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Chapter 2: Hippo Lagoon

Arms spread out in either direction to keep himself balanced; his feet went one in front of the other before taking a shaky leap to lower branch. The branch bent under Demyx's weight, nearly dumping him onto the forest floor down below. He continued to run forward, balancing himself along the way. His hands reached forward to finally grasp the giant trunk of a tree.

Arms encircling what they could of the trunk, he breathed a sigh of relief. Demyx carefully lowered himself onto the thick branch for a few minutes to rest, keeping one hand on the trunk.

"Zexion asks if I'm coming, and I'm like 'hey, yeah. I'm there for you, pal.' Then, he runs away and I'm back at square one!" Demyx loudly complained, earning an odd look from a nearby monkey. Noticing the creature, he turned to speak with it. "I'm a good friend, and good friends always back their friends up, right? But since we're not technically friends, is it okay that I'm trying to get him to go back to the Organization when he feels like they're out to kill him? Well, at least he thinks Axel is. So, think it's still okay?"

The brown-furred beast jumped onto a swinging vine and scurried upward into the highest portion of the canopy. Looking around, he noticed plenty of the same type of vines hanging motionlessly from the tree tops to the far bottom. There had to be a better way down, though. He looked down to estimate how far he sat from the ground.

Wild plants clustered together on the floor, shaking as wild animals silently made their away under their fat leaves. The twittering coming from beneath the foliage couldn't be connected to any animals the Nobody knew. A few colorful birds darted under before flittering upwards, a few getting caught in what appeared to be a bird-eating spider's web located on a lower branch. Higher, thicker branches blocked the sunlight from reaching any farther than where he sat. The various levels of jungle beneath his sitting place turned blacker and blearier before ever reaching the dirt-covered bottom of the Amazon-esque world.

Demyx estimated the ground was quite a ways down.

Understanding what he must do, he removed his gloves, sticking each into its respective pocket. "No problem", he reassured himself. Bare fingers dug into the deep cracks in the bark. A foot cautiously scraped against the wood before finding a secure hold.

"I'm really not sure about this", he told himself. Looking down again, he noticed another branch not too high above him, situated near a long, healthy vine falling to the jungle floor. Digging his toes deeper into the tree with each step, he focused solely on climbing.

The process went one hand, the other hand, one foot, and the other foot. At several points, his body was either uncomfortably stretched or forced to curl up.

Being a Nobody, he experienced no great loss of energy by the time he reached a platform of thick moss and branches. Demyx checked his hands for splinters before deciding whether to put his gloves on or not. Pulling them out of his pockets, he casually glanced at whatever happened to be eyelevel.

"Zexion?" he said, staring long and hard at a dark figure standing on a far-off platform similar to the one under his feet.

The figure quickly turned his head in Demyx's direction and dropped to a hunched stance. He cautiously crawled on feet and hands into better light.

"Oo oo ee ah oo", said this man in a language either made up on the spot or having to do with some species either than human or Nobody.

Demyx scratched his head, thankful he found someone yet disappointed it wasn't someone who spoke English. "Okay, not Zexion." The person he found wore a loincloth, owned an unruly length of long hair, and must have spent his entire life in the sun considering his tan.

Understanding that the black coated fellow spoke a friend's language, Tarzan easily climbed up the vines always hanging from the canopy to the same branch the stranger stood.

Demyx held up his hands as if it would keep him at bay. "Hey, warn me, okay?"

The ape-man stood up and gestured toward himself. "Tarzan." The other man didn't respond. "My name."

Demyx dropped his arms and nodded. "So you're Tarzan?"

Tarzan gave a sharp nod.

"Okay, I'm Demyx."

"De-mix. Dem-ix", he tried out the name.

"That's right." 'What a weird guy.' "Have you seen anyone else in a black coat around here?"

Tarzan didn't respond. He remained crouched on the branch, eyebrows together in a focused expression. Sharply exhaling, he wiggled his toes for a better grip on the bark. Still, nothing was said.

"He covers one of his eyes with his hair and is probably in a bad mood", Demyx offered. When he didn't see any reaction, he asked, "Maybe you've seen a short girl with brown hair?"

"Friend? Jane?" Tarzan asked.

