I like this place a lot better than the lab. There, we were all crowded together in one big cage. Lots of the other bunnies were there one day and gone the next, replaced by innocent young ones.

The food wasn't that good either, and sometimes the humans turned the temperature in the room down so that it was freezing, or turned the temperature up so that it was way too hot in the crowded cage.

Everyone was surprised when those two young humans came in at night and opened the cage. They picked us each up and set us down on the concrete floor. No one knew what to do, until the boy opened the door. The girl told us to go, that we were free. We didn't know where to go, but the open door looked so inviting that we all hopped outside to feel the breeze- something none of us had ever felt before.

Like the others, I was completely lost in this huge world outside the laboratory. Some got scared and stayed near the lab walls. Later, they were found and put back into the cage.

But I wanted to explore, so I set off around what I soon found out was a "college campus". I don't know what a college campus is, but it was huge. I managed to find my way into a building, in which there were lots of rooms. Humans were in the rooms. Some were sleeping, others were writing on paper, and still others were sitting and staring at glowing flat screens. In one room there were two humans together in the same bed. I didn't go all the way into that room.

Finally, I found a nice warm room in which a girl sat on a bed reading one of those book things. She saw me but didn't do anything. There was another bed in the room but it was empty, and it smelled like the girl who had opened the cage in the lab. She had seemed nice, so I decided to stay here. I crawled under the bed and waited for her.

Later, I heard the humans talking. The girl from the lab pulled back her bed covers and looked under at me. She smiled and pulled me out gently before putting me on top of the bed and letting me sniff around.

I liked her, so I stayed in the room with her. She bought food for me, and brought lettuce and carrots up from where she and the other humans ate lunch, called the "cafeteria".

This girl, she is called "Summer" by the other humans.

One day she put me in a plastic cage thing. She said we were going back home. This confused me for a moment because this college campus is my home. Next thing I knew, I was in what humans call an "airplane". I had never been in one before, and it was pretty scary.

We ended up in what Summer called "California." Everything was so warm and bright. She took me to her home, a large building surrounded by tall, funny-looking trees. Inside, she took me to her room, which has a large pink bed and a window. She let me out of the cage.

The next day she brought a human boy to her house. He was very thin and had black hair. She told him that my name was "Pancakes." She told me that his name was "Seth." Seth is also very nice.

Summer has something called a TV in her room, and today she was watching a "movie" on it. The movie was named The Wizard of Oz. It's about a human girl called Dorothy who lives in a place where everything is either black, white, or gray, but then she goes over a bright colorful "rainbow" thing. On the other side of the rainbow is a place called Oz, where everything is all colorful and there are singing little humans and glittery humans with magical powers.

Summer tells me that I've also gone over the rainbow, that I went from the black and white lab to her colorful, magical room in California.

I've realized that she's right, and I know exactly how Dorothy felt when she found herself on the other side of the rainbow.