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Point being is that . . . there is none. I've worked on this on and off throughout summer and finished writing it in August. Then there came rewriting, and newspaper took up my time immensely. Losing the disk this story was one didn't help either. Then my friend Infinitis (penname) was told about my story and she became "Oh, finish it! It sounds so cute!" Heck, she's even given me some great ideas. The rising manga star is such inspiration! So the only reason I'm rewriting this right now instead of trying to beat FFX is due to her.

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"Each journey gives rise to chance encounters, and each encounter brings forth a farewell. When a farewell leads to a journey, the worlds open their hearts." -Yen Sid's Book, The Beginning.

Chapter 1: Underground Concourse

Flushed from the adrenaline rush, Zexion leaned his weight against the brick wall of a clock tower and tried blinking away the burning sensation in his eyes. His lungs left him breathless due to his hasty escape from Castle Oblivion where Axel had approached him with only a devious intention in mind. Barely ten minutes since Replica Riku had attacked him, Zexion held some satisfaction in his escape through a Corridor of Darkness to the nearest world at the time. The castle never did stay in one place too long; their location was shifted hourly.

The area seemed neither hostile nor uninhabited. Well, of course it wasn't uninhabited. He stood in a thriving little city, after all. Quiet, though. If his instincts proved correct, the town bathed in too much peace and cheer to be troubled by the Heartless. If Organization XIII ever came there before his own arrival signs of it eluded him as well.

Such a world could have been described as pure, a virgin to darkness. Zexion smirked, knowing that his own luck overcame the great probability of ending up in a world wasting away in Heartless and Nobodies. No one would threaten him here, making it the perfect little haven. Xemnas' fury would flare once he discovered Zexion had abandoned the castle basements for an unscheduled sabbatical. To the youngest of the original Nobodies, his own actions were rightly justified; everyone automatically owned the right to flee when Axel caught them weak. The Flurry of Dancing Flames almost outdid the Cloaked Schemer. Almost.

Zexion felt ready to wander about the town and plan his future actions from there when a distortion of good and bad luck occurred.

The girl appearing from around the clock tower's side was a brunette with locks twisted into curls. Upon seeing him, she jumped in a pleasantly surprised fashion.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was here."

'But I should have known that you were', Zexion briefly chastised himself for letting down his guard by not paying attention to the scents.

His roughed-up appearance made the exhaustion coursing through muscles obvious, prompting her to ask, "Are you okay?" She took a step toward him with a concerned expression. "Oh, by the way, I'm Olette."

He put more of his weight against the wall, watching her wearily. Olette seemed harmless enough, but Zexion had long dubbed human interaction a detestable waste of time. They either chose to be ignorant of what they could not see or were too innocent to even notice. Their existences were short, sad wastes that were easily forgotten with a small dose of years.

Olette paused barely two feet away, gazing up with green eyes full of curiosity. "You must be new here. You certainly don't look like anyone you would see in Twilight Town. Where are you from?"

"The south", he automatically answered, not really caring what was actually in the southern vicinity of the city. Whether it checked out with her or not mattered not an ion to him.

"The south?"


"I didn't know there was a city south of here . . ." From her expression, Zexion supposed that he could not astonish her more if he said the truth.

"It was a cozy town", he replied, making a mental memo to never use the word cozy unless necessary.

Olette nodded, feeling herself settle into this odd sort of conversation. "Well, hey, what's your name-?"

"OLETTE!" a boy with camouflage pants and a grey vest yelled, wandering around the corner, "Olette, you missed your trolley!"

His yelling made said girl jump once again in surprise and look over her shoulder. She then turned back to the stranger and saw him already walking away towards the Tram Street Commons. His dark aura stood out within the cheery air surrounding them.

"Who was that guy?" Hayner asked, now standing next to her and watching the black-coated figure saunter away.

Olette shook her head, disappointed. "I don't know. He said he's from the south." She unexpectedly jolted upright, off of the tower. "Hayner, did you say my trolley is gone?"

"More like long gone by now", he told her with a careless shrug. The teen put his arms behind his head and leaned against the clock tower's wall. "What's the big deal? You can hop on the next one in five minutes."