His voice was laced with such recognition, Demyx felt hopeful. Then again, he didn't exactly remember that girl's name. Everyone seemed too busy for introductions, but that blonde kid she was with might've said her name. So, there was a minor chance her name was Jane.

"Can you help me find her?" he asked. The Nocturne preferred finding his superior but, as the saying goes, one is better than none.

Tarzan replied, "Yes" before hopping back onto the canopy's randomly hanging vines and deftly began climbing down. Demyx carefully edged forwards on the branch.

He called down, "I don't think that way's going to work!"

Misunderstanding the other's problem, Tarzan threw a vine over to him to catch. He continued descending from there.

Demyx grabbed the vine he was given and looked down. "I really don't want to do this. I'm definitely the wrong guy for this one."

'Are you coming?'

'I'm coming.'

During every summer since she entered junior high, Olette suffered at least one back to school nightmare. That would be the only nightmare she experienced all year. Last night's, though, she dreamt up two nightmares. In the first, Seifer was fighting these silver things and two men in black coats were kidnapping her. Then in her next dream, she forgot to bring her schedule on the first day and ended up sitting in the back of the cafeteria. Usually her nightmares were lukewarm frightening, and Olette was perfectly okay with that. The first one, though, was too disturbing. It only increased in its fright factor when she opened her eyes and discovered she dreamt up only one nightmare.

She saw dusty light brown rock under her body and realized it formed into what she considered a mini-cliff. Second, she heard water. Raising her head, Olette could see a colossal waterfall rising over a wall of brush topping another cliff walling off the jungle floor. She'd seen photographs of beautiful things like that in her science textbooks, but here it was real.

She deeply inhaled and held her breath. Her wide green eyes looked over everything in her vision. Anything that could move and breathe wasn't found, to her relief. She started breathing again.

Olette sat up and used an arm to support herself. Remembering what her mother taught her to do in scary situations, she kept her thoughts simple. 'Demyx, that guy who was holding me, must have brought me hear. Why? I'm in a jungle. There isn't a jungle anywhere near home.' "Where am I?"

A toucan squawked from somewhere in the trees.

"Rationalize", she told herself. "Rationally thinking, I still don't get why I'm in a jungle!" What she needed was a plan of action. Olette went through the list in her head; survival required food, water, and shelter. Water wasn't far off ('It's only over a cliff.'), being in girl scouts taught her which berries to eat ('But only the type growing in forests, not jungles .'), and she was stumped on the last item.

Her knees shook as she raised herself to stand. Honestly, she didn't want to stand. She didn't feel like, want, or care to move. It just seemed so much easier to sit there and wait for someone to find her. Olette was a practical girl and knew better. If she did as she wanted then night would roll around, and she'd die. The brunette kept her mind firmly off of what manner she would be killed, because it involved teeth and claws. Or, she could freeze to death.

Shuffling to the edge, she cautiously leaned far enough to see estimate the height. It was hard to tell, but the ground looked to be twenty feet down. She didn't put too much faith in her estimate. Olette could use a ruler as well as the next person, but she experienced difficulties with measurements otherwise.

She turned to her left and took three slow, short steps to find a way to the ground. Not at all far away, the rock formed a crude stairway downward. The only thing between her and that easy solution was a sudden crevice reaching to the ground. It was hard to guess how far the jump would be. Olette decided it would be too far. That was her luck, after all. She wondered if anything or anyone in the world was on her side.

Other than that, there were two ways to go. There was no third way, because she was backed up against the cliff wall. One way included jumping and hoping she didn't estimate the height properly. The other way, to her relief, involved climbing down the thick trunk of a fallen tree. Greenery already grew all over the wood to make natural footholds for her.

Olette, feeling insecure approaching the small cliff's edge, crawled to the beginning of the trunk on hands and knees. Turning with her back to the edge, her left leg slowly extended until the toe of her shoe scraped the moss. Her left hand fumbled for a halfway decent hold on the wood, made difficult by the locks of hair falling in her eyes. The school girl quickly turned her head, flipping curls over her shoulder. Ready, she brought her other foot over to switch her weight completely onto the tree trunk.

