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This is a short fic set after Two Bodies in the Lab. Unfortunately, I live in Australia, where we are only up to the second last episode in the first seris, and have no sight of the DVD. So a few of these details are just from my memory. If you see any discrepancies, please let me know.

She sank onto her couch, grateful for the soft support it gave to her bruised and battered body. Outwardly, Temperance Brennan may have looked calm, if a little tired and sore, but inside her mind was churning.

She didn't understand her actions. No anthropology could explain away the fact that she had clung to Booth like a dying woman. Actually, she had been minutes away from becoming a dying woman.

Seeing Booth striding towards her across that room, she had felt such relief. Relief that he had found her before it was too late. Before she had lost faith in him.

Maybe she had reacted so strongly because she was beginning to despair of ever being found. She had started to doubt Booth would get there in time. And, in her extremely distraught state, had simply latched on to the first person to offer sympathy and support.

Yes, that had to be the reason, Brennan told herself. What other plausible reason was there? And the fact that she had not let go of him for a good five minutes was completely explainable too.

But the question she kept asking herself was would she have reacted the same way if anyone else had found her? If Hodgins had reached her first, would she have been the same? She didn't think so.

There was a connection between her and Booth. Angela called it sexual tension, but Brennan thought it was more than that.

But what more is there? Lust? Friendship? Or, dare she think it, love?

Her thoughts astounded her, and she sat up straight, eyes wide. Could she…. no, she couldn't. It just wasn't gonna happen. It wasn't possible. It was merely a biological urge to seek security and love.


She thought it again. And now it was out there, it wouldn't be pushed away.

She was in love with Booth. The annoying, irritating, charming, over-protective, FBI agent had worked his way into her heart. And for the life of her, she couldn't work out how.

Sure, she'd have to be dead not to notice that he was a very good-looking man, and they had an undeniable chemistry. But when did it transform from biological urges to love?

For the first time in a long while, Dr. Temperance Brennan was puzzled. But she sort of liked the feeling.

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