She shook her head, brown curls swaying. "No, it won't be back for fifteen minutes, and then it will take fifteen more minutes to get there. I'm going to be a half hour late getting home!"

"But you've always been on time", he pointed out, "so your mom can't get mad at you for just one screw up." Hayner gave her a look. "Besides, you're the only person I know who bothers to be early getting home."

His expression was ignored as she took off at a quick jog up the sloping streets to the train station. Whether the trolley going to Twilight Town's outer neighborhood hadn't departed or not, Olette needed to move even if it was only to make herself feel like she was getting anywhere. The only problem was that no matter how fast she arrived there, it would not make a difference with the trolley already departed.

Her mother would have such a fit. The lecture following her arrival home on the dangers of being out at night would state every likely and unlikely situation that could happen upon Olette; she could be kidnapped. She could be mugged. She could be raped. She could be killed. She could be shanghaied in the tunnels beneath the city and sent to do hard labor.

Careening to a halt in front of hone of the opening s to the underground tunnels, Olette hesitated at the prospect of passing through the shadowed depths. It would work as a shortcut to the train station, assuming she didn't lose her way. The Underground Concourse would be much less of an uphill challenge. Besides, nothing scary actually lurked in the dark. It was just a child's fear. Still, that short contemplation left her huffing and puffing her way through the streets.

Passing various obnoxious posers bearing the word STRUGGLE, Zexion casually strolled the streets with an attentive eye. The constant nagging of paranoia had begun to fade from his mind, but not enough to leave the Nobody off-guard. His most crucial task for the time being revolved around staying aware of scents, because those were his warnings of someone's approach.

Zexion stopped and turned around, taking a good look at the view, before he turned a corner. Again, he checked for anything that might be suspicious. The most skeptical piece of the entire scene was its own harmony. The sky appeared made of dry pastels, the soft colors matching the slow life below it. Shopkeepers had no trouble taking care of last minute customers before storing away their wares. During the daytime, the circle could very easily be envisioned as a perfect little marketplace for the masses.

He continued along the cobblestone road and relaxed once the ground became level again after five minutes of an uphill trek. No buildings other than a train station looked over the desolate area spread out in front of him. To be frank, the scene held the typical pleasant quality of the town. To be even more frank, the pleasant quality grated his last nerves.

Strolling over to the short walls lining the edge, Zexion stood with his left side facing the west's setting sun. He remained out of the sun's phenomenal reach and greatly preferred it that way. As a denizen of darkness, such characteristics of his personality were expected.

Footsteps resounded nearby, alerting him to the owner's scent; the brunette stumbled onto his location again, though he doubted her arrival at his own destination intentional. Their rendezvous would likely give him the same amount of pleasure as the last: none.

"Excuse me", a polite, if not hesitant, female voice asked. "I guess you probably heard my name back there, but I never caught yours. May I ask what it is?"

The renowned conspirator of the Organization turned to face Olette, looking down at her dispassionately. He didn't dislike her, no, but her inquiries irked him slightly, because he simply deplored answering them. Though, she did have reason to be polite. Even Zexion acknowledged that he might look a tad different from the everyday populace with his black coat and intricate hairstyle.

To match her show of politeness, Zexion knew he should grant her a reply. He opted to answer her question if not give a shake of the head. He then decided whether or not to either answer her truthfully or falsely. The idea of telling a fabricated name was unappealing due to there being absolutely no names he liked or found suiting. The Cloaked Schemer was Zexion, this the entire Organization knew. He couldn't take the risk and wasn't in the mood to fabricate a name.

Olette shifted, discomforted by his silence and having shown no gesture that he acknowledged her. A simple show of impoliteness he certainly would not have.

"I don't feel like sharing my name."

She gave him a kind smile, just as she was taught to do. "It's a pleasure to meet you anyway." Hayner pointed out every so often how she'd be excessively polite, believing manners to be her Overdrive. Her mother stressed for her to always treat people respectfully especially in the presence of strangers and acquaintances.

A few minutes of awkward silence passed with Olette trying to think of what to say next and Zexion wishing she'd leave him alone. There was only so much of someone he could stand per day.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?"

