1 ScarFace

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"They want to play, ok, I'll play! Say 'ello to my little friend!" As Tony shot through the door the gangs in amazement shot back. "You want to kill me, I kill you first cockroaches!" yelled Tony. The gang had out numbered him two hundred to twenty but Tony prevailed. "Come on boss we'll go through the secret passage." But Sosa's gang had gotten there first and shot him up. "You want to kill my henchmen, fine I kill you! Die!" As soon as they knew the police were coming they had to leave. As Tony's limo arrived the other gangsters were blocking the path. He shot through them all but more just came, the police had gotten here and killed the gang, he got to the limo but the police were on his tail. "Pull over!" demanded one out of the many officers said.

But Tony wouldn't even dare to pull over or shoot them so he had to escape somehow. He finally got his chance when another car had slammed into the police car causing a chain reaction giving Tony his golden opportunity. He took the turn and had escaped. He lost everything money, drugs, power and, reputation. But he would have to start a new life but how could he do that with not a penny on him. Well he did, he took people's money, sold drugs but still not even a thousand dollars doing this just made the police put a bounty on his head. Believe it or not, he got enough money to drop the bounty on his head. Eventually he got some reputation, power, and money back, he even got his mansion back. This all added up to owning some of Miami's main turfs. Which got him more money and respect. Soon he had to try to find Sosa but he had a long way to go, it started out with the Diaz Brothers to Nacho then to Gasper Gomez and then finally get to Sosa not even including the gangs and police. So basically he wasn't ready at all. He began by buying all of the fronts in Little Havana, Cabana Cigar, Oakley Drive in Theater, and Pedro's Pawn Shop.

Soon he had enough turf he just ha d to execute the Diaz Brothers and their gangs, so He called his driver to get his car when he met the first gang in a dark alley they didn't mind until one of them got enough balls to stand up. "Don't be walking on our turf!" "Your turf?!" Said Tony violently. Then Tony went to pull is gun and shot up the gang, they started a real shoot out! "Eat this! Don't miss out on this either! Be sure to get this also!" As he had slaughtered five he thought the cops would come but ha didn't leave because ha had balls! As the cops arrived at the alley a huge gang war broke out all of Diaz gang a ton of cops and only one man on Tony's side. As the cops and Tony killed the gang the cops knew not to mess with Tony, so this time the cops ran. So now he had to find Diaz. While on his way he got a call saying his mother was dead, and Diaz had killed her but good news came he knew where Diaz was. He was at an old store house near the beach. As he drove there he got angry enough to get a chainsaw. He had arrived, he was filled with so much blind rage and cocaine his eyes were white. He was getting shot at but he ran right to them cutting them limb from limb! Blasting through the door he had found the brothers he'd killed one with the chainsaw by dismembering his head but the other had ran out to the boat. He called for his boat but he couldn't wait. A speed boat passed by and he jumped on it landing in the driver seat while shooting the pilot.

Diaz had crash against a dock giving Tony his chance to get on the boat and that exactly what he did. Instead of shooting him he shot him in both knee caps and threw him in the water, in time a shark came to finish the job. "That Diaz of the check list permanently!" Next Nacho, the one person that needs his underworld to do all his work. He was hiding in the still under construction parking lot

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