Yeah, so...each of these are drabbles of 69 or 70 words. Enjoy.
Tamaki was the center of attention. If anyone else was even noticed, Tamaki was either more than a hundred yards away or dead. If Tamaki wasn't the center of attention, he began to think instead of react, and everyone knew that Tamaki and thinking don't mix.

If he wasn't going to make a big-super-amazing-fudge-covered-mega impression on everyone he met, why had he left his mother in the first place?

Kyouya was invisible, the shadow king of the Host Club. The only way to find him was to follow the sound of his scratching pen.

He didn't want attention. What he craved… What he collected were the people who didn't need to hear his pen scratching to know that he was there, and exactly where to find him if he was.

The first of his collection had been Tamaki himself.

Hikaru and Kaoru were two people and one person and so they shared their two needs between them. They needed everyone to give them space, make room for the Inside world as they went past, and they needed someone – perhaps more than one, but not many, not yet – to become a part of the Inside world.

But the person inside their world had to stay back, too, of course.

Mori had only one need, because he was one person. The thing he required was a smooth path, not for himself but for his Mitsukuni. When the path was not smooth and his Mitsukuni was unhappy, Mori was unhappy.

So, to give his Mitsukuni a smooth path, Mori would make his own as bumpy as necessary.

And, naturally, his Mitsukuni couldn't know just how bumpy his was. Not ever.

Hunny wanted a harder life, because for a couple of years he had had to struggle and fight and he had felt alive. Now, all he had to focus on was cake and sugar and other sweeties.

But, Takeshi was trying so hard all the time, and making his own life more difficult, that Hunny couldn't bear to say his want out loud.

Difficulty could always wait for later.

Haruhi didn't have or want or need a best friend. She had herself, she knew herself, and therefore she could begin to approach the rest of the world. Her life was difficult enough as it was without thinking about it too much.

She had needed self-confidence, and couldn't live without out it, but…

She had already gotten her need.

Now she needed to need someone else. And it was hard.