The reminder of her curfew hit her. "Thank you for reminding me! Maybe we'll see each other later!" she yelled back at him as she sprinted up the short flight of steps to the train station.

She left so quickly from his side, Zexion couldn't help but to ponder over how little Olette could pull a disappearing act as well as Axel. Then again, he guessed her to be a busybody of sorts.

He was just on the verge of leaving the way he came, one foot already in front of the other, when three new scents came to him. The Nobody turned towards the opposite direction and also made a hasty exit to elsewhere.

"Missed it by ten minutes", the man in the ticket booth told her, shaking his head in pitty.

"Could I . . .? Oh, never mind." Brainstorming grew her no good ideas.

Olette meandered to a nearby bench near the trolley cares and fell back onto it, deeply depressed over her predicament and completely at a loss for plans. She slouched forward with her elbows propped on her knees while trying to sort out the thoughts in her head. Thinking logically mad looking at the details easier; Hayner and Pence were likely in their respected homes, she didn't want to deal with Seifer's gang, and she should try to find a payphone to call home. Then the brunette would tell her parents the situation and how she'd be staying at a friend's house, a lie. Her parents would worry over nothing when she could handle this herself. She could manage the dark on her own.

With a boost in confidence, Olette stood up with every intention of getting through the night A-OK when a group of voices made her jump in surprise. Woops. There goes confidence.

"I've been drafted to baby-sit those brats tonight."

"That's gonna be a pain lookin' after cousins, y'know?"


"Only if they find the freakin' Sea Salt ice cream like last time."

"It's weird how everyone likes that junk so much, y'know?"

As the Disciplinary Committee walked farther into the station, she realized more and more how she didn't not want to deal with them. There would be too much teasing at her carelessness. She knew pride, despite some people thinking it foreign even to her, and preferred to keep it intact. Not to mention that Seifer's solution would probably be her staying over at Fuu's house that night. Nothing against Fuu, but the notion of spending a sleepover with a girl who owned a fairly odd personality left her sour.

"Pence looks like he's had one too many, y'know?"


Olette dashed as fast as her feet would allow her in summer sandals. There was a stitch in her foot by the time she jumped off the platform by a trolley and onto the track. Hiding behind the one she assumed that they'd take, Olette stayed just out of sight. They would get in the trolley, leave for their homes, and never notice her.

"Who cares? Let's just get home 'cause I've got a long night."


She held her breath while trio approached, feeling that the time was appropriate.

"Just an all-nighter."

"Stayin' up late just cause it's still summer sounds good, y'know?"


"I don't need a reason."

Their conversation was muffled during the few seconds they took to board the trolley. AS if the conductor had solely been waiting for them, the nifty public transit system moved forward on the track s until she no longer hid behind it. The amount of problems that evening left her dearly wishing to collapse into a bed. Her own, preferably. Since her wish wasn't going to be happening right then, Olette gladly settled for the couch at the Usual Spot.

She started across the tracks for the waiting platform and stumbled over the track's rail. "Oh . . ."

Seifer, standing ever so confidently on the raised platform in front of her, smirked victoriously. "So the Straight-A decided to have a kick by staying past curfew."

"So are you!" she snapped back. Her tone sounded like she didn't believe herself, which she didn't. He'd reply with something difficult to retaliate against.

"Don't' you get that I have more lead-way than you, as Disciplinary Committee Head?" he asked rhetorically, arms crossed.

Wondering how Seifer always seemed to find the nerve, she hoisted herself back on to the platform and walked right past him. "I'll be inside anyway be the time the police start the night patrols."

He turned and walked with her toward the Central Station exit. "So you'll sneak around while they're switching shifts?"

"I'm not going to sneak anywhere", she insisted, a bit insulted. "I'm going to the Usual Spot."

"Smart move, Olette", Seifer said sarcastically.

"What's so bad about it?"

"I think it's a good idea."

"Seriously, Seifer."

"Once curfew starts, you're not my problem. None of you lamers are. The police can set you up in juvey for all I care. If anything happens, it doesn't bother me."

Raped. Kidnapped. Killed. Shanghaied.

"You can't really mean what you just said!"

"Wanna bet something on it?"