The moss instantly sent her sliding down the wood and rolling across cold dirt and grass. Splinters dug into where they could and the world to her had no differentiation between up and down as she rolled every which way. The abrupt accident left her stunned until she rolled to a halt. Then, the teen noticed a severe pain in her ribs. Next came her headache, followed quickly by an overall soreness, and last, the splinters' sting.

She gave herself a minute to wallow in this pain and misery. Crying certainly did sound wonderful, but Olette wouldn't lower herself. Now she stood on her own feet.

Her shoes were on moss, and moss was slippery, so she fell. Completely understandable, she thought. Shifting her body beforehand, Olette experimentally raised herself into a sitting position. The results relieved her; nothing was broken.

Dusting herself off, a bubble of pride for how she handled herself rose in her chest. Sure, she could do this. No problem.

'Didn't I say that before I was nearly killed in the underground concourse?'

"So, where did you say you were from again?" Jane asked while pouring her guest another cup of tea. It was good to finally see the china used for something more than decoration.

"A city south of here", Zexion replied, placing a single sugar cube in his tea.

The woman placed the teapot at the center of the table and sat down in her own chair. "Is it on the mainland?"

"Yes, the south." He took a small gulp, not caring about the steam.

As memory coming to mind, Jane set her teacup back on its plate. "Oh, you mean South Africa! I haven't been there since I was a little girl with Daddy. It was the same trip where I saw my first giraffe."

Not entirely listening, the Nobody politely nodded. He cared more about the tea than his hostess. Though honestly, it was good tea.

"Why have you come to the island?" Jane asked, taking a careful sip of her tea afterward. "Have you also come to study the gorillas?"

Zexion honestly wondered if she truly believed those were his plans. "An associate of mine arrived here several hours ago, and I need to find him before I leave."

"A friend of yours? Well, don't worry. Tarzan might have found him or maybe even the gorillas", she assured him.

Since he arrived, all signs pointed towards Jane being a tad gorilla-obsessed. Her doubtful mental health didn't seem threatening. Also, Zexion could feel heaviness in his limbs indicating fatigue. The realization did not come as a surprise. Still, he knew it would not hurt to stay longer. Even Nobodies needed rest. He slowly lifted his teacup from the saucer and drank in whatever remained.

Jane took notice and asked, "Are you sure you're all right? You look like you could use a rest."

He hated to rely on anyone's hospitality, which seemed too much like intruding. Zexion could not even guess how many hours passed since he fled from Castle Oblivion. He suffered insomnia during his rest nearly twelve hours before his encounter with Axel. The fall from the adrenaline rush produced by his battle with Riku and escape from the boy's replica reduced his energy to nearly nothing. The Nobody barely believed he managed to climb the steep streets of Twilight Town and navigate the jungle floor. Now, his muscles went numb with exhaustion and mind dulled by a mild headache.

"There's a cot in the tent if you would like to rest for a bit", she offered.

A bed sounded enticing. Before allowing himself the luxury, he did a scent-check of the island. A long, deep breath was all he needed to know there were leopards, elephants, monkeys, and Jane's favorite: gorillas. Three other scents stood out from the majority. Likely they were human, except Demyx. Zexion knew the scents of his colleagues well. From what he could tell, the younger Nobody approached the camp with one of the humans.

"I can't", he admitted. If his heart were with him at the time, he knew it surely would ache with longing for rest. Since he lived without one, the yearning was not an issue and could be forced into the back of his mind.

"But you really do look like you could use one", Jane said, truly concerned. She barely took a moment to wonder why he turned down her offer when two figures came around the stacks of crates. "Tarzan! Oh, and would this be your friend?"

Zexion, eyes closed and on the verge of falling asleep, gave a lazy nod.

Jane smiled at the new visitor and said, "Then you're welcome to join us for tea."

"Thanks!" Demyx barely took a moment to take a seat. He accepted the cup of tea she offered and immediately downed it. "Uh, could I have something cold instead? Climbing vines is great and all, but I'm drained."

"Your friend was just saying how tired he was. Perhaps both of you should stay for a while. Once you get out there, in the jungle, you certainly do have to stay alert. Never know what's going to sneak up behind you", she said, stirring the sugar in her tea with a miniature spoon.

"Thank you for the tea, Jane", Zexion said, ignoring her comments.

"Oh, you're quite welcome." She took a sip of tea. "Is it just the two of you on your expedition?"

