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Chapter 4
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Renji awoke the next morning, the smell of breakfast filling the entire apartment, including his nose. Opening his eyes, he took an immediate note that Ichigo was the reason the apartment smelt the way it did. The smell of cinnamon wafted throughout the rooms, dragging Renji out of the bed, making a bee-line towards the food. He was oblivious to the fact that it was almost ten in the morning.

"Look who's finally awake," a sarcastic voice said when Renji took his usual spot, outside of the kitchen.

"Shut up," the red head responded, voice partially slurred due to lack of consciousness from just waking up.

Ichigo laughed, putting the cinnamon-raisin bread loaf on the stove to cool. He lifted his mug and drank some of his coffee, watching the shinigami staring at the tree with a look of musing in his eyes.

"You're thinking too much..."

"Huh?" Renji mumbled, averting his attention.

"You... are... think... ing... too... much," Ichigo stated, dragging out each word and syllable.

"I heard that the first time! I want to know what you mean by that."

"Like... why am I telling you that?"

The red haired shinigami nodded his head, with a look of "I can't believe you don't know what I mean, it's that obvious." Ichigo merely smirked a little.

"I meant you're thinking too much about the stuff on the ground over there."

"How can I not think about it too much?!"

"Let it flow, accept it, and things will get easier."


"How about we unwrap some of the presents? I think that'll calm you down a bit."

A small glint of excitement flashed through Renji's eyes, before vanishing. The orange haired hybrid nodded in reassurance, when the red head looked at him to solidify the statement. Both walked to the couch, and Renji moved his sac from behind the tree; Ichigo pretended to look shocked. Fortunately, Renji didn't seem to notice the false surprise.

Renji took the note off of the small bag, and read the note before reading it out loud.

"Renji, you seem to have forgotten these at Kisuke's house. I can understand why though, just don't forget next year, okay?"

"What in the bag, Renji?"

"Gifts, for you..." Renji stated, a small blush appeared on his cheeks. Ichigo gave a thankful smile, with some sympathetic happiness mixed in there. The red head took the two boxes out of the bag, one box was small, the other was a good times bigger.


Ichigo unwrapped the two gifts, the smaller one containing one of those giant Hershey kisses. The orange haired hybrid laughed at this, his love of chocolate didn't go unknown by his lover.

He then opened the bigger box, which was heavier, a lot heavier. Ichigo ripped off the wrapping, elegantly, and opened the box. The box had a steal plate in it, with a design that no one who didn't know what they really were, would understand. It was of the same steal that swords were made of, with a collage of things tossed in the design. Their shikai blades were in there, each on one side of the oval, their tips touching. Half of Ichigo's hollow mask was on the left side of the plate, the red stripes there – just uncolored. Zabimaru was on the other side, the snake's mouth was open, as if trying to swallow something. All three realms, Soul Society, Human World, and Hueco Mundo, somehow combined in the background.

Ichigo shook his head, a smirk on his features. He didn't know what to say, it was hilarious, yet deep; beautiful, yet weird; complex, yet simple. The hybrid liked it, it held a picture of their bond.

"I like it. How'd ya get someone to do this?"

"It's a long story. Fortunately, the human who did this didn't ask too many questions."

The orange haired hybrid started laughing. He knew that this would raise multiple questions, regardless of who saw this, let alone asked to do it. Renji blushed even more, glancing away.

Ichigo calmed down enough, and stood up, and kissed the red head. Almost instantaneously, Renji returned it. Both sides held contradicting feelings, uneasiness and determination, fear and happiness, awkwardness and understanding; yet each side had lust, love, and tranquility.

"You're still thinking too much."


Renji was cut off by another kiss, this one was short, but pleasurable all the same.

"You... are... think... ing... too... much," Ichigo repeated, pulling the red head onto the couch with him. "Relax," the hybrid whispered in Renji's ear, sending small shivers throughout the shinigami's body.

Ichigo leaned over an picked a small box off the ground, and placed it on Renji's lap. The red head opened it, a small collar with black and red camouflage pattern, and a black leash was within it. Renji's eyes widened, dirty, yet fun things flowed into his imagination. He turned to his lover, shock covered his whole face; Ichigo tried to contain more laughter that bubbled underneath his calm exterior.

Renji then noticed a card inside the box, and under the collar and leash. It looked like a credit card to Renji, and he looked at Ichigo again, with confusion getting stirred into his face.

"There's more to this," the orange haired hybrid answered. He shifted the red head off his lap, before going back to their room, and into the closet. Ichigo came out with a large box, it was about half his size, but the weight didn't seem to bother the hybrid.

Renji stared at the giant box with holes in it, then to Ichigo, and back to the box again. "What the-?"

"Just open 'im."

The red head cautiously opened the box, and was greated with a white shingled plastic roof. He lifted it up, noting that there was a dark gray bottom to it, making it look like a tiny house. Movement started take place inside the box, startling the shinigami, who quickly placed it on the couch and jumped behind Ichigo.

"What are you doing?"

"What the hell is in there?!"

"Yer not going to touch this until you know, right?"

A nod was his only response, so Ichigo took the front "door" off of it. The door was like that of a sliding door, coming off a the way. Ichigo quickly got up, and off the couch, as a small black and tan dog leap out of the small house. It jumped onto Renji's chest, knocking the red head over.

The orange haired hybrid was leaning against the wall, holding his stomach from the laughter he could no longer contain. The small dog was licking Renji's face, wagging its tail; the green ribbon tied around its neck smacking the red head.

It wasn't long before Renji noticed a thin and small piece of metal attached to the ribbon. He lifted the puppy off his chest, setting him gently on the couch, and untying the ribbon to get a better look at the tag. Their address and home phone number was underneath the name; however, it was the name that caused Renji to grow a small reminiscing smile.

In capital letters, the name: Inuzuri was printed.

- - - - -

After long explanations from Ichigo, they sat down at the bar, eating their breakfast/lunch. Inuzuri was eating his meal of dog food in the kitchen, near the sink. They had set up the house to be dog-friendly, and they had put the collar and tag on the pup. Both hadn't expected this good of a day.

"I'm still trying to figure out how my gifts got here last night..."

"Renji, you're still thinking things through too much."

"What do you mean? Did Urahara come by last night?"




Renji continued to tick off names, before he gave one last try. "You?"

The orange haired hybrid kissed him, his way of saying yes. Renji returned it, both getting off their stools, trying to keep themselves perpendicular to the floor. They found the couch, after hitting the wall a few times, reveling in the other's touch.

"Ichi... go..."


"Thank you."

Ichigo smirked, kissing Renji again. Inuzuri slept on his cushion near the fireplace, as if giving the couple privacy.

- - - - - - - - - -

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Inuzuri: the name of the district Renji grew up in, in Rokongai.