Explanations Part 3

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She'd had enough. The couch was no longer so soft, and the futile attempts to explain her feelings had worn her out. She wanted nothing more than to go to bed and sleep. She raised herself out of the couch, wincing as her sore limbs protested at the movement, and headed towards the bedroom.

But halfway there, Booth's voice rang through her head, cheerfully claiming, "You gotta eat, Bones." She froze.

She had heard that statement many times before, often when he discovered her still working at midnight, but it had a different meaning to it now. Previously, it had annoyed her, the way he tried to tell her how to live. But now, she found the underlying thread of concern. He was looking out for her.

She had not had anyone look out for her in a long time. And now she thought about it, he did that a lot. In the field, in the lab, he always protected her from aggressive suspects, crime scene dangers, whatever. She had called it his "alpha male tendencies." And maybe it was. And maybe it was something more….

No, she told herself. Don't think about that, you'll only set yourself up for disappointment. That's all hope had done in the past.

She shook herself from her musings and headed for the front door, grabbing her keys on the way. There was nothing to eat in the apartment, so she had to go out.

A while later, her car pulled into the parking lot for Wong Foo's. She wasn't really sure why she'd come here, but wasn't about to complain. Sid had the best food and service.

She pushed open the door and stopped. There, on his usual stool, sat Booth. She mentally hit herself. Of course he would be here, she thought. It's his place.

She was torn. She wanted to walk over and sit on the stool next to his. See his surprise and happiness to see her, watch him flash her a "charm smile" and tease her about something.

But also she wanted to run out of the place and get back into her car. Anything to stop her knees from feeling weak and her hands from trembling.


He looked up as he felt someone lower themselves into the seat beside him. He looked up into a pair of electric blue eyes, and felt his heartbeat quicken. He would know those eyes anywhere. Bones.

"Hey, Bones," he smiled at her. "Whatcha doin' here?" He sounded nonchalant, but his knees were shaking.

"I needed food. How are you feeling?" She sounded politely concerned, but inside her stomach was fluttering.

Pretty good. Shoulder's still a bit sore, but nothing that won't mend. You?" When had they descended to mere polite small talk, he wondered.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's mostly my muscles that are sore from…being tied up." She said softly.

Sid came out of the doorway to the kitchen, and proceeded to place a beer in front of Brennan. "You want a refill, Seeley?" he asked, looking at Booth.

"Yes, please, Sid" He replied, eyes fixed on Brennan as she took a long draught from her bottle.

Sid gave Booth his beer and turned to them both. "You both eating?"

They nodded, Brennan because that was what she had come here for, after all, and Booth because he wanted an excuse to stay with her for longer.

After their meals had been delivered, Brennan turned to Booth. "I – um – wanted to thank you. For finding me. Before…" She trailed off.

"Hey, Bones, I was the one who put you in that position in the first place. I sent you off with that jerk. You don't have to thank me. I would have never forgiven myself if…" He trailed off. That didn't even bear thinking about.

He needed to lift this tension somehow. They'd never been this – this polite and civilised with each other. They were always arguing and bickering over something – anything. Booth cast his mind for any topic that would put things back to normal.

"So, how's David?" He finally asked, and mentally cursed himself. Yeah, that'll work; get her really pissed at me.

"Umm, I'm not really sure. He - he broke up with me a few days ago." She couldn't meet his eyes.

"What! Why? Doesn't he know what you've just been through?" he asked. "Stupid insensitive prick," he added. "Did he give you a reason?"

Brennan nodded. "He said that I obviously didn't need him, that I had all the friends I needed."

"But – you were more than just friends weren't you?"

Another nod. "He said that he could see that the position of 'something more' had already been filled by someone else." She still wouldn't meet his eyes.

His heart sank. There was someone else? "Wh - who?" he choked out.

Brennan looked up, meeting his gaze finally. "He thought it was you."

"Me? As in, he thought we were –" Something was hidden in her eyes, an unfathomable expression that both frightened and excited him.

"Yes. He said he didn't like being a third wheel," she smiled. "Personally, I don't think he could handle your alpha-male routine."

He laughed, "He was intimidated by me?" Atleast the message that I wanted to beat the crap out of him had gotten through, Booth thought.

"Well, you are a very intimidating person." Brennan's laughter joined his. "Except to me."

He raised his eyebrows, "I don't intimidate you?"

"Nope. Why, do I intimidate you?" Again, she laughed.

He pretended to think hard for a while, causing her to punch him in the arm. "Ow! Sometimes you are a bit intimidating with your martial arts and super-intelligence and all that." He smiled, "But most of the time you're just Bones."

"Bones." She murmured thoughtfully. She was his Bones.

"Oh, that reminds me, I need your help with something for my novel."

He was surprised, she never asked anyone with help for her books. She didn't even let him read it before it was published. "Sure. What do you need me for?"

"Well, I need a nickname for Andy to call Kathy. And since you came up with Bones, I thought you could help me."

"Why not Bones?" he asked.

"Because, well, they're involved," her cheeks burned. "And we're not."

Okay, Booth, this is your chance, he thought. Take it! "What – what if we were?"

Her gaze jerked up to meet his. Those blue eyes were telling him something. Not sure whether he was going to get slapped, he leant over and kissed her.

And nearly fell off his stool when she kissed him back.


After what could have been hours, she pulled away for air. She smiled, suddenly overcome with shyness. What are you doing, Brennan? You had your tongue in his mouth a few seconds ago.

Booth grinned at her. "That was – interesting."

"Don't use your charm smile on me." But the reprimand was somewhat ruined by the fact she was grinning at him too.

Booth raised his hands in a mock surrender, "You have your own pretty effective charm smile there."

Her cheeks blazed, and she let out a small laugh.

"So, do you reckon you're gonna use Bones?" His eyes were fixed on hers, willing her to make the next move.

She didn't disappoint. "Maybe we should discuss it somewhere else. My place?"

He grinned again. "Sure." They stood up, Booth leaving money for the food and helping Brennan with her coat. "As long as I don't have to open the fridge."

They walked out the door hand in hand, laughing.


Sid watched them go, a smile creeping over his face. Laughing to himself he reached for the phone to call Angela. He had just won a bet.


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