"Expedition for what?" Demyx asked.

"To study the gorillas."

"We're traveling", Zexion tiredly explained.

"Oh, so it's just the two of you?" she asked, interested.

Zexion opened his eyes and barely turned his head to watch Demyx. The nocturne sat with his mouth slightly open, on the verge of saying something but the words momentarily escaped his mind. He closed his mouth, glanced at Zexion, and took a breath as if to speak. Again, his mouth was open and nothing came out for several seconds before he finally found the answer.

"Uh—oh,well, I guess it's just us", Demyx announced, happy to finally give the answer and be out of the unwelcome spotlight.

The elder Nobody accepted the answer, as did Jane. Each person took a moment to enjoy a short silence and their tea.

Tarzan, meanwhile, sat on the crates. As much as the Porters insisted he give tea a chance, the ape-man never took to the beverage. During this tea time, he surveyed the area. He learned from Kerchack's example to always keep vigilant. Therefore, he was the first to notice their final visitor dragging her feet as she moved towards the camp.

Olette looked fairly decent for someone who fell from a mini-cliff and rolled on the ground, collecting dirt as she did so. Her curls, surprisingly, survived the abuse as did her clothes. Her garments remained free of rips and tears. A pale bruise developed on her upper right arm. Overall, her condition was nothing a little dusting off could cure. The only injured part of her was her spirit. Liveliness came back to her once she caught sight of her two kidnappers.


All three looked over at her. Demyx and Jane gave wide-eyed stares. Zexion became somewhat more awake then fully when he noticed her gaze focused on him. Obviously, there would be another person trying to kill him today.

Stalking up to the table with her fingers curved to make angry little fists, she thought of all the things she wanted to scream in his face. The Twilight Town girl wanted to scream about missing her trolley, about Seifer being a jerk, about Seifer probably dying, and about where in the world he took her. A horrible little part of her just wanted to slap him (embarrassingly enough, that was as violent as she got).

By the time she reached the table, Olette froze. Zexion suffered from fatigue, but he hid it away to give a glare. He hadn't slept in over twenty-four hours. He listened to an English woman give her life story. He nearly died by the hands of a replica commanded to kill him by a lower Organization member. No, he was not in the mood for whatever qualms the girl had with the situation. And no, she was not going to give him a lecture on it.

A disheartened Olette averted her eyes to the only woman of the group. Jane recovered from her original shock and offered the chair between herself and Demyx.

"Why don't you have a sit and join us for tea?" she said, already preparing the young girl a cup of tea. "My name is Jane, by the way."

She obediently, though gracelessly, plopped into the chair and kept her eyes trained on the tablecloth.

'I shouldn't have been so forward', she criticized herself, giving a mental kick. 'The louder you scream, the less anyone will listen. So, I need to start over and more politely.'

When Jane offered the teacup, Olette graciously accepted it with a smile and "thank you". She took several polite sips from it to put her in better cheer.

"I don't know if you still remember me, but I'm Olette", she began, looking at Zexion.

Noticing someone addressed him, he willed himself to sit up straighter and to suppress his exhaustion. He said nothing.

Wishing this wouldn't be a one-sided conversation, she continued. "The last time I was awake was in the underground concourse. But, where are we?" The question was directed at both Nobodies.

"We're in the Deep Jungle, dear", Jane replied instead.

"Then where is Twilight Town?" Olette demanded to know, desperate.

"Twilight Town? I don't believe that's anywhere in Africa." Jane thought it over. "Surely isn't in England either. Is it in Europe?"

She blinked. "Where?"

"Or America?"

The distressed brunette slowly said, "I've never heard of any of those places in geography class."

Demyx pretended to find his tea to be fascinating, and Zexion leaned back in his chair. They could tell where this conversation was leading. The eldest stood up to leave. The other followed suit as they began making a quick exit.

"Then where am I-hey, where are they going?"

Before disappearing behind the crates, Demyx stopped, scratched the back of his head, and replied, "We'll be back later, okay?"

Olette dumbly stared after them as they left. "Okay." 'I wonder where else there is to go in a jungle. I still need them to tell me what happened. I hope they don't go far.' Then it hit her; they weren't coming back, idiot. "Wait!"