Olette ran ahead to avoid him and paused at the door, turning around. "So if a girl was in trouble and you aren't on duty, then you'd completely disregard her? Or am I just special?"

"Take a guess", he answered with a nonchalant wave of the hand.

Angrily clenching and unclenching her fists, she swung open the door leading outside in order to leave. Seifer frustrated her too much, even when fully awake and aided by friends to ward him off. Her frustration kept the fear of the newly dawned night at bay. Crossing her arms, Olette rethought her resolution to not ask Seifer for help upon sudden lying seeing the dark passageway under the glowing neon 5, entrance to the Underground Concourse. The foreboding scene swept away the knowledge of electric lanterns lighting the entire set of tunnels. It was safe.

Abnormally shaped heads sat on white and pink colored bodies with no hands, yet these creatures performed card tricks with amazing expertise and not an iota of effort. Backing up against the lit-up sign telling which way Exit 3 and Exit 2 were, the fifteen-year-old brunette stared at the oddities. She didn't fully take in the trio's appearance. Doing so would require brain activity; therefore, her mind giving a complete blank was dreadfully ill timed.

Her feet, however, did not fail despite a semi-strong protest from her knees. She ran for the small set of stairs in front of her, nearly tripping in her utter haste to escape. Turning left, her eyes closed from the sudden gust of wind that hit her face as she sprinted. When the thick column to her left grazed her shoulder, Olette put a hand against it to push herself forward. A sharp swipe from one of the creatures that caught up to her startled the girl, sending her tripping over a nearby ledge overlooking an occupied corridor.

"Everyone slips up every once in a while. So, cut him some slack?"

"Axel made his intentions very clear."

"I bet if we go back to Castle Oblivion right now, this entire thing can just be smoothed over with everyone else. What do ya' say?"

"There is no one else. Our mission was a failure while we also suffered four casualties."

"Ever wonder why another word for dead is casualties? There's nothing casual about it."

"All of Organization XIII is a contradictory to that, Demyx, and do not stray from the subject at hand."

Demyx sighed, stretching a few muscles by extending his hands far above his head. His conversation skills easily passed as above decent, because the musician loved to talk. Banter helped him procrastinate inevitable things, holding said things off until the time came to do or die. And if he wasn't talking himself out of a situation, it was simply communicating with another person. Heck, Demyx even enjoyed talking to himself, really. The problem at the moment was his lack of persuasive skills. He disliked doing things other people "persuaded" (more commonly known as threatened) him to do and knew better than to be a hypocrite by doing the same thing to others. And then Axel told Xaldin who had to tell Xigbar who was ecstatic to tell the Superior that Zexion fled the coop.

"But what are ya' gonna do? Treason is the worse, especially to you founders. Don't you think they might kill you?" Demyx asked, not exactly wanting to see another Nobody fade away.

Zexion nodded. "I understand that to its greatest extent and have no desire to follow suit of Vexen. Seeing that the only half-decent decision is going to King Mickey to receive forgiveness, I had better start considering a way to show my regret to the Superior."

"So you are coming back, Zexy!" Demyx's job suddenly lost most complications.

Uncertainty flashed in Zexion's eyes. He wanted to stay far away from the Organization. Loyalty died within their ranks the day Marluxia joined and began planning a coup d'├ętat.




The elder Nobody took that as an opportune moment to disappear around the corner, requiring more time to think things over.

Because Demyx stood parallel to the ledge, Olette collided with the emerald-eyed figure before hitting the ground. She rolled away from him and clutched where her ribs came in contact with his fairly bony shoulder. Nothing felt broken or fractured, though she guessed there would be a bruise forming.

Demyx, much more accustomed to surprises and pain, sat up, crossed his legs, and hoped to get a better understanding of what happened. "Hey, what was that for?"

"Um . . ." she wearily stood up. "I thought something was chasing-"

His attention died the moment he realized Zexion's departure. "Zexion, wait! Xemnas wanted us to come back soon!" The cloaked being jumped to his feet and dashed around the corner, past Exit 4.

Wondering why the tourist population was suddenly bursting ('Tourists? I'm not even convincing myself.'), Olette started forward when two more Gambler materialized at feeling a human presence.

