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"Aang!" Katara called out. "You're doing great!" Aang completed a perfect sculpture of an ice penguin. The ice sculpture glistened in the sun light, wings in the air as if it were really going to fly. Part of his training was controlling how to form the ice when bending in combat.

"Oh yeah, such a great job," Sokka said sarcastically. He rolled his eyes as he started to turn the trout fish around, carefully cooking the fish on all sides to get the golden crisp coating.

"You're grumpier than ever." Katara commented as she folded her arms. Aang smirked as he flowingly moved his arms to create a water structure of a puppet Sokka making faces at Sokka. Katara laughed as Sokka just grumbled more.

"What's that smell?" Toph asked. She rubbed her eyes as she stretched her pale arms.

"My fish is the wonderful smell you're talking about!" Sokka said a-matter-of-factly. "It's almost done."

"You know, there's a way to find out if a fish is done," Toph said.

"Yeah, and what's that?" Sokka asked. Toph grabbed the fish from Sokka and took a bite out of it. "Hey!"

"Yep it's done," Toph said throwing the remains of the fish at Sokka. "Hey twinkle toes! Enough splashing around, it's time for your earth training!" But there was no cheerful reply or laughter.

"Aang?" Katara called out. Aang stood there in front of Katara, his gray eyes unfocused. "Are you all right? Is something wrong?"

Aang took a little step forward, but fell towards the ground. Katara, Sokka, and Toph ran to him, while Aang started to shake uncontrollably.

"What's wrong? What's happening to him?" Toph said, touching his forehead.

"Quick Katara get your water! We need to heal him quick!" Sokka commanded as Katara bended water from river and started to heal Aang.


"So you're saying that the Avatar was fine one minute, but the next minute he fell down and started to shake uncontrollably?"

"Yes, and my water healing didn't even help." Katara explained.

They were stationed in a healer's house, where the air was pierced with herbs and spices. The healer was an old woman, who happened to be the same crazy old lady that saved them from their sick illness from the storm. The white cat kept purring up against Toph and Katara but hissed at Sokka, who was more than happy to stay away.

"Hmm…." The old lady hummed as she walked through her garden. She occasionally looked to the corner where Aang was placed on a straw bed. His breathed in shallow uneven breaths.

"What do you think it could be?" Sokka asked. The old healer walked over to her faithful companion.

"This illness confuses me very much Miaka. Do you know what it is?" The old lady asked while gently petting her. Miaka the cat gave a loud yawn showing her white fangs before she started to purr.

"She actually healed you and sugar queen?" Toph whispered.

"Sh!" Katara hushed.

"Miaka doesn't know either." The old lady replied out loud.

"What are we going to do!" Katara cried out.

"There may be another healer," The old lady explained.

"Who? Where?" Katara demanded.

"It's someone from another world, possibly another universe…" The old Lady explained.

"We need someone smart, and cunning!" Sokka declared.

"The healer I know is smart and cunning. He can figure out anything that even stumps the great minds." The old healer explained.

"Will he help us?"

"I'm not sure, but I know you will need someone who's not afraid to push the limits, someone who can think outside the box, and someone who can think like a mad genius. We need-"


An overage man jumped up from his sleep and almost fell off his chair for the patient. He had almost forgotten that he was in a clinic room. He was having a pretty nice dream where he was having one, no two, no wait, maybe three hookers?... Well it was a pretty nice dream that was interrupted by his boss's voice (Cutty). The door silently opened while House spent a split second debating of either thinking up a lie to give to Cutty, or to just go back to sleep. To his pleasure, it was his money loaning, advice friend Wilson instead of his hormone high boss. Wilson quickly closed the door, as House tried to get up, his eyes adjusting to the light.

"What are you doing in here?" Wilson asked bewildered. "You're four hours late for clinic duty!"

"Opps, I did it again." House replied bringing his cane to the ground and used it to push his weight up. The familiar pain stung his mind, always reminding him of what he was missing. House absent mindedly rubbed his right thigh.

"Cutty went mad, she's looking for you." Wilson explained. "Don't you have any cases to solve?"

"Nope." The rattle of pills could be heard as House popped them in his mouth. "Hadn't had any for about two weeks."

"Two weeks?" Wilson shrieked.

"I know, maybe the world is turning for the good!" House sarcastically said, as he started to leave the room to head for his office.

"You have some of the best doctors in the state. What have you got them doing for the past two weeks?" Wilson demanded as he followed his friend into the elevator.

"Oh you know the usual stuff, Cameron checking my personal email while Chase and Foreman have chair races down the hall."

"There you are!" Cutty cried out as she sprinted to the elevator. "Hold the door!"

"Oh I'm trying!" House called out pretending to press the button of the door elevators. "Oh I can't get it closed! Oh well." But before the door closed, Cutty reached her hand in time to have the elevator doors open again. "Amazing, I don't think I ever seen a women run in heals before."

"Oh shut up, you weren't pushing any buttons, they're on the other side!" Cutty snapped. "And you don't say anything, you weren't even helping!" Cutty pointed her finger at Wilson who just opened his mouth. He quickly closed it and shrugged his shoulders.

"You know, you're breasts seem to get larger when you run like that." House commented pushing the number twelve button on the elevator. The door finally closed with a bing.

"Don't change the subject House. I've been looking for you all day." Cutty growled.

"I'm flattered."

"Listen a speaker from China is going to come here in about a week to give a speech about traditional healing, and I want you to help." Cutty informed as House grunted. "I know you speak Mandarin Chinese and it's pointless for you to be sitting around, torturing people. So unless you get a case, you and your group will be helping me."

"Cases just don't appear in thin air!" House complained.

"Not my problem." Cutty said smiling and the elevator door opened as she stepped out onto the tenth floor. Leaving House in a pinch. "So you better start looking."