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I sat at my fire, staring hard at the dancing flames. Why did they get to be so carefree? It wasn't very fair. Here I sat, not knowing anything more than my name, and they get to cheerily sit there warming… nothing. How stupid of me.

I doused the fire, ashamed at my habit, and sat down again, now staring at ashes. It had been 28 years now- of being 19 years old- and all I could retain from my human life was my name and stupid habits?

"My name was Mary Alice Brandon- I'm Alice now." I proclaimed to the silence. It rang hollowly, though I hadn't said it any louder than a human whisper. As it echoed back, I felt more alone than I had in a long time. I mean, I had never thought about it before, but roaming around in the wilderness and working night shifts at factories didn't exactly get you many friends. Friends that lasted, at least. They all had become old, so fast.

Caught up in introspection, I hadn't noticed the light footfalls growing ever nearer until they were blaringly obvious. I sat up, slightly relaxed, and tried to See who was coming. – Myself, sitting up in a tree with a tall, blond haired boy – I jumped out of my trance. There wasn't enough time to dawdle… all I had needed to know was whether or not this stranger was a threat. I stood up and turned around right when the stranger glided smoothly into the clearing.

He seemed startled to find me staring up at him from my vantage point five feet away. He was tall, about 6'3", and had honey blond hair. He was wearing a dark red flannel shirt that was pulled up past his elbows, showing his chiseled forearms. They were lean, though. Not body-builder quality, though. Just as I had Seen.

"So you're the one I heard talking?" He inquired in a light tenor. His eyes were a very dark burgundy. Hungry carnivore. Joy…

"Heh, yes. That would've been me. I'm Alice, as you probably know. And you are?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Jasper Whitlock." He extended his hand. I felt a calm… joy wash over me –to be meeting another person– as I clasped his icy hand. I furrowed my brow, wondering why I was so happy… most carnivores (that's what I called the human-drinkers) were hostile and cruel to me. Just because I didn't participate in their cannibalism. Well, I guess this Jasper could be newly transformed…

But I doubted it. "Care to sit down?" I gestured at my pitiful "camp," which consisted of a bag of clothing and a tarp laid out on the ground. Jasper glanced quickly at it, and flitted over to an oak tree that had grown in front of the tree line.

"Not to be offensive," he muttered apologetically as he settled against it, "But I like to have my back against something." Well, he wasn't overly friendly, which meant he was smart. I folded down onto my tarp, back at my fire-staring spot.

"So, um, where'd you come from?" I tried at conversation. Yes, it was pitiful, but I gave it an effort.

"Well, I was born in Texas, if that's what you mean," He replied with a slight grin. Only his mouth was truly visible, the rest of his face in shadow. Well, he didn't have much of an accent, had to hand it to him there. That would mean that he either moved at an early age, or he had been a vampire for a very long time. I decided on the latter for the moment, even though I disliked the prospect. "Where are you from? Have you always been sitting here chanting your name?" Again, he smiled. Ooo… he had humor.

"Nah, I woke up in Biloxi, Mississippi like this. Before then, I don't know where I was from. I can't remember anything." A wave of despair washed over me again. Why couldn't I remember? - dark, yellow eyes glinting with the thrill of a challenge, happy to be hunting bloodsucker- "Oh, god." Panic flooded over me, erasing my depression. We had to leave this place, now. "Jasper, we have to leave." My voice trembled.

"What is it?" He stood up straight.

His words unfroze me. "Just follow me, now!" I bolted out of the clearing, afraid of what I had Seen. It was werewolves, it had to be. They were coming for us.

I heard Jasper swear softly and come running after me. I whipped through the forest, trees grasping at my arms and legs. I didn't really care, I hadn't bought those clothes anyway.

We burst out into another clearing with a stream gurgling sinisterly through it. I wasted no time, tearing up an oak to survey the area, to see if the werewolves that I had Seen coming toward us really were following.

The stench that assaulted my nose halfway up the tree confirmed my vision. I immediately leaped out of the tree, before I fell out, and jumped the stream. "Jasper!" I called over my shoulder to him. His head snapped up just as the smell of the dogs caught up to him. He was next to me in a flash.

"There's five of them. Where are we going?" He whispered as he started running.

"I have a cave in mind. I hid there to escape some car- I mean, a nasty coven that came by a couple of weeks ago." I found it amazing that I could be making small talk with a carnivore while running from a pack of vicious werewolves that were out for blood- well, make that death.

Jasper stayed silent, and we sped up, the slope of the ground increasing. The Colorado mountains weren't exactly the ideal place to hide, but they were certainly better than, San Francisco, for instance. We were running up a mountain near a small, soggy, depleted mining town where I had been working. Well, it looked like I needed to disappear again.

We finally broke from tree cover, and were about 500 yards away from the cliff that held my old cave. It had a gigantic boulder next to the entrance that could be dragged into the mouth of it, and pulled back, to seal itself, but there was no back exit. So I would be stuck in a cove with a newly met carnivore for an indeterminable amount of time. My day was just getting better and better.

250 yards across an empty expanse of rock, we heard the pack break through the trees. Their excited baying sent chills running up my spine. We couldn't take them. We had to go faster, but Jasper was lagging. I growled in frustration and kept pace with him. Why couldn't the stupid vampire have fed?!