A/N: Not mine. Written by LSMunch for the challenge Invincible.

Superman is invincible. Life isn't.

He had brought home a couple files to work on and hadn't gotten very far before his mind had wandered, leaving the shell of his body to stare at an unknown spot that didn't matter and never had. Then that thought had wriggled it's way into his brain and stayed, infecting his whole person, incapacitating him.

Superman is invincible.

Not entirely true. There was always kryptonite. It seemed that everyone had their own kryptonite, which made him wonder what exactly was his. He couldn't remember ever being completely weakened and paralyzed by anything. A few ridiculous ideas passed through his head, including ex-wives and young children and love. The last one he pushed quickly away, afraid of what other thoughts it might bring.

Life isn't.

Completely true. No two ways about it. You were born, you lived, you died. End of story, in more ways than one. There was no escaping death and remaining in life's clutches. He'd seen so many examples... there was no need for him to think long on it.

Superman is invincible...

He remembered his dad being Superman. His dad wasn't invincible either. He proved the other statement.

Maybe Superman wasn't invincible at all.