A startled yipe shot from her voice box and up her throat as she began running again, vanishing behind a corner towards Exit 2.

Demyx rounded back around the corner to area he last left her. "Hey, wait! You probably shouldn't be wandering around!" 'I guess she's leaving?' "There are a lot of Nobodies hanging out", he finished anyway.

Zexion took a left in the path, deciding not to take Exit 5 to his right, and entered the same room Olette had fled to prior to their third meeting. Noting the two balcony ledges and particularly thick column, he judged the room efficient in his escape from Demyx's inquiries as to his future plans. Would he return to the Organization? The question deserved attention. His colleague might be told the final decision, because the fool really did care.

Hearing fast-falling footsteps coming from the way he had recently came, the illusionist made haste to hide behind the column. He detected three scents total in the underground: Demyx, Olette, and servant Nobodies. Demyx was close as the lesser Nobodies were spread out and searching for the girl. Olette approached from a different direction than Demyx, though her progress slowed drastically at a certain point. Being a human, she wouldn't have the same endurance as a Nobody.

His ally entered seconds after these thoughts, taking the good idea to check and see if Zexion left through the nearby Exit 5. Said Nobody kept close attention to Demyx's scent in order to know just when to inaudibly edge around the column, staying out of sight. He clenched his jaw tightly as the child's game of hide-n-seek began.

Demyx looked around a bit more in that room, hoping his friend wasn't too far off. He circled around the thick center column to see the entire room. Of course, inadequate Number IX was unaware to the person scooting around the column whenever he took a few steps in one direction.

He walked over to the first opening (scoot) and looked out into the other room. Nothing to see there.

The Nobody started toward the small set of steps leading out (scoot scoot) but stopped and started walking to the other ledge-like opening that peered into the same area he met that one brunette (scoot).

Guessing Zexion wasn't in that room, he walked up the small set of stairs and towards the brightly lit-up sign (scoot scoot) reading 2: Tunnelway 3: Back Alley. The two possibilities weighed in his mind. There was also the chance of him having exited through a Corridor of Darkness. Today really wasn't a good day for a mission.

"Tunnelway . . .or Back Alley? Tunnelway . . . Or Back Alley? Zexy, what would you do-oh, right. I should be asking that anyway." Demyx held up his hand to his face, setting his chin in the curve between index finger and thumb in a thoughtful manner.

It really was kind of impossible to tell. Zexion was one smart cookie and wouldn't sweat in trying to fool kind, simple Demyx.

"Vexen should have done- oh, he's gone. Marluxia could have . . .no . . .And Larxene . . .gosh, she's not around anymore either. I wonder why everyone is just dyin' off like this. Maybe I shouldn't be trying to get Zexion to come back if everyone in Castle Oblivion is being knocked off. Maybe?" he pondered aloud to himself.

Feet scuffing the ground and course gasping to his left alerted Demyx to someone new. He immediately turned and jumped in surprise upon seeing the girl who fell on him earlier. She certainly did look worse for wear; her skin was red and warm from adrenaline while her hair was a mess from running.

The brunette collapsed at the base of the second set of stairs leading up to where he stood, feet throbbing from the effort to ascend the first set. Her curled locks fell over her shoulders and face.


Olette automatically looked up in the direction the little greeting came from. It was so odd to hear it now, right after she had been chased out of the tunnel leading to Sunset Terrace by silver and pink things. And now, that guy with the stylish mullet was back and looking at her with great curiosity. Apparently not enough curiosity to see if she was all right.

She heard her heartbeat pounding in her ears. By inhaling the concourse's frigid air, her mouth went dry, and she couldn't form saliva despite continuously swallowing. Even her eyes became hazy from the flood of trepidation. Olette was completely stricken with surprise upon first noticing the appearance of someone in a sleeveless white trench coat beside her.

A firm hand grabbed her upper arm and roughly pulled Olette to her feet. She was barely up, before he led her into the room to their right and forced her to jump with him off the raised platform. The contact with her feet and the concrete drove her to her knees, dragging Seifer down with her.