She carefully set down her teacup and made sure not to kick the chair on its side when she stood up to give chase. Another chase scene sounded abhorrent, but they were probably her only way home. Besides, something did not add up if an A+ student didn't know any of the continents Jane mentioned. Nothing added up at all.

Rounding the crates, her waist collided with a table holding Bunsen burners, test tubes, and vials of unknown liquids. She saw the other two disappear into a dark tunnel of brush leading from the camp. A familiar swoosh of dark portals signaled the appearance of Heartless. Two faceless creatures with wands and four blue monkeys with wide yellow eyes appeared on the scene. They didn't look as unfriendly as the silver creatures who attacked Seifer, but they still didn't look any more benevolent.

"RAAAGH", Tarzan roared, leaping from the crates and thrusting his spear at the Wizard nearest Olette. It died and dispersed into wisps of darkness before the wild man drew the rest into a fight, swinging his spear and attacking more like a beast than the real beasts.

"Over here!" Olette looked over her shoulder to see Jane by the canvas tent, waving her hand. "It's safe inside!"

She didn't need to hear it twice; her feet carried her into the tent before any thought of the two strangers entered her mind. The closing of the canvas entrance gave her a long moment to catch her breath.

"That certainly was scary. Don't worry, though, dear", Jane assured her. "Ever since Sora stopped by a little while ago, we only see those types of monkeys once every week."

Forcing herself to calm down, she replied, "Too bad they showed up now."

"They seem to really be attracted to wherever humans are, so they might have sensed a larger group here than usual and decided to stop in." She took their intruders entrance all too well.

Olette numbly nodded and seated herself on the cot. She needed time to think over her situation. She needed time to figure out what to do. She needed time to realize those two guys (whose names she really did need to learn) were getting away.

Stumbling to stand up, Olette clumsily made her way to the flap and looked up at Jane. "Is it safe?" she asked, afraid.

The woman pulled back the flap and peered outside. "I believe it's clear."

Relieved, the school girl threw the flaps all the way open. She avoided colliding into the lab table and dashed for the tunnel, shouting over her shoulder, "Thanks for the tea!"

"Careful out there, and good luck!" Jane called back from the tent entrance, waving goodbye.

And then, the cold and dark of the jungle covered Olette as she entered and ran further, deeper, along the path. The temperature dropped dramatically from what it was in the sun. The light from the camp stayed at her back but forward she could see nothing. She could hear the dry dirt crunching under her feet while slowing to a quick and cautious gait. The canopy could be heard rustling from a strong wind, giving her a chill up her spine.

It was the first time the fact dawned on her that she wandered around in a jungle. A real jungle filled with lions and tigers and bears. Oh my.

Her abductors rested in the small lagoon nearby. Apparently, a family of purple hippos also found it a great place to rest day in and day out. Zexion and Demyx sat at the base of a tree with thick vines acting as a ladder to the treetops. Neither spoke. The musician hummed a song and drummed his fingers on tree roots sticking out of the ground. The other had almost nodded off.

"Hey, Zexion, where are we going next?"

He cleared his voice. "We are not going anywhere together."

"But I can't go back to the Organization and tell them—heck, I don't know what to tell them!"

"Feel free to use your imagination."

"But what's wrong with me traveling with you?" he continued trying to convince the other, not wanting to return. If he failed this mission, well, Demyx tried to avoid thinking about it. "I'll go wherever you want to go. No questions except one; where do you want to go?"

That was the question. Zexion knew of many worlds yet none sounded appealing at the time. His time away from the Organization would not be a vacation. This new freedom required a purpose to accompany it. He still wanted to find his heart, but the scientist could not fathom where to find it. An actually possible plan would be what, he wondered. A Nobody's only purpose was to find his heart and return to his original form as a human, to be Ienzo again. Otherwise, there wasn't anything else. These thoughts led him to a dead end, it seemed. Anything else he tried to do would be a waste.

He remained quietly in denial of that last thought. Zexion needed more time to formulate his plan.


"Give me time to think."

"Oh, okay." Demyx easily took the reply as answer enough. He noticed the original six Nobodies did plenty of thinking, even before picking whether they wanted their egss scrambled or sunny-side up for breakfast. This conundrum would take several days, maybe weeks. "Do you hear something?"

