters were countless upon the deserted, abused city ally—untouched by police forces.

Downtown, not exactly the safest and most uppity part of the urban area—but maybe that's why they call it "Downtown."

Yugi found himself standing in the middle of the rain, drenched and frozen stiff. His hair, humorously, wilted while they were sopping with water. He shivered a bit and wrapped his jacket more tightly around him, cursing himself that it wasn't waterproof.

He noticed however, at a distance, the sky was a brightening with a fiery, scarlet glow—a sign of a fire.

A small, frail girl was running down the streets, her breathing hard, heavy, and filled with fear. Her tattered clothes and her pale body were drenched to the bone with liquid rain and her body went numb with the icy temperature.

She bumped into Yugi's side, but continued on without much of a notice or a care. The hood on her shabby little jacket was flipped off however, revealed a mess of blood-crimson hair.

"Odelia!" Yugi exclaimed. He extended his hand in attempt to reach out for the girl, only to suddenly be roughly thrown aside from behind. "Out of the way, brat!" growled one of the men in the band of bulky, disheveled, and rather ugly rogues as they made their way through Yugi. They pushed, bumped, and thrown the small boy aside until he toppled into a puddle of water face first.

The young duelist pushed his small frame out of the water, spitting out the disgusting taste of muddy and rather filthy water. He wiped his face of the repulsive fluids and got up on his own two feet. He pursued after Odelia, hoping deeply in his heart that those brutes were not pursuing the little child as well.

He soon was able to catch sight of the group of men, now stopped an in the form of a tight circle, snickering and muttering to themselves with wicked pleasure. Yugi's fear had just been realized.

"There you are, little girl." One of the men snickered, his repulsive yellow teeth showing in a crooked grin. "You certainly gave us quite the exercise. We had to run a fucking mile just to reach you, you bitch."

Yugi pushed his way through the tall, brute scoundrels as he tried to see what was going on, only to see that they had pinned to small, frail female into an inescapable corner of the alley. The girl, like a small stray animal trying to defend its life, put herself in a fighting stance with her hands trembling like a tiny tree against a gust of wind. Her body trembled to while her violet blue eyes looked watery and bursting with terror.

The men laughed cruelly as the stormed closer to the child and finally one of them stepped up in front of them, laughing his ass off. "Look guys, this little wench thinks she can beat up a fucking hot stud like me!" All the men hollered with laughter and sick amusement while Odelia grew mad with insult. "Chikushou!" She snarled at them while she stood her ground.

"Watch your mouth, dirty little bitch!" The man yelled as he slapped the small girl in her face with the back of his hand, send her in a trashcan and against the wall. The trashcan toppled, its garbage flung all over the small child. The kid was now sported with a black eye for a right eye, a busted lower lip with blood dribbling down her chin, and a bloody left nostril after a collision into a solid, brick wall.

"ODELIA!" Yugi shrieked in horror. All the men turned their eyes to the owner of the voice, wondering how their boy suddenly appeared before them. The men even looked down to see him, chuckling on how amazingly short he was. But Yugi paid no heed to the insulting laughs, he merely shoved out of the crowd an tackled into the boss, grabbing his arm in an attempt to use his own weight to prevent the evil man from harming Odelia any more then he was already done. "Leave her alone!"

Yugi's planned failed, however, as the man was easily able to swing his arm around, with Yugi holding on for dear life. Finally the man's strength was too much for Yugi as he too flew strait into the wall and collapsed beside Odelia. "Aw, how precious!" The man chuckled, "This guy is supposed to be her knight in shining armor, trying to save this good-for-nothing wench!"

The men all laughed louder and watched as their boss smash Yugi's face into the dirty, muddy concrete and rub it against the boy's face. Yugi gagged and tried his best to spit out the dirt and stones; only to realize the man was pulling his head up by his hair. Yugi grunted in pain as his hair was slowly getting yanked from the very scalp... like it was about to be torn off from his very skull. "You know, up close, this kid looks a bit like a little girl." Yugi's eyes went wide.

"Oh boy… him and his cravings." Muttered one of the idiotic brutes. "Nah," The boss said, "I'm not too interested in boys now, unlike you, fag. My business is with the little wench here." He got off of Yugi and walked towards the girl and pinned her down. "If you've got no money on ya, then how about giving us something else? Heh heh."

Odelia merely squirmed in pain and coughed up blood, right in the perverted man's face. "The only thing I have to say to you guys is this: kusokurae!" Odelia spat in the man's face, receiving another throw down and the guy on top of her. "Get off of me!"