"Get up, Olette! I'm not going to freakin' carry you, got that?" his sharp voice easily cut through the ringing in her ears. He took a hold of her arm up near her shoulder and pulled her up, accidentally causing her to stumble into his shoulder.

"Ouch!" She stumbled away and raised her head, noticing a black blur looking down at them from a balcony off the main room with the column.

"Just move", he ordered, moving into a sudden sprint.

Olette held onto the hand that held her own arm when she felt herself dragged behind. She focused on moving her feet fast enough to stay near Seifer's pace, not even noticing the direction they were going in. If she had been paying any attention, then she would have seen Seifer checking to see if the odd creatures following them were going up the stairs they had left a minute ago. The two teenagers took a right and ran down a corridor until stopping at the corner where Zexion and Demyx conversed earlier.

Whilst catching her breath, Olette gazed up at Seifer. Honestly, she didn't have a clue what she should say. 'Thank you for coming' didn't seem to cut it and 'why are you here' was a tad ungrateful.

"Seifer . . ." She trailed off, words failing.

Everything happened at a ridiculous speed, and now even he fell into the mix. Sure, there weren't exactly too many people in this entire mess, those two strangers and themselves, but it truly did feel like more. Likely, those pinkish creatures were making the concourse feel especially crowded that evening.

"Just because I'm here doesn't mean anything, so don't start on those damn romantic ideas. Life's not a freakin' fairytale."

In a spiral of silver, four new beasts appeared in a semicircle trapping the couple. Zippers closing their mouths like muzzles opened to reveal enlarged razor teeth bared threateningly. Their silver bodies sway to and fro with astonishing dexterity.

Seifer jumped forward and aimed a strong punch at the nearest one's middle. His attack reached air as the target swirled in great loops around the outstretched arm before digging its claws into his skin. Pained, he brought back his arm defensively and moved to strike the one that approached his left side only to have the same results. In these few seconds, three fourths of the group danced around Seifer, assaulting in something akin to a bulling.

Her hands grabbed a hold of Seifer's arms when he stumbled back into her, feeling deep scratches marring his skin. He, meanwhile, observed the little sadists observing him biding his time. He looked up at the wall to his right, and he grinned. He'd show these punks not to mess with Seifer Almasy once Olette was safely somewhere else, and he had just the place in mind.

He spun around and crouched to the ground all in one graceful movement, causing his sleeveless trench coat to bellow out. He then continued to put both hands under her foot.

"Jump!" With that, he quickly hauled her up as high as he could toward the balcony opening above. Olette grasped the wooden front and moved so she was flat on her ribcage on top of the thin piece. The position was painful on her chest, quickly persuading her to squirm desperately when finally the wooden board was pressed against her stomach. Seifer grabbed her ankles and roughly swung her legs up so that she may fall all the way over the board acting as a guardrail of sorts.

Olette landed on the floor unevenly; her ribcage hit first while her legs came last, knees banging against each other sorely. She saw two pink juggler-creatures jaunting into the room and moved to stand. Her body didn't cooperate and she, instead, ended up flopping like a fish. The need to move and run became even more evident when she realized the same person she met twice that day watching from the column.

Someone kindly pulled her to her feet and easily supported her. She didn't need to look up before hearing his name.


"Zexion?" a more human, less severe, voice responded in a confused tone. Demyx loosened his grip on the girl and barely caught Olette before she swayed toward the ground.

Zexion approached the two, blocking her view of the pink creatures that stood warily away from them. He took in the minor situation at hand and shrugged. "Dump her."

"Just like that? But won't they-" he nodded towards the lesser Nobodies "-try to ake-tay er-hay eart-hay?"

"They'll what?" she breathed out, unable to manage more.

"Hey, Zexy, I think she understood me!" Demyx exclaimed in excitement.

He suppressed a headache, replying, "Everyone knows Pig Latin. And as for her heart, it is the Organization's goal to collect hearts."

"Yeah, I know, and does this mean you're coming back?" he asked, hopeful.

His shoulders fell, pondering the question again. Slowly, he turned to enter a Corridor of Darkness.

"Are you coming?"

I ran through the entire chase scene in the game and it does make sense as long as you know the Underground Concourse's map. Hopefully, you, my dear sweet readers, enjoyed this.

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