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Back in Black

By: chocolate rules

Epilogue: Back In Black

Sam hugged Lisa for the third time. She was crying. Again. They had saved them two days ago and they had decided to leave today.

They had already explained to the girls that who they had seen was not in fact Barry. For one, Barry was not that tall. Or brave. Or fast. And when was the last, or first really, time that they could remember Barry with a girl? More to that, willingly?

So the girls had seen their fault in that. They still couldn't really grasped the concept of the Ballenger creature, but that's okay cause Sam was kinda lost on that too.

Dean leaned back on the driver's door to the one of a kind, priceless, precious metal that is the '67 Chevy Impala. He had missed her.

Sam said his goodbye from besides him. They looked the girls over one more time and then Dean opened the driver's door and made to get in.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked stopping him instantly.

Dean's side was bandaged where Evil Barry had ripped at his chest. His tight shoulder had dislocated from the tussle and he'd broken his pinky. No one knew how on that one.

In short, he was in shape to drive.

"Uh, driving," Den said, because hello Sammy that's obvious.

"No your not." So, not obvious to little brother, got it.

"Well, I've got my keys and I'm thinking yeah, I am." Sam frowned.

Sam reached into his back pocket where he was sure that he had placed the keys just that morning. Sure enough, they were gone. Damn, but Dean's quick.

"Fine, you crash your car, there'll be like a million bumps and scratches that'll take at least a week to get out. Then on top of all that, either you die and I think forget, ditch the old hag; or I die and try explaining that to dad."

Dean frowned and gave his kid brother a hell of a glare. Not that Sam could be scared, because he grew up with sad glare and that one would never hurt him. Dean would look oddly calmed when he struck out to Sam, like he was holding it all in. Just like Dean was known to do.

"Old hag?" Sam rolled his eyes.

"Dude, it's older that you are."

"She can't help her maturity. And keep at it, and your walking."

"Explain that to Dad too," countered Sam with a smug look on his face.

Dean tossed the keys to his head.

The brothers entered the car, settled in, and waved the girls goodbye.

They sat in the car mainly in silence if not for the chord of Ted Nugent that filled it. Sam couldn't help thinking back to his original nightmare. He had been so spooked to see Jess there that he had almost wanted her to be in that car. Not that he wanted to see her die in a whole new way again, but he wanted to save her. He'd never let himself live that down that he couldn't save her. What kind of boyfriend allowed such a disaster to happen?

What kind of a crappy excuse for a hunter was he? No wonder that John was so worried that he would get himself killed out here.

Sam knew nothing! Apparently, all he knew to do was react. As far as hunts go, he'd never done one solo. He'd always had had to listen to their father and then Dean on hunts. Trusting the more experienced men to lead him and all the victims to safety.

Like Jess had trusted him.

"Dude, quit thinking so hard, you're giving me a headache."

Sam twisted around quickly. Sure enough, Dean still had his head leaned down on the seat and looking to all of the world like he was sleeping.

"Dean?" he asked in a whispered.

"Who else, Einstein? What you think above the freaky assed vision, you're hearing voices too?"

Sam smiled at him. He wasn't sure if Dean's eyes were opened or closed behind the sunglasses, but he knew he'd be able to feel it.

"Quit smiling and look where you're driving. If you scratch her, I'll kill you. And Dad will totally understand," he quickly countered.

Sam focused again on the road but the thoughts came crawling back.

"Dude, I told you to stop thinking so hard," Dean moaned groggily. If he wasn't sleeping before, then he was about to be.

"I'm not."

"Sammy, you grip at the wheel any harder, and it's coming off."

Sam looked down to his hands. Sure enough, it looked like he was trying to make the wheel a part of his hand. He let go of the wheel and relaxed his grip on it. There, that even felt better, more in control.

They sat in silence again, making Sam think that his brother had finally drifted off to sleep. So, again, he was shocked when he spoke up again.

And even more shocked at the words.