Olette came sprinting out of the tunnel screaming and shaking her head wildly. "Get it off! This is too much! Just get it off!"

He let a pregnant pause pass before replying, "You mean that?"

Demyx ran up to help her yet kept his distance from her. From their point of view, this girl had gone wild.

"Get what out of your hair?" he finally asked. "You look fine to me."

She paused in her panic and ran her fingers through her hair. The imagined beast was just that-imagined. Paranoia and a suddenly overactive imagination got the better of her. Olette lowered her arms to her sides and smiled apologetically at the guy who tried helping her.

"I guess I got a little scared. Thank you for helping me." She didn't believe her situation could have become more humiliating.

"It's okay. The worst you did was wake up Zexion." He jabbed his thumb in the direction of the tree his friend leaned against.

Olette looked in the indicated direction. With his coat, Zexion blended well with shadows. The pale skin of his neck and face were all that stood out other than his hair. She also noticed he was staring at her as if she were a loon. Why could she never make a good impression on anyone other than her teachers, she wondered.

"So you're Zexion?" she confirmed. The mysterious man's name was known at last.

"Yeah", said Demyx. "And I'm Demyx. Olette, right?"

"Yeah." She nodded.

Number IX entertained a notion for a second before proposing it. "How about she come with us?"

"I'm on the verge of leaving both of you here", the elder replied.

"Then don't take me", she said. "Just let me go home."

Zexion stood up and walked until he stood near the two. Arms crossed, he considered it. "Your home world is too close to our world, and we were there too recently." His arms uncrossed and rested at his sides. "Returning now would be bad."

The other man tilted his head curiously. "How bad?"


"That doesn't sound too bad."

"It is."

"Oh. I guess that means Olette will just have to stick with us for now." Demyx shrugged as if the problem had been settled.

"But I don't want to travel anywhere with you!" she strongly objected. "I just want to go home to Twilight Town." Her last sentence came off weak and desperate.

"If you want to leave so badly-" A corridor of darkness was summoned "-then go."

Olette stared into the great swirling mass between Demyx and Zexion. The latter watched her impassively and the former looked ready to bite his nails in anticipation to see if she would venture inside.

"W-where would that take me?" she asked.

"Maybe to your home", Number VI replied. He took some pleasure in her fear of the darkness.

The longer she stared into the bleak nothing, the more Olette felt sucked in. Other than the random purple wisps, the void contained purely darkness. The closer she edged the less heat remained until she saw her own breath. From there, she didn't dare go a step closer. She gave up. Demyx got his wish.

"Well, it is the beginning of summer", she breathlessly said. "I have some free time."

Olette yelped when she felt a hand on her back give a rough push towards the abyss. Another pair of hands grabbed her arm to pull her away.

"Hey, she said she'd come", Demyx told him.

"I never agreed", Zexion replied. "Why are you so insistent?"

"I think it would be fun to have a pet human."

"But I'm a human. I can't be someone's pet!" She realized humans have been used as pets but of a different sort. Her eyes widened.

Zexion caught on to the misunderstanding. "If you wanted a pet, then get a dog."

He gave his argument a minute's worth of thought. "Would you prefer to travel with a dog or-" He gestured to Olette-"her?

The schemer hated today. "If she is ever a liability, then she's dead."

Her jaw dropped. "I thought I'd get to go home!"

Demyx gave her a pat on the shoulder and nervously whispered, "Don't push it. He's really grumpy today."

Hoping for better luck, Zexion started into the corridor.

"Wait, I thought you said that went back to my home", said Olette. She gave the portal another uneasy look. "How does that thing work?"

"Corridors of darkness are used to travel in between the worlds", he explained.

"Whole other worlds?" She heard them talk about other worlds before, but this was the first time she listened. Olette mentally chided herself for not paying enough attention. "That's impossible."

Zexion didn't waste time explaining the entire network. Instead, he stepped farther into the portal until it swallowed him whole.

"Okay, you next, Olette!" Demyx gave her a push into the portal. "And don't worry about Zexion. Just do everything we say and you'll be okay!"Before she could object, the girl was gone and the last of the group entered. Behind him, the portal closed.

She was shanghaied.

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