Hey this is xxanny12x with a new story. Its about 2 girls who get beaten by there mom and are put up for adoption. and well they get adopted and yes it does have to do with hsm..trust me its very interesting


Saturday August 17, 2009 7:00 Am

"Wake up Joelle!!" Joelle's 13 year old sister Courtney tried to wake up her older 15 year old sister.

"Mmmm" Joelle mumbled in her sleep

"I said Wake up its the first day of school and you know how mom gets if were late"

"Oooh ok, I'm up, I'm ready to fly" She said While doing a flying pose

"What the hell?"

"I mean I'm going"

Andrea left her sisters room and went downstairs to see her mother making bacon and toast

"Hi sweetie"

"hi mom"

"Are you excited for the first day of school?"

"Yeah umm Michaels on his way so I'm going to go change"

"No" her mom simply said

"What? why not?"

"Because its the first day of school and I will transport my own daughter to her first day of the eigth grade"

"But mom!!"

"But nothing you are going back up to your room and calling micheal to tell him your not going"

"What? no! I'm 13 now mom I think I should have some freedom"Andrea shouted to her mother,Brittany Ahrens then slapped her daughter across the face.. That left a burning red mark on her.

"HOW DARE YOU!!!" her mom Shouted

"I hate you. I wish you were dead" Andrea shouted as she ran up the stairs to call micheal and tell him to hurry… Brittany only being only 31 years old had quite the speed as she caught her daughter halfway up and threw her down the stairs.

"Do not ever wish I was where your father is now. In heaven and not here you would be nothing with out me!!"

"You wouldn't go to heaven you would go to hell!!! Bloddy hell from which you came from!! You Bitch!!" Andrea yelled face down on the bottom of the stairs not knowing the consequences ahead. Good and Bad!

Alright tell me what you think and I'll update tonight and my other story HSM 2:siblings allowed. Next chapter wil be longer than this one.This is just a prologue