Yugi squirmed in pain and tried to extend his hand to Odelia, instead getting it stepped on and a bunch of men grabbing him to prevent any movements. "Odelia! ODELIA!"

"Ha! This girl isn't even putting up a fight—!" Suddenly the sound of an unsheathed sword and the sound of blood gushing out were unleashed. The head of the very bastard came soaring off his shoulders, splattering right on Odelia's chest while his body, spurting blood, collapsed at her feet.

"Shit! The damn bitch has got a sword!" One of the goons growled. "Let's get outta here!" And soon enough, the remaining brutes fled in terror, like scared little children.

Yugi was finally able to get on all fours, even after seeing the bloody action of Odelia himself, and carefully crawl towards her so he wouldn't frighten her anymore then she already was. He noticed the panic and fright in her eyes as she held her katana with shaken fingers. She noticed the man's hand was still gripped onto her leg and she stared at the hand with her crazed, trembling eyes, now filled with tears.

Yugi soon crept close to Odelia and quietly sat by her side. His soft voice tried to comfort her, "Odelia… I…"

Suddenly Odelia gripped her sword and began slicing the headless cadaver while screaming like some crazy banshee, blood began splashing all over her and Yugi's flesh and clothing. The sight of blood, of death, of murdering someone, had made her go insane.

"Odelia!" He hugged her, in an attempt to hold her back and stop her mad swinging. "That's enough! He's dead! It's ok! It's ok! You had to do it! Please stop!"

The only sound that was heard… was a loud, ear-screeching cry of horror and sorrow.



Yugi suddenly woke up with a gasp. Sweat was dribbling from his temples and ran down his cheek and dripped of his chin onto the soil. He panted hard and wiped his forehead. He suddenly noticed a trickle of liquid coming down his nostrils and wiped his nose, thinking it was his allergies acting up in this wooded environment. His eyes suddenly went wide when he looked at his hand.


He stared at his bloody hand intently, remembering every single detail about the dream. He remembered her crying face after seeing the corpse of her rapist-to-be, her fear and her sorrow of killing, and her insanity.

"Odelia… I bet that was the first time you killed someone," he gently uttered to himself. He gently closed his eyes and tears were beginning to develop, "It wasn't your fault... You had to kill him…. You were only protecting yourself… You just had to fight back..."

"Yugi?" A voice suddenly appeared.

He jumped out of his resting place in surprise and quickly crawled about to the owner of the voice.

"Oh… Kory."

Kory looked at Yugi with, emerald eyes. They were filled with worry. "Yugi, are you alright? I heard a scream from over here and I thought you and Bakura were being attack by some yokonor—I mean—a player killer." Yugi shook his head. "No, it was just a bad dream. Thanks, Kory."

Kory nodded gently and suddenly noticed a brightening light glinting out from the side and turn to its direction, noticing the rising sun.


"Yeah, we should probably wake the other guys now. Today's the last day and Joey and I still need star chips to get into Pegasus's castle." Yugi got up on his own two feet and stared at the sun. Kory nodded and walked off to her tent. "I shall wake my companions and till them we will be off soon."

Yugi continued staring at the sun; memories, thoughts, and emotions running through his head.


"Don't worry Grandpa, I'm coming to save you. And Odelia, I promise I'll save you from Pegasus. Just wait for me…"


To be Continued…



Daijoubu—are you alright?, everything is alright

Nisama—big brother

Chibi—small, short

Oneechan—Big sister


Futankan—sense of burden

Nanjasorya—What's that?

Sokka—Is that so?

Seku—[to hurry

Chikushou—beast, son of a bitch

Kusokurae—fuck off, up yours

Kristen: And with that, I finally upload Chapter 8 after sooooooo many months of abandonment. I gotta say I LOVE Saiyuki and it certainly does help inspire me with the angst and character development of my story.

Yes, I used some of Sanzo's Burial story (from Saiyuki Burial) at the end. Aw well.

I kinda think Seto and Odelia's relationship (especially in this chapter) is kinda like Hakkai's and Goyjo's... they are so very similar and seem to easily confess things amongst one another without too much awkwardness. Also, sadly, this can be interpreted that they could possibly have a certain romantic relationship with each other… just as those evil fan girls like to think Goyjo and Hakkai have some sort of romantic relationship (DAMN YOU FANGIRLS!!!).

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