A Gangster Can't Love
"Where could he be?" Blossom thought.

She and her sisters had caught the Gangreen Gang robbing little kids and doing graffiti on the side of the school. They had caught everyone

in the gang except for Snake and Ace. Snake was the only one who got away.

Blossom flew through Townsville to find Snake. She checked every alley, every store, and every home. No such luck. She flew behind

Malph's store and saw Bubbles guarding the gang. Buttercup was somewhere beating up Ace.

"Now I'm flying in circles. Maybe I should fly over Townsville this time," she thought. She gave Bubbles a nod and took off into the


Blossom flew quickly, just in case the Gangreen had found a way to escape. She turned left and right, leaving streaks of pink zigzags behind

her, until she stopped in mid air. She saw someone standing on the top of a high building. She used her telescopic vision to see who it was.

"Snake?" She tried to see what he was doing. He looked like he was kind of depressed. He sat on the edge of the building and sighed

deeply. He pushed himself off the edge.

"What the--!?" Blossom flew towards Snake and caught him. She landed in a dark alley and laid him on the ground. He was unconscious.

"Great. Now what should I do with you?" Blossom said to herself. "I can't beat him up right when he wakes up. That would be harsh.

Maybe I should just take him to my place until he gets better, but I hope no one catches me doing this," she thought.

Blossom took the Gangreen into her arms and flew off into the sky.