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So, this is before the Nightmare episode and what I thought that would happen if Sam ever returend to Stanford, how that would happen. It has a twist like always, but it's still not my best. Hope you all enjoy.

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Back in Black

By: chocolate rules

Chapter 1: Back in the back of a Cadillac (1/12)

Disclaimer: I own them, and they say hi...lol...thanks to the CW...Chapter titles are lyrics to the ACDC song of the story title. Great song!!!

They sat in an uncomfortable silence. Since they had entered the California state line's Sam had withdrawn. Dean was understanding and had made no attempt to ask the younger about his latest peril.

Sam had another vision two nights ago. And the night before that and the night before that, too. He kept trying to pawn it off as a regular, everyday, naked in class nightmare.

Two nights ago he awoke in cold sweat. He was screaming at the top of his lungs and he could barely make out Dean's calming words. Through his tear stained eyes, he grabbed Dean in a tight unexpected hug until he calmed. Thankfully, Dean had returned the hug and had not tossed Sam aside. When he was calmer, Sam leaned towards Dean's ear and barely whispered, "We have to head back towards Stanford, Dean."

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