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry? For what?" Sam glanced between him and the road; they were taking some pretty sharp curves.

"Sorry you have those damn visions. Sorry that they had to lead you back here."

Sam chanced a lingering look at his brother.

"Are you sleep talking?"

"Naw," Dean said with a snort. "I really am sorry. Take it for what it is, kid."

"There's nothing for you to be sorry about. You don't give me the visions Dean."

Dean straightened up in the seat and took off the sunglasses. They had been driving for almost an hour now, but neither had any real idea about where they would be heading now.

"Yeah, well neither do you. And yet, you still find it that much easier to blame yourself for everything that happens in them. You can't control the future, Sammy, even if you might sometimes see it."

"Dean, it's not like that."

"So, you're not thinking about Jess?" Dean asked flat out.

Sam sat silently. Of course he was. He was back at Stanford for Christ sakes. He met Jess here and they'd gone to classes and cafes and movies…he'd seen here die here.

"I'm really sorry about Jessica. I know I've said it like a million times already and that it really don't mean anything anymore, but still."

Sam remained silent. He had in fact heard Dean said those things about a million times just after they left Stanford the first time. He couldn't think of anything to say then, and he sure as hell couldn't think now.

"Sammy, you can't let it eat up at you. It'll kill you. Too much anger, kiddo. You're not good at keeping things in. never have been. I'd tell ya to stop at the next bar and drink your worries away or something, but I'm afraid that'd turn you into an alcohol, you really can't hold you liquor you know. Besides, I sure as hell won't let you drive drunk, and we both know that I'm outta it to drive."

Dean was rambling, Sam knew that, but it was better than the silence and Dean knew that.

"So, here's what I'm gonna let you do. I'm going to let you drive until you're so exhausted that you'll crash like the dead tonight." Sam couldn't help but laugh at that. It had been his plan exactly.



"It's…easier than before, you know? Just, not easy."

"Remember back at Lawrence, when you asked me how I was doing?"


"Well, let's just say that I was a complete mess. Still would be if we go back. The first time though, I was four, you know. I got it, but I never really got it. Like, I knew that we'd never be back, that Mom was gone and all, but it never really sunk it. You can go back and just imagine how things were. All the things I've told you and the picture, they helped you feel something there, right?" Sam nodded.

"Twenty years later man, and I still felt like bawling my eyes out. I mean, there was Mom, you know. And then she was gone again. Just like that. To see her in there, just how she looked that night. Walking out of there with you again, it was like eerie. I could almost see little me running besides me, you know. Like my path or something.

"Dad wasn't there this time, that was different. I almost," Dean paused. Sam looked over at him, but Dean's looking out of the window. He's rambling, but he can't stop it. Sam wants him to continue, knows he will now that he's started, but won't get involved. That'd make Dean shut out immediately.

"I almost felt like he was there," Dean continued. "I mean, I called him. He very well could have been but was lurking in the shadows. Sometimes, it feels like he is. But, being twenty-seven, seeing Mom again, being there again, it brought it all back. And Sammy, I don't think it gets easier to go back, or to leave. I think it just gets easier to deal with it."

Sam glanced back at Dean as he placed his sunglasses back on and leaned down on the seat again.

"Don't forget to fill her up," Dean said as he wiggled into a comfortable enough position.

"And stop thinking so hard." Sam smiled back at the road. Dean was right, as usual. He took a deep breath, glanced at the retreating road behind him.

He had never told Dean, but he had seen Jess that night. Just like when they left Charlie behind. He had seen her as they drove away from their house. How had Jess found it? Maybe she really was always with him. Bet she likes Dean.

The stranger thing was that she was in his bedroom window. The eerie thing was that his mom had been besides her. And then they had disappeared.

An hour later, Sam remembered to call in Barry's disappearance to the cops. He made sure to block the number because he didn't want to be called in about when they found him. Or if they didn't. Hey, at least he'd tried. His conscious was clear.

The End.

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