Wesley Crusher

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It was a normal day with the crew flying through space heading to Starfleet headquarters for a small convention. Everyone was in his or her normal positions. Wesley Crusher was punching in commands for the computer and after a few minutes, he stopped and looked at the big scene in front of him. Then he slightly dropped his head forward. From behind, it looked to Captain Picard that he was still looking at the screen. Except Wesley had drifted off to sleep sitting up.

"Ensign, warp 8," Captain Picard said to Wesley.

There was a small pause.

"Ensign, warp 8," he said again.

Wesley didn't say, aye captain, since he was sleeping.

Data looked over and walked quickly to Wesley.


"Yes?" he asked disorientated.

"Captain Picard said warp 8. Are you okay? You look tired," Data said.

"Yeah, just a little sleepy," Wesley said punching in warp 8.

Data returned back to his seat and Wesley turned around facing the captain.

"Sorry sir, just a little sleepy. It won't happen again, sir," Wesley said.

"It better not," Captain Picard replied.

After few minutes, Wesley turned around again.

"Sir, with your permission, may I take a nap in my quarters?"

"Of course," the captain replied back.

As Wesley started walking up the ramp toward the elevator, he suddenly collapsed.