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Andrea Courtney Efron….


"Sweety, wake up!" Vanessa Hudgens said while peeking in through her new daughter's Bedroom Door.

"mmm...ok mommy" Andrea Spoke up from under her covers.

She felt so safe in this home…like nothing wrong could ever this was all just a wonderful wonderful dream..shed have to wake up from sooner or later && see her neglectful abusive mother, but she didn't have to anymore…and that made her happy.VERY!

Vanessa Smiled at the thought that her daughter as of yesterday afternoon is already calling her mom.

Andrea got out of bed, and rubbed her eyes as she went to retreive her cell phone from her Coach bag, Mommy nessa gave it to her as a gift.

She winced at the look of her phone..all torn and broken.She sat on the bed.

Vanessa,mildly confused, came and sat next to her and they both stared at her phone.

"oh.. I get it.." Vanessa spoke up.

"ummm, yeah.. my phone its all discombobulated..oh! I got 7 new text. Sweet ."

"mmkayy. today we'll go to T-Mobile and buy you a new phone…Sidekick or blackberry?" She said with her high school musical smile.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS!" Andrea exclaimed with the biggest squeal..ha! it sounded like she was related to Ashley!

The new mother giggled at her daughters excitement..




"YES!!!!!!!" (LMAO)

"haha, yeah welllll. Zac is still sleeping.. I have to go wake him up.Were going to the beach today with ashley and lucas!"Vanessa added with a leap from the bed and little skips along the looong narrow hallway.

" I love this life…."


Andrea courneys POV

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